The resurrection of a Prince fan

Prince and fibroidsGeek, what does this have to do with fibroids?

I’ll get to that in a moment but let me share (what I hope is) a funny story. One of my visitors here was talking about seeing Prince perform during half-time at the SuperBowl. This prompted me to respond with my experience on rediscovering that I was a big Prince fan 20 years ago:

I spent half-time STANDING in front of the TV screaming, jumping, and singing at the top of my lungs. When Purple Rain started, I swayed. By the end, tears were falling and I wish I had grabbed a lighter to flick when I initially bum-rushed the television. It all flooded back. A time when I didn’t have to obsess over dark clothing (except purple), or sanitary products, or bathrooms. I could just live my life.

Yeah, flashback to the 80s. Walk down memory lane and all.

So after the game, I called my parents. My hubby is not a sports fan (that’s fodder for an entirely different post) and I wanted to talk a little football. My sister answered. She really hadn’t watched the game but remarked that Daddy sat glued to the television the whole time (of course). I decided to talk to her about the half-time show because she did see that. During our conversation, I could hear my brother in the background sounding incredibly animated while trying to find out if I saw Prince. I ended up asking my sister why my brother was acting crazy. She said:

Oh, he knows you were a big Prince fan.

Okay. This brother is an even bigger geek than me. How and why did he know that I was a Prince fan? My sister responded in a serious voice:

Oh, you used to walk around dressed in purple all the time. We were really kind of worried about you.

I immediately had another flashback. The ruffled shirt. The pants with the buttons sewn down both legs. The Prince T-shirts and… the bandannas. I think I had at least 15 different colors. Yeah, I was a little over-the-top back in the 80s and early 90s. Apparently, I was a HUGE Prince fan. Thinking back made me chuckle.

Reflecting now, I realize the deeper meaning. Prince is talented and I still enjoy his music but that initial attraction was his non-conformity. He did not seem to care what others thought of him. He had stuff he wanted to say and he did just that.

In my 20s, I had a voice and my own way of getting things done. Never considered myself normal. Then in my 30s, my symptoms became so bad that they changed me. I tried to conform in every other part of my life in an attempt to minimize the abnormality of my health condition. I was no longer me. I was a collection of fibroids just trying to blend in.

Now, the oddness is returning full blast. I’m still abnormal. It’s just no longer fibroid-related.

I must thank Prince for reminding me that I have a voice and much to say. We all do.


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8 Responses to “The resurrection of a Prince fan”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    House quake – my all time F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E- prince song….I love most of the others…but Dorthy Paker and that double album…little red corvette -ohoh!! Yeah…playing the air quitar while singing 1999…..oh gee a flood of memories now that he is “Prince” again…LOL

    OH NO LETS GO!!!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Yeah, girlfriend!

    Still debating whether or not I should restock my bandanna supply.

    Was initially going with red as the official fibroid color. Perhaps now it should be purple… Hmmm. LOL

  3. fibroid free Says:

    hummmmmm lol

  4. Dianna Says: Says:

    Hello Electric Geek, I’m with you girl I’m all about being the Prince Fan. I hate that I missed the Half Time show. I was trying to hurry to get home from work. Instead I stopped at Publix grocery store. By the time I got home the game was almost over. I decided to call some friends to see have anyone tape the game. One of co-workers did. I went to her house and I saw the tape show of the half time. I was dancing my behind off it was taking me back down memory lane. Electric Geek its nothing wrong loving purple. I wear purple scrubs every Saturday to work. I wash clothes the begginning of the week. Check out this book if you can find it in your local book store. The name of the book ( When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple). By Sandra Haldeman Martz.) If you can find the book I will be glad to mail you my book. I don’t mind at all. You can email me. Dianna, Later!!

  5. Dianna Says: Says:

    Sorry, ElectricGeek I meant to say if you (can’t) corrected that spelling I will send you my book if your local book store don’t have it on stock. Thanks, I live in Atlanta Ga. Dianna

  6. Wm Satchell Says:

    Watch Scrubs online here 🙂

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