Do you have a loved one dealing with uterine fibroid tumors?

Had a couple of recent visitors searching for information because they have loved ones with health problems. I appreciate every visit to this blog but to those who visit and comment on behalf of someone else, I extend special thanks. Support from family and friends helped me immeasurably during my fibroid journey.

If you know someone dealing with uterine fibroids, leave your questions, concerns, or thoughts here.


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What makes you mad, sad, or glad when you think about your fibroids?


One Response to “Do you have a loved one dealing with uterine fibroid tumors?”

  1. gobbymunchkin Says:

    What makes me sad is the lack of help within the uk nhs service and its partners.
    As a carer of someone with fibroids, finding someone who can actually help is proving almost impossible, especially with the idiotic data prtection act being thrown in your face at every turn.
    The health organisations know that a certain person requires help, but would rather treat others with less severe problems.

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