What questions should I ask my fibroid doctor during follow-up visits after my procedure?

ask doctors questions post-opReceived an email request for a thread on post-Abdominal Myomectomy questions to ask during a follow-up visit. I have a previous post that list questions to ask a fibroid doctor but most of those deal with information you need pre-op. I’ll tweak a few from that post and stick them here for you to ask post-op:

  1. What is my updated recovery time?
  2. How long do you now think it will take to heal?
  3. How long do I now need to wait before attempting to get pregnant?
  4. How will my pain be managed at this point? What medications? Side effects?
  5. If you need a second procedure – How much time needs to pass now between procedures?
  6. What follow-up care will I receive at this point?
  7. Do I still need to make changes in my work, family life, and leisure time? Do I need to continue any changes I’ve made already?
  8. How do you know that my surgery or procedure is working (has worked)?
  9. What symptoms or problems post-op should I now report right away?
  10. What is the best time to call you if I still have questions?

Make sure that all your questions and concerns are answered. Keep calling your doctor if necessary.

Now that I’ve listed some general questions, it’s your turn. Figured I would open it up and take suggestions from all women post-op regardless of procedure or surgery. I know some things will be specific but I also think some questions will be common to all.

State your procedure and then questions you asked, thought about asking, forgot to ask, or the doctor answered before you got them out of your mouth. Okay, Fibroid Sisters. Let’s hear ’em.


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16 Responses to “What questions should I ask my fibroid doctor during follow-up visits after my procedure?”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    I got a ‘few’ (LOL)
    Abdominal Myomectomy –

    How many fibroids did you remove and where were they located (in case you werent told in the hospital in detail or were to out of it to remember)?
    How much did the fibroid(s) weight (in case you want to add to the [“How much do these dang fibroids weight post “]LOL)
    How long before I get my period?
    When will my period return to “normal” (ie how many cycles)?
    Do I need to take any kind of birth control pills to regulate my cycle?
    How long before I can drive?
    How long before I should pick up something heavy?
    How long before I can exercise (and do abdominal exercises)?
    How long before I return to work?
    If I am running a fever – what is considered high? (100, 103?) and what do I do ?
    Why do I sweat at night -is it hormones or inflammation or both?
    What are the signs of infection that I should look out for?
    How long will my abdomen be numb (ie how long before the nerves grow back)?
    How long before I can take a bath and soak?
    How long before I should have sex?
    How long should I try to conceive naturally before I need “help”?
    How do you heal from submucoal fibroids when you shed the uterine lining every month? Doesnt it just keep ripping what healed?
    Can I have my medical records from surgery transfered to my regular GYN? (if your surgeon is not your regular GYN)

    [Edited by EclecticGeek because I couldn’t resist adding the link. 😉 ]

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks fibroid free! Those are great questions and some will apply to everyone. 😎

    Yes, we need those fibroid weights so we can crunch more numbers. LOL

  3. divageek Says:

    if you are interested in getting pregnant, ask which is the best delivery method. Sometimes, (like me) theyt will tell you a c-section. not that i have any grand plans, but it’s nice to know.

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi divageek,

    Your answer made me smile. Best wishes with everything… even any of your “not so grand” plans. 🙂

  5. Finally fibroid free Says:

    Here are a few more questions I plan to ask my doctor when I see him to tomorrow for my post-op appointment for an LSH:

    Are you going to check my hormone levels to see if I’m in menopause?

    Are you going to give me a blood test for anemia or an iron defiency?

  6. patsy Says:

    i was pregnant 10/19/07 but lost our baby in the 3rd month due to fibroid invading sac according to our dr. it was located in the uterus sucking out blood and nutrients from ourbaby. 😦 i had an abdominal myomectomy pelivs reconstruction last month exactly. removed egg shaped fibroid plus 4 smaller ones. egg was located on uterine artery and rest within uterus. month before had laparoscopy removed mandarin orange and smaller fibroid outside uterus. dr. did ultrasound 2 weeks later said sutures were healing and everything looked great. i am still having sharp pains, stabbing dull pain on lower right pelvis especially. called Dr.’s office today to see if this is normal and if a longer recovery time is expected as opposed to original estimated recovery time of 1 month. still walking very slow, getting in and out of car very slow and gently, getting out of bed hurts esp on the lower right pelvis area. i started my period today off by 10 days probably due to stress and hormones all over the place. can i get some feedback from people as to whether or not my slow recovery seems about right? could use some reinforcement.

  7. Amy Says:

    Hi Patsy, so sorry you lost your baby….
    I haven’t had the procedure, but if you get few answers here, try posting your question at: http://blog.geekwithfibroids.com/2007/03/25/how-are-you-feeling-after-your-abdominal-myomectomy-part-4

    That thread seems to get the most traffic….

  8. Kate B Says:

    Hi Im Kate from Derbyshire (England). I was admitted for fibriod surgery on Wednesday 13th February and spent 4days in hospital and Im now commencing my recovery period at home.
    Having never been in hospital before in my life (36yrs of it!) I underwent an abdominal myomectomy to remove 1 fibroid that was sitting at the top of my womb.
    The thought of someone putting me to sleep and slicing me open was not one I relished, but the day came for me to go into hospital. Filled with every fear you can possibly imagine, was I ever going to wake up, what happened if things went wrong? You name it, I had that thought.
    Looking back now, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I had a wonderful consultant & anaesthetist, who looked after me whilst in surgery and some very supportive nursing staff whilst in hospital. Now at home, Im learning to live life at a very different pace, used to rushing around all day and into early evening, I now have to be content with getting dressed as being my major achievement of the day!!
    The main thing is that you must listen to your body, if your tired sleep (no matter what time of day) potter around as much as you like, but no not lift anything heavier than your tea cup.
    I have now removed my surgical dressing and I must stay its not the most pleasant site, what you have to remember is though is that your body has just been pulled & stretched & stitched like never before, so you need to expect the red, yellow, blue, black bruising around your scar area. The actual scar itself is very neat and should repair itself fully, leaving only a trace of evidence that the procedure ever happened.

  9. Katie D Says:

    Patsy, sorry about your loss. I also have a friend who had a miscarriage and found a fibroid, had it removed, and became pregnant 3 months later and has a beautiful baby girl!
    I just recently had an abdominal myomectomy and 2 months prior I had a polypectomy. I decided to have the fibroid removed so as not to leave chance to miscarriage or any other complication. I feel very blessed to have known about the fibroid before trying to conceive. However many women have sucessfull pregnancies with fibroids as well. Of course If I had tried getting pregnant when I was younger- I’m now 36- I may not have had this to deal with.
    I spent one night in the hospital. The fibroid was about 5 cm. I walked around very slowly at first, It was hard getting up out of bed, much less a seat! My belly was very swollen and the pressure was painful. However , one week later I was able to get up easier and stand for longer periods of time. Today is just about 2 weeks later. I am driving and able to move more flexible. However I still have a burning pain on my right part of my incision. It is still a little hard to reach for things , and rolling over on my side at night to sleep is still very hard. I can’t wait to be able to do that again and lie on my belly!! But I have my post op today and will have plenty of questions thanks to this forum!

  10. Keren Koretsky Says:

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  14. Adrien Says:

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  15. James Says:

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