My fibroid blog is NOT your personal chat room

I’m sorry that you have completely missed the purpose of my blog. Perhaps I should spell it out more clearly on the Home page. I’ll go do that right after I post this and something else that is bothering me.

I was hoping that all women dealing with fibroids could come together and have intelligent conversations about what they were experiencing. Hence the name… GEEK with fibroids. I now see that some of you have no interest in that. I keep asking that you wander around the site to find out what’s offered here but you don’t. I ask that you AT LEAST visit the Forum so you can suggest it to someone with a question best answered there but you won’t. I keep tweaking the site to make things easier but you disregard my work by not even visiting the other pages. Instead, many of you would rather chat. Fine. So, I create funnier, more “chatty” posts but you don’t even go there.

I do not have time to go through what you post (remember I read EVERY comment) and edit for language or see who’s asking a question that could be answered if someone suggests the Forum. I’m trying to help ALL women dealing with fibroids not just certain ones.

If you just want to chat, I ask that you go elsewhere. There are plenty of fibroid message boards on the Internet where you can do just that. If you interested in truly helping women through support and getting the message out about fibroids, please continue to visit. Trust me, we’ll have a little fun in the process.

This is not addressed to all of you. There are some here who really get what I’m trying to do. You need to decide in which camp you belong and act accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding.


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One Response to “My fibroid blog is NOT your personal chat room”

  1. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’ve received feedback from a couple of people who feel this post was worded rather strongly. I’m now reading it again over a week later and I still stand by my words. I completely understand those who question the tone but I felt it was necessary.

    I do ask that you please not take anything I write here personally as though I am singling you out and only talking to you. I know sometimes it seems that way but I am not targeting anyone. I love my whole fibroid family and will do whatever I can to help and protect you. This post served as a wake-up call to us all. I really do plan on bringing some much needed attention to this medical condition.

    So, I guess all that’s left to say is this:
    There will be times in the future when I’ll write something that some will probably not like. It will not be mean-spirited or intentionally hurtful but perhaps will rub some people the wrong way. This is a risk I am willing to take. I feel so strongly about this fibroid issue that if occasionally some women don’t like me, I can live with that.

    I really do want what’s best for all of us dealing with these dang fibroids.

    Thanks for your feedback. I always like to hear from my visitors. My best to you!


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