Welcome to blog.geekwithfibroids.com!

The domain mapping works. Look in the address bar. That’s right. It’s different!

Instead of geekwithfibroids.wordpress.com, the site address is now blog.geekwithfibroids.com. Both will work but I think the second one is much easier to remember. This blog isn’t new but it’s moving forward in the “improved” department.

One Response to “Welcome to blog.geekwithfibroids.com!”

  1. Demi Says:

    I stumbled and found this web site , I am glad i did I had surgery Feb7, 2007 8 days ago. I am the biggest chicken on the face of this earth if I can do it anybody can. I went in expecting the worst and ended up being the total oppisite if anybody needs detail on anything let me know I have a lot of time on my hands and would be glad to help .

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