What’s next on the site checklist?

Finished tweaking and editing the pages here (for now) so it’s time to work on the next little project. I have a .com domain of my very own and keep vacillating on what to do with it. Well, I’ve made a decision. Just have to hammer out how to implement it.

As it stands, my plan is to set up another site on my domain and then turn this blog into a subdomain. Um, EclecticGeek, what does that mean for me? You will have a much easier name to remember to get here. Yay! The great thing is the name changes automatically so you won’t have to update bookmarks unless you really want to.

[Edited to add an update: Site address is now blog.geekwithfibroids.com!]

Trying my best to get this set by Thanksgiving so I can start blogging about “weight issues” just in time for the holiday season! 😀

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