What should I carry with me to the hospital before my fibroid surgery?

Received an email request from Tina (1/24) about a specific list of what to carry to the hospital when going in for fibroid surgery. Thanks for the great suggestion!

I’ll start with a quote from the post that listed what I carried. Remember, I had a Uterine Fibroid Embolization and only stayed overnight.

Things I carried to the hospital with me:

  1. My faith. I must believe in something.
  2. Overnight bag. Spending the night is required.
  3. My husband. Technically, he carried me. 😉
  4. Copy of Nature Methods. Something to take my mind off of things.
  5. Jade Buddha. Nope, I’m not Buddhist but I was really drawn to it in the store a couple of years ago. I use it for focus.
  6. Portable CD player and various CDs including U2 (obviously), Vivaldi, Prince, Elton John, Janet Jackson, and Bob Marley. I keep telling you I’m eclectic.
  7. My black and white composition notebook. Wanted to take notes.

Okay. For those of you who need to stay a little longer, I created this short list by plucking things from fibroid free’s “pre-surgery tips” comment on the first post-AM forum:

  1. EXTRA strength GAS X pills
  2. Something for a headache (non aspirin)
  3. Pajamas
  4. Slippers

Here are things from a comment left by Tina (1/24) on the forum discussing finding good doctors :

  1. Lip balm
  2. Throat drops (your mouth feels very dry after anesthesia),
  3. mp3 player
  4. Tissues
  5. Teddy bear (EclecticGeek inserts… AWWWW!)
  6. Sudoku book
  7. Note pad and pen

Hmmm. What should you take to the hospital before your fibroid surgery? You can ask if it’s something you should take or tell if it’s definitely something you are taking. It can be “functional” or things considered more comforting than anything else. Let me know your thoughts.


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40 Responses to “What should I carry with me to the hospital before my fibroid surgery?”

  1. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    Things I’m so glad I had with me:
    Lip balm (LOVED IT…I brought spearmint chapstick), large bottle of water, socks, cell phone and cell phone charger, good walking shoes for taking walks around the hallway (I brought Teva sandals..they are easy to slip into and give my feet nice support), some clothes to go home in (I had jeans…NOT TIGHT JEANS….and a big shirt….and big granny underwear), my own face soap, toothbrush, toothpaste…and I also brought a small mirror so I could put on face cream while in my bed without having to go into the bathroom.

    Things I had but didn’t need:
    t shirts, pajama pants, bathrobe (I couldn’t/didn’t use any of them. Putting anything on top was hard because I was hooked up to IVs so I couldn’t get my left arm through any shirt/robe, etc. I just wore the hospital gown the whole time. I thought I would have needed pajama pants, but it was sooo hot in my room. Plus, everyone keeps coming in to look at your incision so the gown makes that easier), iPod with lots of freshly downloaded music (I didn’t even take it out of my bag).

    Things I wish I had brought:
    earphones to plug into the tv (the one they gave me only plugged into one ear), crackers (I had to keep asking for crackers…I didn’t want to take meds on an empty stomach and sometimes even a bite of a cracker helps), a small towel (they didn’t have any towels in the bathroom and I hated drying myself with those stiff paper towels), cough drops/lozenges/something (my friend brought me Skittles, which also worked), Gas-X (I wish I wish I wish)

    Some people like bringing their own pillow…I didn’t and I actually liked the hospital pillow. I did leave a pillow in the car and used it while being driven home from the hospital, which helped.

    That’s all I can think of for now.


  2. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Great list Jess. Yes, the quick on/off shoes were the best. I cannot imagine having to bend over the first few days post op to tie shoe laces. I used a pair of flat ‘Clarks’ slip on shoes. Kept all my essentials in a cute bag on the bed with me for easy access during those first 24 hours when I had not yet started to get up. Also brought all my hair styling things except…. one thing I forgot to bring and wished I hadn’t: a hairdryer! Both the pants and pj bottoms I brought had a drawstring waist which worked out really well. Every few hours, the nurses kept asking me how much water I was drinking so I kept a running tally – time and qty – right on the styrofoam cup I was using. I also kept track of my bp and heart rate every it was taken (having this information made me feel very active in my recovery).

    Brought but didn’t use: reading book (way too much going on for me to be able to concentrate on reading), too many clothes (used same outfit I came in to go home with).

    -If you plan not to completely unpack your suitcase/bag once in your room, ask that the bag be left sitting on a chair or sofa (not on the floor), that way you can access your stuff without having to bend down to get it.
    -I might have read this somewhere already but thought it was really helpful: Ask that the IV be inserted into your non-dominant hand. If you are right handed, ask that it go into your lelf hand. This way you do not limit the hand you normally use to do all the things needed – pulling yoruself up, pushing off the bed, etc).

    Hope these help!

  3. Gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Jess, Tina……i agree with everything on both of your comments, so for the ladies that are about to go for AM…….do as they say……..
    SLIP ON SHOES extremely important i had purchased right before a pair of black slip on sneakers, really comfy ….
    Definately went home in the same clothes i came in….just much more comfortable. For me, it was my favorite worn out jogging pants that just slip on, slip on big sweater, slip on shoes…..wella….instant dressing.
    Did not use slippers i brought, too slippery, they give you very comfortable and warm slipper socks….much better to walk around with.
    Definately bring the GAS X I didnt but should have, but they were very good about giving me a substitute, which did help.


  4. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    Gab, they gave you a Gas-X substitute in the hospital??? They didn’t give me anything, even though I asked for it (and I know they had it, given were next door to each other!!). On my second night they put a bag of Pepsid AC into my IV….an antacid, which I didn’t ask for. I said, is this for gas? And she said no, it’s for heartburn (I didn’t have heartburn). I’m confused.

    Anyway, ladies, bring the Gas-X! I took it when I got home and it helped.


  5. BL Says:


    Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I will definitely bring the Gas-x and everything you all suggested. One addition though, I just thought about is some applesauce. I think that should well with taking the medication. I just bought some new slippers so that should work out and I plan to wear my short boots that have a zipper on the side. This is what my list looks like:

    1) Pajamas (not sure if I’m bring 1 set or 2) I know I’ll be in a gown but I don’t want to be cold in the room

    2) Toiletries (hair gel, toothbrush,mirror, facial creams etc..)

    3) Gas-x

    4) Reading materials

    5) Ipod/walkman/ & Charger for Ipod

    6) Cell Phone & Charger

    7) Applesauce & Water

    8) Slippers

    That’s all I can think of for now, this is very helpful…thanks again everyone,


  6. Gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Jess, yes, i cant remember the name of it though, my sister saw my discomfort and started asking any nurse she would find….and one very nice one, started giving me some chewable white pills for the gas. I had about 3 of them in a few hours and it worked, but midnight i was relieved……..LOL, I also got the pepcid drip, not quite sure for what though…. did nothing.


  7. Cordelia Says:


    Can’t see any mentioning of a book!
    I read the better part of a web design book in between being weighed, measured and waiting for nurses to do misc. tasks on me…
    I should have brought some LIGHT reading too though.

  8. Cordelia Says:

    Oh, two more things if you are going to stay in a public hospital or a hospital where you won’t get your own room:

    Earplugs! Invaluable!
    Some food that you like.. (Sorry NHS, but the hospital food there is appalling)

  9. Nancy Says:

    Please forgive my ignorance but what is the Gas-X for? What is causing the excessive gas?

    Thank you.

  10. Sophia Says:

    Chap stick was my most used item in the hospital.

    The morphine made me extremely itchy, so my daughter purchased a back scratcher for me in the gift shop, it cost all of $.99. I’m going to have that thing bronzed!

    I suggest Aveno oatmeal moisturizing lotion, I sent my daughter out for that, and it really helped with the itching.

    I brought Oil of Olay facial wipes, and they were really great for washing up.

    Items to have at home:
    Stool softener, dulcolax
    A bed tray, mine as $10.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond
    Heating pad, I used mine constantly for two weeks.
    Grannie underwear – I purchased fruit of the loom, high cut briefs, a size bigger, they were so comfortable.
    A plastic lawn chair to put in the shower. It was great to be able to sit down and take my time with my shower. I also have a hand-held shower head, which was wonderful.
    A DVD player for my bedroom.
    Turkey hill mint chocolate chip ice cream (must have!!!!)
    More chap stick, and lotions.

    Good luck, every day of recovery is better than the previous!

  11. KathfromUK Says:

    my very thoughtful friend who went with me to the hospital insisted on unpacking some of my stuff when I arrived at the hospital,despite it being the last thing on my mind. SO glad she did. when I woke up from the op, my pile of magazines was next to me with the remote control (lucky – had private room). All good as you cant reach for anything! Magazines were good. The first night I slept and woke at odd times which is usual after an anaesthetic, so depending on your room situation, books or an ipod or something to amuse yourself if you are awake at 3am is good. (in between the frequent visits from the nurse LOL!)

    I bought several pairs of new PJs and didnt wear any of them. I too stayed in gowns the whole time and had thigh high surgical anti-DVT white stockings on (lovely!). If you take anything, a nightshirt would be better as it doesnt rest against the incision.

    Think about what you are going to go home in, I wore jeans in there and clearly wasnt going to be wearing them home!

    In the UK hospitals are increasingly allowing the use of mobile phones now and I had free rein to use mine. I hadnt expected that, but it was great being able to text and call people, but remember a phone charger! I had to get someone to bring me one.

    Your mouth is definitely dry afterwards so sweets to suck or mints or something would be good
    Hope that helps?!

  12. Janet Says:

    I had a robotic assisted laparoscopic myomectomy for the removel of 3 fibroids. Dr. Ascher Walsh at Mt. Sinai told me to bring a book and that was great advice because if you are not the first surgery, the time of surgery is approximate! If the surgery before yours is complicated, it may take more time than expected. Relax to the best of your ability and read your book or magazine. Your turn will come and the doctor will spend the time necessary for your procedure. Don’t bring a watch…and forget the time. Just read or chat…

    For afterwards, slip-on shoes and pants with elastic that just slip on and a button down shirt so you can dress more easily.

  13. El Says:

    I just had my robotic myo this Monday and Yes Dr Ascher Walsh is wonderful. As for what to bring, they get rid of you pretty quickly after a lap myo, I actually brought too many things. I didn’t touch the books, radio, nor the extra pads, moisturizer, toothbrush etc. The only thing I found really essential was my throat drops and lip balm. And maybe a small comb. I found that my lap myo incisions were on the belly button level so the granny panties actually did not work too well, they happen to sit right the incisions low sitting bikinis were better. Bring loose clothing, I didn’t hear this from anyone else but I actually had trouble bending to put on my pants. A button down loose dress would be good.

  14. Clotilde Says:


    I figured that if you are on this part of the blog, it means you are about to get your surgery. I just wanted to write a few tips so that you have a successful recovery. My hospital stay was fine but I am glad I had surgery before so I knew what the nurse had forgotten to tell me …. I just had my abdominal myomectomy.

    1) Once you get to your room, and you are switched to your room bed, make sure that the nurse turns on the machine to massage your legs – they prevent blood clots.
    2) Make sure they bring you your “breathing toy” so you can do your breathing exercises right away to prevent pneumonia.
    3) Make sure to drink little water – if you drink too much too fast, you may get sick. Ask for ice chips.
    4) Make sure the nurse tells you how to use the phone – not just the on/off button but if you need to press 9 before dialing
    5) Keep track of the meds they give you and call the nurse if it’s time to take your pain killers and nobody has come to your room.
    I hope this helps – let me know if you have any questions or other concerns.
    Good luck!

  15. Victoria Says:

    I’m m 8 days post AM and here’s what I recommend for hospital/ after:
    1. make dure you take the best lip balm you can get. My mouth felt dry after surgery and my lips were really dry and very chapped. I had a sample of Clinique superbalm lip treatment and it was fantastic.
    2. Big granny panties! I went to Target and bought 2 sizes too big by accident (meant just to get next size up). However, my tummy really swelled post op (but is slowly going down) the bigger size turned out to be a godsend for me.
    3. Facial cleansing wipes. I had to stay in bed a little longer due to very low blood pressure and it just felt nice to at least use those to clean up a little. When I finally got up it was just easier. I also took some nice moisturizer etc. When I could get up and look after myself it was just nice to feel like I was looking after my appearance.
    4. Some loose clothes that you can still feel attractive wearing. After 4 days in a hospital gown then granny panties/ big track pants, it felt great to put on something pretty. I still don’t fit into any of my ‘real’ clothes etc but I bought a couple of pretty smock/loose tops, a nice loose dress and some plain drawstring pants to go with the tops. At the moment it’s a boost for me to wear something nice. But nothing that requires any real effort to put on! Slip on style shoes a real necessity, too.
    My only other advice is to try to be in the best shape you can manage before your surgery. Although I had a couple of days where I wasn’t doing so well, once I began to recover I’ve been surprised by how much better I feel each day. My doctors tell me that this was because I was fit beforehand. I had about 6 weeks to prepare for my surgery and tried my best to be as healthy as possible and I think it’s paying off (although it’s early days, I know).
    Anyway, good luck and best wishes for your upcoming procedure!

  16. Lisa B. Says:

    These blogs have been extremely helpful. I’m slated for an AM in January 08. I’m nervous but am so ready for fibroid relief!!!!!

    I have 3 sizeable tumors, 2 inside the uterus and 1 on the outside of the uterus. Anyone out there that had this many and their experience pre and post op surgery?

  17. Mocha Says:

    I seem to recall some of the ladies on this site said that “Granny Panties” are the way to go for post op bloating. Do any of you ladies recommend a specific brand or style? Thank you.

  18. Kate Says:

    I’m extremely nervous. I have my surgery in 2 weeks and I’m worried that I will be in soooo much pain. I’m beginning to question having the am at all and just waiting butI was told that my fibroid will probrably keep growing until menopause. I have a 5cm fibroid and a few smaller ones and I had heavy periods for months. Also I spotted or had heavy bleeding everyday for two months and I’m slighly anemic. I don’t think I want children but was told that UFE was an optio if I was sure that I didn’t want kids. I’m very confused and I think I’m just having second thoughts because I’m scared. Can anyone help me?

  19. Sabrina In London Says:

    This site has been a god send for me I am really worried about this op as the last one i had was for pco and endometriosis and it was horrible to recover from but quicker.

    I am booked in with a NHS hospital for the 9th June, i have been trying to lose some weight prior to surgery to help my recovery and also because i dont want to be too big after surgery because i cant work out ( but I can eat well… so no excuse).

    My partner will hopefully be coming to stay with me but I wnated to have some stuff lined up before she arives so i dont stress her about stuff.

    Today I am compliling a list of things i will need to take in with me, with the help of all you wonderful women and also doing a food shopping list to have delivered a few days before i go in to hospital save fresh fruit and veg my mum will be getting some in, she says and also bringing me in some home cooked foods when my girlfriend has to go back to work in another part of the country.

    So I just popped in to say thanks for mentioning the non obvious such as ear plugs for shared rooms/ward patients I have just ordered some online, MP3 charger, face wipes and I added baby wipes incase i couldnt get to the bathroom every day twice a day as i usually do. and body moisturiser and lip balm.

    Thank you all so much for this site you are really helping me feel much better, I am really scared though but we want a lovely bundle of joy so it has to be done.

    Thank you xxxx Please keep adding your advice and experience.

  20. MS Says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your great tips. I have a AM scheduled for 9th june. and I am really scared. I know that immediately after the operation when U are recovering, you are not on any pain med for a brief period and it pains a lot. then U call a nurse , she is satisfied that you revived and then gives U pain med. I am scared , is that pain too bad or bearable? anybody experienced anything? Thanx.

  21. MS Says:

    Hey Sabrina in London, we both have surgery on the same date! Ill pray for you.
    All the best.

  22. sabrina Says:

    Hey MS
    How are you doing??? How did it go?
    Mine was the size of a 18 week pregnancy and the morphine was crazy, i had never had such a thing.

    I hope you are recovering nicely, can barely see the scar but i do feel sore and tired all the time now.
    wishing you well x

  23. Brenda Says:

    In reply to why there is gas after surgery.

    My sister had a complete around end of May early June. She stated that the pre-op liquid diet and enema before surgery pretty much clean out the intestine and bowel. After surgery the body is reintroduced to clear liquids (apple juice, jello, clear broth) to wake up the intesitne and bowels (the beginning of the gas), when intestine/bowel sounds begin, then a liquid diet (milk shakes, orange juice, foods that have solid substance but still drinkable not chewable, possibly smoothies), is started, producing stronger intestine/bowel sounds. Once the gas is passed regular diet can be resumed.

    She never indicated she was given or used Gas-X, just that the Dr. and nurses were looking for gas sounds to indicate the intestine and bowel work back to working again.

  24. Katherine Says:

    Thank you for all of the comments on this site. My AM is scheduled for October 29th and I had so many questions and concerns but this site answered all of them for me.
    I really feel much better.

  25. MeScaredToo Says:

    Hi all
    I have a surgery next week and I have been watching AMs on net n reading anything n everthing i can.. I never heard of AM before or even after marriage so i was almost dead scared.. Now this all gives me hope and it feels its just like getting a “flu” which anyone can have in life.. I really do not have many issues but the size of my two fibroids is quite large and thats the only reason for surgery.. Lets see how it goes. I hope they dont touch women DOWN there…

  26. MeScaredToo Says:

    And nobody told me about bleeding after myo, whether to wax or not etc

  27. Virginia Says:

    My experience and Things I brought and used.

    1) I arrived and left in a 100% cotton dress that buttons all the way from top to bottom. Wear something that is very comfortable and easy access to your tummy.

    2) I wore the Hospital gown in bed. When I walked around I wore my dress with the gown over it like a jacket. Who would ever think I was designer. LOL, Anyway it is not a fashion show so who cares? No one.

    3) Slip on comfy shoes. Make sure the shoes you take are no effort to put them on and off with out using your hands.

    4) 100% cotton feather Pillow and Down. I used in the hospital and on the way home in the car. I highly recommend that you bring your favorite sleeping pillow and blanket. It makes a BIG difference when you’re in bed all day to have your favorite sleeping pillow and blanket.

    5) Make sure your husband drives your car not his truck or sports car. That is if you are the one with the heated seats and comfy car. (Jeep Ladies drive his car)

    6) Overnight bag. Spending the night is required for 48 hours DO NOT LEAVE SOONER EVEN IF YOU FEEL GREAT. All that is really needed is a tooth brush, mouthwash; face wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, comb, hair brush and hair accessories for long hair to put up. I put my hair in a braid so it stayed out of my face and did not get knotted. I undid the braid when I left it looked as if I had it done. No need for blow dryer, curling iron ECT you will not use it. You will be in pain and just want to curl up in the car on the way home. Unless you ask for a last dose of pain medicine before you leave which I did.

    7) Your husband or someone very close who will wipe your butt. LOL. The best choice I made was bring him. I thought he was going to be stressed, but he kept his cool and spoiled me. He has been extremely lovable since. I guess when they see you go through a surgery like that they slow down and remember how much they love you and how important you are to them. They also understand your recovery needed and respect your time alone. (Milk it I did and still am LOL)

    8) Ear plugs for you or ear phones for him. If you bring your husband he will still take the power (Control of TV). You will be sleeping and still be telling him to lower the volume.

    9) Some crackers, I hear they prevent vomiting. I did vomit the water I had or the spit I swallowed. Let the doctor know that you are swallowing your saliva if you are before surgery ask her to give you something to dry your mouth otherwise you will vomit allot after sugery.

    10) Something for Gas my stomach was small before the procedure. After the operation I looked 8 months pregnant and still do 4 days after. I have not taken anything for gas or a water pill but after reading this site I am taking something.

    11) Small wash towel. I needed it for my face and body. I was getting hot and felt itchy. You do not want to be getting up and down allot the day of surgery.

    12) Extra heavy Pads. I like Always OVERNIGHT. Needed right after surgery. The first day is when you need someone to wipe your butt. LOL. I could not and it was driving me crazy. The liquid they put in you drips constantly. It is clear, it does not smell or stain it is just wet. I am on the fourth day and I am going through (4) pads a day.

    13) Bring something for itching. The injection they give you in the spine causes you to itch when you wake up. . It is not really bad but I could not stop itching. They gave me something for the itching at the hospital, but I wish I used something natural. About the spine injection you do not feel it if you make sure they give you something else before so you don’t feel it.

    14) make sure the hospital has water for you. You will vomit after surgery even if you did not eat for 12 hours prior. I vomit my spit and water you will want to clean your month.

    15) HUMOR, FORGIVENESS, Appreciation AND FAITH.

    16) STAY IN THE HOSPITAL FOR 48 HOURS AND TAKE AS MUCH PAIN Medication as allowed. Ask for pain medicine constantly. You do not want to run out. Ask For it every 8 hours. The pain is VERY painful if you run out or do not take any pain medication. I do not like drugs and never finish any prescription, but the procedure is very painful if you do not take plenty of drugs. I left the hospital on the next day from the procedure because I felt great, my husband wanted to go home and the doctor said it was O.K… When we got home my husband gave me the antibiotic instead of the pain medicine by accident (this is when you need forgiveness). I went to sleep and kicked him out of the room because he was snoring (I should of used ear plugs and kept him in the room). I than woke up with extremely bad pain and could not move. I was crying and had to yell and wake the house up so he would come back in the room to give me the pain medicine.

    17) Fiber, Laxative and Water Pills if allowed. It hurts to do #2 so take something to make it easy and clean your colon before the surgery. I asked for an anima. Water Pills are needed because you blow up like a balloon and retain water after the surgery. I am on the 4th day and have not taken any water pills but my sister is going to get me some, because I still look like a balloon.

    18) Have your sister or a close friend around after surgery.

    19) Get your phone book and call Mom and old friends you haven’t talk to in a while. Catch up with them you will want to talk to people you love and love you back.

    20) I gained 10 lbs. Maybe it is water or normal when I went in I was 130lb and now I am 140lbs. I am very bloated. Hopefully the water pills will make it go away.

    21) The good thing the fibroids are OUT.

  28. robart Says:

    Thanks for great information keep it up!!!!

  29. Jamali Says:

    I have a post op question if anyone can help. I am scheduled for a myomechtomy in March 2009. I live alone, I have no significant other, and not a lot of family members nearby. My only choice is to go home directly after my surgery and my question is will I be able to function okay home alone? I have friends who have agreed to bring me food everyday and cook for me so I won’t have to slave over a stove for at least 3 weeks. Other than that I figured as long as I have my microwave and a remote control I should be okay (so I think). With that said most of my friends have families and it would be an inconvenience for me to ask any of them to spend the night if it’s not necessary. I have read a lot of your reply’s but maybe someone can comment on what I am really in store for after. I have a 1bd apartment so the most walking I guess I would have to do is from the kitchen back to bed and to the restroom. Your comments will be appreciated 🙂

  30. BetterSoon Says:

    Jamali – I’m in much the same situation as you as far as family / significant other. I don’t know what it will be like either, but older women I know who have had abdominal surgery insist that I can’t be alone the first couple days at least.

    It’s good that they are coming over to cook for you (and to be sure you don’t lift anything!). See how you feel after the surgery. When you leave the hospital, if you have any concern about your first night or two, go ahead and inconvenience them. I’m sure your friends would rather sleep on your couch unnecessarily than to leave you alone and find out you needed help!

  31. ally Says:

    I’m 34 and just had the surgery 3 weeks ago. i too live alone and will suggest simply keeping your pain medication near your bed- and whatever you need to take it (crackers, water, etc.), keep a phone handy -just in case- and you’ll be fine. After all, they have you up and around in the hospital- no different at home.

    Like BetterSoon, the older ladies in my life insisted I couldn’t be alone- and my mom did stay with me- but it wasn’t a necessity. She enjoyed caring for me, and I admittedly ate better than if I’d been by myself- and I am wildly appreciative- but it was a luxury having her- not an essential.

    I will add not to be afraid to contact someone if you get home and find yourself needing help or scared though. No friend would mind!

  32. mescaredtoo Says:


    i m 4+ months post op.. almost okay.. n would definitely advise everyone to have help available in the first week as its hard to get up easily from bed or to use stairs etc, esp in case of any emergency

  33. karen Says:

    is it possible to drive from new york to atlanta to my family who will take care of me when i come out from my surgery. i wont be the driver just the passenger. is this dangerous or will i be ok? has anyone done this?
    also was anyone a smoker before they had their surgery, does this effect the surgery?

  34. Amy Says:

    Karen, for what it is worth, I think I remember reading that smokers who have fingers reattached have MUCH less success in keeping the reattached finger because smoking causes the blood vessels to contract so the finger doesn’t get as much blood as it needs to heal. Obviously, it is entirely different surgery and it isn’t on an extremity, but it would make me want to quit or at least cut down while I’m healing.

  35. Angelo Grund Says:

    Any idea of how i can stop snoring ever since I got pregnant I seem to snore all the time.

  36. Dennise Degennaro Says:

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