This scale can’t possibly be correct…

uterine fibroid weight gain…or the actual weight of my dang fibroids (+ the rest of my body)

The time has now come for me to start talking about my fibroids and weight gain. Fortunately, in later posts, I’ll also discuss my subsequent (and ongoing) weight loss.

I always get a bit superstitious around November and December. I have a strong belief that if you seek help for a problem before the year ends, you will find some degree of resolution during the following year. My fibroids had already been diagnosed but last November, I did not feel well at all. I was so tired and weak. I felt faint almost constantly and could not figure out why. In the back of my mind, I knew I couldn’t carry this into 2006. Crawled into my doctor’s office on December 30, 2005 (cut that close, didn’t I?) and in addition to eventually finding out about my severe anemia, I also discovered that I had gained a TREMENDOUS amount of weight.

After stepping on the scale, I noticed that the nurse kept moving the little weights too far the wrong way (or so I thought).

Why is she sliding them like that? That’s not right.

Those were the words floating around in my brain until all thought processes went numb by the shock of the final number. Finally, neurons started firing again and my brain screamed:

193 pounds!?! How AND why in the world do I weigh that much? This scale can’t possibly be correct.

Someone MUST have dropped something on the scale or they are leaning on it be mistake. If I look down, I’ll see a third foot. Right? Okay. No third foot. I know. It’s the sweater. I’m wearing my husband’s sweater. It’s big and bulky and probably contributed like 30 pounds. Right? Nope. You are 5 ft. 3 in. tall, weigh 193 lbs, and really need to snap back to reality right about… now.

So, I did. I accepted the number and added it to my long list of reasons to do something about my dang fibroids.


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7 Responses to “This scale can’t possibly be correct…”

  1. onehorsefarms Says:

    Wow this post from three years ago sounds like me now.

    I put on 10 pounds since last September and during that time I have increased my exercise and started eating better.

    My family is quipping, “You are gaining muscle!” But give me a break, my clothes from last summer are tight so if I did gain 10 lbs of muscle I would have toned up and dropped inches.

    I am waiting on my blood test and ultrasound results but I have all the symptoms of fibroids plus my mother and grandmother had horrible cases of them so the family history is there. 😦

    ~ Jacqueline

  2. beautiful_day Says:

    Hello Jacqueline

    Did you have treatment for fibroids? I just had surgery (two weeks ago) to remove a 5-6 cm fibroid. It was asymtomatic but I have gained a lot of weight in the same period that the fiboid was growing fast. I was wondering if you had treatment and any corresponding weight changes.

    I am just hoping to have more success in controlling my weight now that the fibroid is out!


  3. Kathy Says:

    I just found out I have a fibroid that is 16cm – I’ve been feeling like my baby dropped for almost a year! Except I’m not pregnant. I’ve gained 30lbs in the last year and was already 20lbs over. I’ve had a horrible time trying to lose this belly. Diet and exersice (more in the last 7 month than in the last 10 years!) But just couldn’t. It’s hard to walk and it’s very hard to sit comfortably. I’m feeling like a baby has taken over and all my organs are being smooshed. I pee at least 15x a day (no exageration!) My question is: Exactly how much does a tumor like this weight?

  4. beautiful_day Says:

    Hi kathy,

    According to my surgical report my fibroid weighed 40 grams for a size of 5cm. I imagine all tumours are a littl edifferent but this could give you an idea for yours. So they don’t seem to weigh very much.

    I am semi-convinced that the fibroid contributed to my weight gain (like you I tried dieting, exercise, etc). I’ll have to see what happens inthe coming months now the fibroids are gone!

    Good luck – are you going to have it removed?

  5. Leasha Says:

    I just found out today that I have a 5cm fibroid tumor. Now that I have read some of the comments I have had some of the similar symptoms the weight gain, fainting spells,anemia and frequent urination. I have had several test ran on me because Idid not know the cause of these problems. I do not know whether or not be afraid or glad that I have found out what my problem is I guess I feel this way because I do not know what to expect. I would like to know with a tumor my size is it best to try to shrink it or to have it surgically removed?


    I am a 34 yr. old and I have a 9.9cm fibroid tumor. I go to the bathroom seems like nonstop, weight gain, a bubble that makes me look pregnant (great), my clothes do not fit due to this bubble, (again great), a ton of pressure that feels like when I was in my last month of pregnancy, and my back hurts. The things women have to go through.
    I am wondering just of much this weighs. I go to tomorrow to set up a date to have this mass removed. I am so excited!!:)

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