Trying for pregnancy (ttc) after your fibroid procedure (Abdominal Myomectomy)?

Received an email message from Gwyn who wanted a forum about trying to conceive after an Abdominal Myomectomy. Thanks for the suggestion!

Fibroid free left a detailed comment (one of her “novelettes”) in the “fertility and fibroids” forum a few months ago. Here is an excerpt:

fibroid free: Started with a new GYN – explained my symptons and she said sounds like fibroids and ordered an MRI and recommended me to a OB/GYN RE. Never even thought about a RE (GYN who specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology otherwise know a Fertility Doctor) but ended up to be the best choice of doctor. Went to see her and poured out my want to still have children. She told me about the AM and we scheduled surgery onyl to have her call me and admit she did not have the skill level needed to assure removal of fibroids without a hysto and could not guarentee fertility ( no doctor can guarentee but she was not the one to do the surgery) .. SHE refered me to the FERTILITY DOCTOR. Sigh I thought at first….never expected to be in this position…… and so we set up an appointment.

Doc and I (and hubby) had consoltations about surgery and fertility and how to deal with my fibroids: Here are some facts/discussion points we had –

Fibroids (Uterine leiomyomas/myomas) occur in approximately 25% of women of childbearing age. Much higher for Black women (ie – 40-80%)

The effect of fiborids on pregnancy is well established and their presence is associated with increased risks of spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, abnormal presentation, placentae problems , pelvic obstruction, postpartum hemorrhage, and sepsis.

However, the impact of fiboirds on a woman’s ability to conceive is less clear, and raises the question of how best to manage infertile patients with fibroids. AGAIN the GREY AREA…

You can read more of fibroids free’s original comment by clicking here.

For more information:
Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (Thanks for the link fibroid free!)
Hysterosalpingography (Wikipedia)
Fertility Tests (Mayo Clinic)
Reproductive Endocrinology (Wikipedia)

Let’s hear your thoughts and experiences on ttc after an AM.


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1,408 Responses to “Trying for pregnancy (ttc) after your fibroid procedure (Abdominal Myomectomy)?”

  1. InShape Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve got the new site up, and need for people to come and test it, to see if the forum and everything else works. Also, if you have comments on other things you’d like to see (links to articles, etc.?), then also let me know.

    Thanks! The site is:

  2. Amy Says:

    Hi InShape,

    Don’t know if you saw my reply to your request about your new blog in Forum, so I’m posting here too… although I may get a lot of flack from some of the others… On the other hand, it may give you thoughts for improving your site. Here’s what I posted on Forum:

    Hi Inshape,
    Sorry – I’ve been really overwhelmed of late and hadn’t reading posts – thanks for searching for me asking for feedback.

    It’s great you’re inspired to start something new. But since you’ve asked for feedback and if I’m to be perfectly honest -I have very mixed feelings – on several different fronts.

    I guess one reason is because I started reading and posting way back when the Inquisitive Geek was still around and very active (maybe you did too?) – I saw how she struggled to make this site what it is, so it sort of feels like I would be turning my back on her (wherever she is) and the site.

    In addition, even though you are putting up a new blog, women will still find this one and continue to post here. You might pull away regulars too and unless I some of us decide to follow two blogs we’ll lose track of some women. But probably more than anything, there are so many incredible histories that live here… and I just hope they can continue to be available to as many women as possible.

    I know it’s a pain to deal with the spam and broken links that come because geek is gone (gosh, I wish I knew what happened to her – I keep imagining that she died or something… and wonder if something went wrong with her embolization! ) but she did such a good job setting up this site – that it is still working pretty well in spite of everything… and I sort of think it lives on in her memory (if it’s appropriate to say so).

    So, I really wish we’d spend our energy to try to contact WordPress again to see if there is anyway they’d allow one or more of us to moderate this site…

    I hope though, if you go through with your plan, that you give some kind of credit to Inquisitive Geek and put in links to this site as well so that other women can access the history. I also don’t know enough about blogs and websites, but I know that a lot of money is made on some…and I hate to say this, but I hope you are just doing it because of the problems here, not to make it into some kind of commercial site.

    –(added today: I looked on your blog again, and do like how one can see all the threads in one place – I think that’s one of the biggest design flaws this site has.

    Then I also looked at your blog’s “about” page, and was surprised I didn’t see any mention what-so-ever about or credit to this blog – which as I mentioned above, would be a nice thing to do… you mention a “new” fibroid page, without mentioning the “old”

    Finally, I am also wondering / a bit concerned about the copyright restrictions on your blog… maybe they are here too, but I couldn’t find them. And maybe it’s just become standard these days – don’t know.)

    So sorry if this isn’t what you might want to hear – but you asked, and I’m also curious to know what some of the others, especially the “old timers” think.)

    • InShape Says:

      Hi Amy,

      I didn’t see your other post (will look for it in a minute). Thanks for taking the time to post here, though.

      The new site is in super early ‘beta’ mode- my hubby has basically put it up in a couple of hours, and created some filler content and design to give us all something to start with. I was a little overexcited about it being up, which is why I asked people to go over and start trying the forum to see if it’s working. But, it’s good that people are checking it out now and can comment as it’s being shaped rather than me guessing what people want and doing a bunch of work and then serving it up in a month or two and hoping everyone’s happy, only to have to do stuff over.

      On the front page, in the upper right side (where there are stats now), I plan to put up info about Geek’s site and link back to here. I think I started posting here after she’d already stopped maintaining the blog (I hope she’s not dead!! I imagine that she’s become busy with other things). It’s always driven me a little nuts to try to scroll through all the comments here and have to search for other threads, but I stuck with it because of all the fabulous ladies and their stories and advice here. Only when the site went down completely did I start thinking about creating a new & improved version. Like you, though, I didn’t want to splinter the group that’s here, or have this site go completely dead, but at the same time, I’m ready for something that’s easier to navigate.

      The new site isn’t a blog, but a whole website. Multiple people here can be administrators or moderators, so that if anything happens to any one of us, we can still keep the site going. We can also contact each other better through the fact that everyone can have their own profile.

      My husband looked at a way to have people post here, and have it update there, but because IGeek didn’t set up the RSS feed that way, it’s harder for him to link the posts of the two sites.

      I have no interest in doing anything commercial on the site. I like how this is free from ads and spam and crap and plan to keep the new one that way. Given that the costs to run it are so far just $8/year, I’m fine with not trying to make my $8 back somehow.

      Probably the best thing would have been if we could have re-worked the with the new forum software, but without IGeek here to do that, creating a sister site is the next best thing.

      Anyhow, I’d love to hear more feedback as the new site comes together. I’m not precious about it, so feel free to share your thoughts, good, bad or otherwise. All of the feedback will help to make the new site work best for all of us. Thanks!

  3. Amy Says:

    Hi InShape,

    Thanks for your response and I’m relieved to hear about your approach.

    Sure do wish though that Inq. Geek would show her face and let us know she’s okay. Given how often she posted and how much she worked on this site, it just doesn’t seem like her to have totally abandoned it…. I guess we’ll never know. I hope she’s okay.

    FYI – I’m not sure how much I’ll be involved down the road, here or on your site … unless I manage to get the myomectomy one of these days – I’ve just been super busy and found I’d drifted away a bit -can’t do everything I’d like to!

    Good luck with your site, it’ll be interesting to see it progress!

  4. Amy Says:

    P.S. My only other concern, is that if this site looses a lot of traffic, wordpress may not renew it again. They weren’t going to do anything about it when it went down, but I appealed to them and told them about all the women that visit and rely on the site – and that it wasn’t a regular blog because of all of the history people go back to read. I wonder if there is some way to copy the content… if wordpress would have any problem with that…. all I found on the site was a 2006-2007 copyright, and:

    “Copyright and trademarks

    The marks inquisitive geek with fibroid tumors, geek with fibroids, and are trademarks.

    The materials on the site are copyrighted. Feel free to quote the content here as long as you acknowledge the source. Any other use of the materials is strictly prohibited without my prior written permission.”

    So, I suppose if you are ever inclined to… parts could be copied over to your site… but it sounds iffy and like a lot of work. Like I said, I just hope wordpress keeps it up for a long time!

  5. Amy Says:

    One more PS:
    Being my inquisitive self, I started to wonder just how many visitors this site has had, so I looked at the map on the left of the page……622,559! But then I looked at the previous month’s totals…

    Interesting! Over the last month, at 8,975 visitors, Great Britain has had twice as many visitors as the US has had at 4,143!

    I’ve been participating here for years, and would never have guessed this. Can those of you from GB venture a guess as to whether Brits as a whole might be more reserved perhaps and less likely to participate?

    Another surprise – especially for an English speaking country…. Australia had only 217 visitors! I wonder why that is?? Less Fibroids, better doctors?b I.e. less complaints?? The few Aussies I’ve known have been anything but reserved! 🙂

    Population by country
    US: 309,323,000
    UK: 62,041,708
    Australia: 22,354,552

  6. InShape Says:

    Hi Amy,

    How did you get WordPress to renew it before?

    My hubby said that it’s possible to build a crawler to crawl this site to parse the comments and bring them over to the new site, but that it might not be all that easy. I think most of us, for a long while, will visit both sites.

    I’m like you, and didn’t come here for a long while after I delivered and got busy with the baby. I’m back, though, because even though I’m on another site for pregnant women and moms, it’s nice to connect here with women who went through the same surgery that I did and then got pregnant, despite the difficulties.

    That’s interesting about the visitor stats! My guess is there are fewer women with fibroids in Australia. From what I vaguely remember, women of African descent have a 1 in 2 chance of getting fibroids, and other people had diffrent risk levels, so maybe depending on how these women are dispersed around the globe is what we’re seeing here.

    One thing I do wonder about is how long the URL will last. I don’t know if it’s set to auto-renew, or if IGeek signed up for a number of years a while ago.

  7. InShape Says:

    Update: It looks like the URL was renewed in July 2009, so we’ll see what happens in July 2010.

  8. Jo Says:

    I have been super busy with a move recently and have not read through all the posts I missed yet, but I would love to check out the new site and see what it is like. I will post about that later.

    Just wanted to say I hope Geek is fine and busy with other things, I know she went through a phase when she had to reevaluate things and maybe she just felt she couldn’t be involved anymore.

    The site never really went down though, one could still access it when the word .worldpress was incorporated into the address. I went ahead then and copied all my posts, just as a way of remembering my own journey. Then I was glad to see that the site was back up for everyone.

    Blessings to all and I will post my thoughts on the other site too 😉

    • InShape Says:

      Hi Jo~

      Just thought I’d check back at this site to see if there’s much activity. I’d love to hear how you’re doing here, or at There are people joining and posting every day there now. I’m still (!) breastfeeding (J.J. is 14 months), so am not yet pregnant. We move house tomorrow, so once that is settled, my next task is to wean him.

      ‘Hi’ to everyone else here!

  9. Jo Says:

    .wordpress certainly, sorry for the typo

  10. InShape Says:

    Hi Jo~

    I ought to archive my posts here too (for myself)– going through the surgery was a major decision, and I remember posting a lot during the recovery period.

    It’s too bad there’s no way to contact Geek to see if she’s OK.

  11. Danielle Says:

    Hey ladies,

    Well I finally got to see the RE yesterday. I had a good experience with him but am seriously frustrated with my OB/GYN.

    Long story, but in two ultrasounds she missed a second large fibroid in addition to basically ignoring me for the last 6 weeks. My M/C started 9 weeks ago, it took her almost 3 weeks just to see me after my ER trip where the M/C was diagnosed. Then she basically refused to do a D&C because she was worried about hitting the fibroid. Well my BHCG has stopped declining and she wasn’t going to do anything about it. The RE says there is NO reason why we should have waited this long.

    So today I called the OB’s office and demanded an appointment ASAP…they tried to blow me off until I said I would just go to another Dr. Now I fianlly have an appointment for my D&C next Wednesday…9 weeks and 3 days AFTER the M/C was diagnosed. UGH!

    But on a better note, my AM is scheduled for late August/early September. Plus the RE said we’d only have to wait 2-3 months after to ttc again! Yippie!

  12. Chris Says:


    I feel so bad that you had to go through that. Have you thought about getting another doctor?

  13. Monique Says:

    Wow sounds like you really were having a rough time. Sorry to hear about all that, esp the MC. I go for a HM early August and plan to ttc soon after. Good luck and baby dust.

  14. InShape Says:

    Hi Ladies!

    Just an update that I’m still getting the new site going. You can test it at : . The forum seems to be working fine, and the sign ups, and some chatting is already starting there, so if you get a chance, feel free to check it out. Let me know how it goes for you– I’d like to hear all feedback, good, bad, suggestions, etc. Thanks! 🙂

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