Taking a moment to exhale

global fibroid problemCan you believe this is my first post of the New Year? We are more than 3 weeks into 2007 and I’m finally adding some new content. Happy New Year if you didn’t read the well wishes I included in previous comments. I truly hope this year will be a healthier, happier one for us all.

Sorry for the delay but I’ve been busy, busy, busy. The response here recently has been incredible. We’re approaching 90,000 page views and 1800 comments! Thanks for sharing your questions, thoughts, and fibroid experiences. I find the many discussions both informational and inspirational. There are times when I feel slightly overwhelmed by this whole uterine fibroid issue. I often wonder if I’m really helping. Then, I’ll see a comment someone left and think “perhaps I am”. I appreciate your continued support of me and each other.

There are so many women all around the world dealing with this medical condition. It’s a global health problem but the amount of online misinformation is staggering. My goal for 2007 is to present the SCIENCE behind uterine fibroids and the treatment options. Well, this has always been my objective, I’ll just work harder this year to achieve it. 😉

2 Responses to “Taking a moment to exhale”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    You do good…trust me…this site is unbelievale..look at me 5 months post op and still coming back..the broids are long gone but the information and abilty to help goes on….

    Thanks for the oportunity to educate others….

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I really think you are the only one who reads my other posts! 😀

    The AM forum is incredible. See what you did! I’m hoping the other forums will take off as well. I’ve also added stuff to the geek with fibroids site including news feeds and polls to draw more visitors.

    Thanks for your support! It is empowering to help and educate others. I am so happy that you continue to do so here.

    Geeks unite! 😎

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