EclecticGeek, why do you keep asking us to visit the Fibroid Forum?

Yes, there’s a Fibroid Forum here! I really want you to visit it more. Why? Two reasons. Well, probably more than that but let’s focus on these two:

  1. You will be more familiar with the fibroid information on this site. We discuss just about EVERYTHING here. Visiting the Forum page and reading over the topics allows you to become more of a “veteran”. When newer visitors have questions, you’ll be able to direct them to other places on the site for more information or further discussion. I love the fact that you support each other. I also want you to realize that you can guide and instruct using this blog as your tool. You can teach directly by answering a question or indirectly by showing someone where to find the answer.
  2. You will discover other fibroid “forums” where you can add your thoughts or just read. We are all dealing with uterine fibroid tumors and the associated issues. I know EVERY woman can relate to several topics here. Even if you do not leave a comment, you should at least visit and read through the discussion. For those who decide to comment around the site, I want you know the significance. Yes, you are helping the woman who asks a question but you are also helping the many women who visit to read and those who use online search engines to find this site.

You have the power. Visit the Fibroid Forum and join the discussion. Thanks!

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