How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 2)

The original post-AM recovery forum became so full of comments (640!) that I decided to create a new thread to make it easier for future visits. Please see the original “How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy?” for more experiences.

[Edited to add: I thanked Country Girl (1/16) in the original forum but forgot to say something here. Thanks for the great suggestion of starting post-AM (part 2)! 🙂 ]

I’ll base this post on a tremendous comment left by a frequent visitor here:

fibroid free: Abdominal Myomectomy Surgery and Recovery

(hope this title makes for a good “goggle hit” to the site LOL

Its informative, silly and humorous (I think so) …Once upon a time in fibroid land……

Ladies….I have a story to tell…better expressed as an experience to share….. its long but I hope its helpful or comforting becuase I coudl not find this level of detail anywhere …so thank you for letting me share….. get your pink fuzzy slippers on and enjoy ( I was gonna suggest a hot or cold cup of tea….nahhhh ..that might send you running to the bathroom ….LOL)

I have posted some AM info on different threads on the site but our fabulous WebMaster has opened a AM forum so I complie and ramble on….

Hopfully Links willl appear if I refer to other posts???…. man I need more geek dum LOL

I had 6 fibroirds removed (the Fab 6 ‘broids) and I am on week 7 recovering from an abdominal myomectomy.

Every womens expericence is and will be different. The most importannt person to talk to and understand YOU and what YOU want is your doctor. Talk to him/her often….

My “broids – 3 subserosal and partially pedunculated (top, left and right -hanging on uterus -ohh looked 5 months preggers (yeah I wish..)/ 2 totally pedunculated (back of uterus pressing on bladder and spine/1 ugly one… Mr Ginch…. submucossal (dang 15 day period maker grrrrr) and a few intramural (didnt “count” those small ones but they left also)…sizes and weights can be found on the fabulous WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME HOW MUCH THESE DANG FIBROID TUMORS WEIGHT post? a delightful light-hearted look at the desperate calculations of women trying to figure out how much these budda belly – pants dont close makers weigh….check it out…
soon a post on fibroid fruit size comparison…..

My MRI was in March 06 and the broids were a lot larger than the orignal grapfruit diagnosis (still growing) by the time I got to surgery (Aug 06). My doc was “leary” of MRI results….not sure the technicians can read them accurately….so he used the MRI as a “guide” to what was inside ..go figure….

Doc and I (me saying no way) decided againt 3 months of Lurpon shotw as that fruit basket of fibroids was coming out in less than 2 month anyway..jsut make the incision 1 more inch bigger OK????

I still want to have kids….39 been trying for over a year …but once the heavy periods started I KNEW i had broids (mom had them, sisters had them and 2 friend had AM’s…so I didnt wait long_..AM was my only choice to perserve fertility and get the oven baking again)

I suggest finding an experienced Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to talk to. “The RE is for those who want to continue with pregnancy after surgery. REs are usually experienced in reproductive surgeries and may have more experience getting your uterus back in the game.” I ended up with a RE Fertility doctor (who would have thought??) but I chose him becase he never had a myomectomy turn into a hystorectomy plus he was highly recommeded, detailed and discussed things with me and answered ALL my questions. EL I am in the Phila area…

The surgery and recovery was worth it all. The pain I experienced over the months dealing with fibroids (I didnt wait long with the fibroid drama) ws MUCH worse than recovering from surgery. I spent 2 weeks a month having a period and another week feeling like crap….worth it for me!!! I can see my feet again, bend to tie my shoes, no more pain and my belly has shrunk!! Life is finally getting back to normal

These are the tests/things I did before I had before surgery:

You can read the rest of fibroid free’s comment by clicking here. Thanks again for the details!

For more information:
Abdominal Myomectomy
Abdominal Myomectomy (
Abdominal Myomectomy (Mayo Clinic)
Abdominal Myomectomy surgery video (

If you have a post-Abdominal Myomectomy experience, please tell! If you’ve shared before, go ahead and share some more. Details are encouraged.


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457 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 2)”

  1. LR Says:

    All I can say EG, is that this site has been incredibly comforting as I gear up for my 3/1 AM. I know it gets chatty and I agree that organization can make it easier for the woman searching for answers. Two years ago when i began my journey searching for info on fibroids, there was nothing… this is really what it is all about. Thank you.

  2. demi Says:

    Youre blog is incredible and I am truly sorry for the way you felt. I went to my doc today and mentioned the sight. I gave her the website link, I told her what it was all about and she was very intersted. This site has given me tremendous amount of support (which I told my doc) and I hope I am doing the same for others. I do go on all the other blogs but write no comments which I will try my best to do where I see fit. Have a great night and to the rest of the gang.
    DEMI:) 🙂

  3. Lady M Says:

    Thank You Sunday,

    I really appreciate your thoughts. I walk around a lot, but very slow and I’m not comfortable getting around without my “Binder” on. I even sleep with it on most nights. Sleeping is still a challenge because I cannot sleep on my back and sleeping on either side is quite painful – more so on the right side…(Thank God for Tylenol w/ Codeine)…

    Now as for the muffin top(?)…I have some loose skin right under my navel that has absolutely no feeling at all…Is that the muffin top?….and I hate myself for not bringing home those mesh panties – all of my underwear sit right on the incision and irritates the hell outta me.

    Lady M

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    I must thank everyone for the support. I really want to see everyone have the best recovery possible. Laughter is a part of that. I also want everyone to see (through your experiences) the HUGE impact that fibroids have of many lives. That way YOU have the power to spread the word. I’m sorry if I appear to step on toes at times but WE really do have a lot to say and can make a difference.

    On a lighter note, “muffin top” post is up! Let’s hear your thoughts.

    Muffin Top after abdominal surgery? What’s a muffin top and how do I just make it go away?

    That’s funny that you mentioned the Australian show. I always like to put links in my posts and I included the official website on the “muffin top” post. I really do have a sense of humor. I agree that it’s odd but it qualifies.

    Thanks for that. I know it’s easy to become chatty. Where else can you talk to other women going through what you are going through? I just have to think of the women who will come to this site next week, next month, or next year. They aren’t following along with us now and would perhaps get confused and leave. I’m just trying to get some things into place now because there’s not a doubt in my mind that this blog will get much busier. The experiences you share mean a lot and will attract others.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Word-of-mouth is great. It’s just “The Geek” behind the scenes. I don’t have the marketing machinery of a company or a non-profit organization. Just me. Most of my traffic comes from those who “stumble” here from a search engine but I am noticing more “word-of-mouth” type visits. I would like more doctors to visit. I want as many people as possible to read what you are going through and see the global impact.

    I don’t want anyone to feel I am forcing you to comment. Just read other pages. If you want to comment, go ahead. If you don’t, reading is fine. Thanks for doing that.

    Lady M:
    I’m sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I hope you are able to find a comfortable position soon. The ladies here are great when it comes to tips and suggestions. Just keep asking away.

    Last note:
    I will work on post-AM (part 3) and will hopefully have it up today or tomorrow. I’ll leave a comment here with the link to the new page and then close comments here. Just like I did going from part 1 to this page (part 2). I’ll leave clear instructions so everyone will be able to get to the new page.

    Thanks everyone and best wishes!

  5. Peace (2/9) Says:

    EG — like everyone else here, I really appreciate this site. At first I was a little confused by your requests, but then it became clearer that you want the site to be more visiable and meaningful not only to those of us who know it and live it everyday, but to those who may still be out there searching, now and in the future. Definitely will support that.

    A quick suggestion on muffin top – how about calling it post abdominal surgery muffin top? That may attract some women who had C-section to discuss as well — ’cause that’s probably similar.

    Lady M — I sympathize with the sleeping problem. I thought that sleeping will get easier, but I kept waking up in the middle because it’s still very uncomfortable (fortunately, not too much pain for me) and sore. I find sleeping sideways with a comfortable pillow in between my knees and cushion my belly is the best. But I had to change position in the middle and that typically woke me up.

    I hope that you can take it easy regarding going back to work. It all depends on what you do. My own work is mostly desk job, so I can see myself doing it in a part-time capacity in 4 weeks. If your work is more physical, then 4 weeks seem short to me.

  6. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Peace,

    Thanks for your support! I apologize for not being more clear. I guess my next site “tweak” will involve me adding stuff so everyone can see where I’m coming from. I have an About page where I could put a bit of a Mission Statement. I need some clearer directions on the Forum page. I’ll also add some to the Help! page since I’m sure many will click it because of the name.

    (I’m also open to suggestions on what would make things clearer/easier on the site for you. I have a Feedback page but anyone can email me or just leave a comment on one of the other pages. Thanks.)

    Thank you for the muffin top suggestion. I did make that change to the title. I hope it will attract others. I do get visitors who aren’t dealing with fibroids. On the Lupron page, there was a man concerned about his wife who was on Lupron for endometriosis. Someone else was taking Lupron for fertility (IVF). I think some of the women who commented on the heavy bleeding page also do not have fibroids. I know of at least one person who posted about their hysterectomy on one of those post-op pages but did not have fibroids. There are many people with lots to say or at least have questions that we can answer.

    The new AM forum is up! I will add one more comment with a nice clear announcement and then I will close the comments here. I hope to see everyone there on the new page. 🙂

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