This geek really is eclectic…

I want to write about a number of things in my blog. Some funny, some spiritual, some serious, some geeky. That’s why I picked the name EclecticGeek. It’s the perfect way to describe me. Even better than the “New-Age Hippie/Bioscience Nerd” or “half-Vulcan/half-human, Spock-like” labels I often attach to my personality. I really do have odd brain clutter and wish to express it.

In the future, you will see a mixture of posts. Some funny, some spiritual, some serious, some geeky. All I ask is that you realize that I have many sides. Just because I am scientific does not mean I am not spiritual. Still don’t understand why some people feel the two are mutually exclusive. So, to the woman who asked if I needed tangible evidence to prove the existence of God, I say no. But if you think the “miracle” fibroid pill that you are touting without ANY proof is even remotely on the same level as God, (sadly) you worship the wrong thing.

To those who see a silly post and think I no longer take this fibroid issue seriously, I say that is not the case. I am human (at least half) and therefore occasionally require humor. This in no way diminishes the commitment and dedication I have to bringing attention to this medical condition.

Let the games begin…


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