Hey, I’m looking for your opinion. Take my online polls.

I have polls set up on my “geek with fibroids” web site. If you visit the home page, you’ll find these three questions in the right sidebar:

  1. How did you get here? (on the site not on the planet)
  2. When were you first diagnosed with fibroids?
  3. Which fibroid treatment are you trying or have finished?

After voting, you can view the results on the Poll page.

Visit the site, take the online polls, and express your opinions.


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3 Responses to “Hey, I’m looking for your opinion. Take my online polls.”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    I got to this site after my AM and goggled fibroids and your what caught my attention was the Geek part of the google lead….I though hummm and I said it before a smart women with fibroids…this shoudl be good….and it is LOL

    I fist KNEW I had a fibroid about 12 years ago -never bothered me but it wasnt until March 06 that I got a hard core official YOU HAVE LARGE FIBROIDS… March 07 Fibroid free, forty and fabulous LOL

    Abdominal Myomectomy was my choice to preseve my fertiliy

  2. Jo Says:

    I got to this site via Google using the words” Myometomy Recovery” as I read a bunch of the technical literature available under the medical websites but wanted more on the post survery recovery process (i.e., what to really expect).

    I was diagnosed with fibroads about 7-8 years (age 29) ago after talking to a friend about my heavy periods – her response was that this wasn’t normal. However, I felt that I’d always had heavy periods (i.e., lot’s of bleeding) so I didn’t think there was anything unusual and I thought that doctors would notice if there was something unusual. (WRONG).

    My gyno immediately told me that I had fibroids and that 50% of women have them (in other words it’s a normal thing and not to worry.. I don’t even recall her providing me with options). ..After a few years and a new gyno I finally talked about options (at the time a full hys was what my doc pushed and I wasn’t having this so I did my own research). After more discussions with the doc he provided other options and the only reason I had an AM is because it was finally noted as a link to my back pain which was more painful than the fibroids (I sit 10-12 hours a day at work and had a stand up station and had gone through PT, meds, etc to help with the back pain).

    I selected the AM because my doc said that the emolization option may only shrink the fibroids down to half size (largest was 10 cm). Again, a full hys wasn’t at all what I wanted due to the physical changes.

    My opinion is that women really have to do their own research as docs today can’t be experts on everything but should at least admit it!!!!

  3. Jamali Says:

    I googled fibroid blogs and that’s how I found this site. I was first diagnosed with fibroids in October 2008. I was having heaving periods, large clots and excruciating pain for almost 6 months and I ignored it until October 2008 when I went to urgent care because the cramps were so bad that 800 motrin would not work and I had to resort to tylenol with codeine. I was scheduled for an ultrasound which discovered the cause of my pain 5 annoying fibroids. The fibroids caused me to be anemic so initially the first treatment was birth control (didn’t work), the next treatment was to begin Lupron injections to prepare for surgery. I am currently on my 2nd Lupron shot and the only side affects I am experiencing is still having a period (but not as bad), some bloating, and mood swings.

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