How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 3)

This is Part 3. You know what to do. I’ll just leave the Abdominal Myomectomy links for those who want more information and you can take from there.

For more information:
Abdominal Myomectomy (
Abdominal Myomectomy (
Abdominal Myomectomy (Mayo Clinic)
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If you have a post-Abdominal Myomectomy experience, please tell! If you’ve shared before, go ahead and share some more.

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479 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 3)”

  1. Sheri Says:

    Sunday, I did take any Lupron pre-AM as it had already contracted some after my c-section, so the hormone therpay probably would have done much more. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the periods, which have been OK until now. I actually got my last one the morning of my surgery, so it was really a non-event – I am not sure whether the 2 days of bleeding post-op was due to the surgery or my period???

    Gabriela, I hope that you find some relief as it sounds pretty awful…I will definitely keep Peace’s suggestions in mind when my number comes up…

    Whatever happens with my period, at least I am now better informed by all of your respective experiences – it is not something that I would have thought to ask my OB-GYN about since it was a non-issue after my c-section…I actually have my first post-op appointment tomorrow, so I will add to my list of questions (any inputs from you wonderful ladies on what I should ask would be greatly appreciated, since I usually come up blank if I don’t start out with a list)…Hopefully I will also be able to come up with a realistic timeframe for my planned trip overseas. I am no longer in panic-mode about it, but it is probably still a good idea to delay it a bit since there will be no time for slacking off at work (which I am doing right now, as I write)…

  2. greenfrog(3/12) Says:

    Hi, ladies,
    When I read your post about manstural cramping, I am surprized that I also had same symptom as you. I hope this pain is gone!

    Since couple of days ago, I did not take stool softener and I am totally fine! Thanks for all your advise. I am trying to drink lots of water and to eat more vegitable.

    From yesterday I cut down ibuprofen 600 mg two times a day but I just have minor pain when I get tired. I feel I can live without it already. Probably, pain medication free day is coming soon. How long did you take pain medication?
    Kelly, are you still taking it?

    Except I feel a little bit dizzy and get tired easily, I feel I am close to normal life except I’ve been sleeping more than 15 hours a day including nap time…

    However, I should be careful because no pain does not mean full recovery, right?

    Time pass by so fast!
    Have a great day!

  3. Sheri Says:

    Hi Greenfrog, I think that I am one week ahead of you post-AM…I also felt at your stage that I could drastically reduce my Ibuprofen. Since then I have only taken one dose per day – usually in the late afternoon, in anticipation of hours of play with my active daughter. I would try to reduce the pain medication as much as possible, but if you feel the discomfort increase do not be afraid to go back to your current dosage. You could also try to take a lower dose ibuprofen when you are less active (i.e. at night).

    I am finding, though, that I am having trouble sleeping lately, not from the pain…just restlessness, so I have taken an OTC sleeping pill the past couple of days, now that I am not taking Percocet. I have never been a restless sleeper – have any of you experienced this after AM? On the up side, I can finally sleep a bit on both my sides, though the side that the fibroid on is a bit more tender…

  4. Shauna Says:


    Ok I won’t go on the roller coasters yet. I’ll just go on the Sponge Bob rides.


    What do you think about Chinese medicine and TTC? I’ve been reading about it and it works for lots of ladies.


    Yes roller coasters. I’m going to an amusement park this weekend. I guess I’ll just walk around and go see the shows though. I think it’s too soon to go on any of the rides. Don’t want my incision to split open. That would suck big time after all I’ve been thru.


    No motercycles yet. Too soon. We still need to heal.



  5. Amber G. (AM on 3/14/07) Says:

    Fifi — I feel funny announcing this but I did finally have my first bowel movement today. I was starting to get worried that nothing had happened for a week. I am still taking some percocet so maybe that is holding things back. I have been taking Colace and eating prunes and having fiber-filled foods to try to combat the constipation.

    I feel like my swelling has indeed gone down a bit over the past two days, which is cool. As everyone has said, the whole recovery experience is just up and down for me, day by day, and I’m trying to accept that and not get overzealous on the good days.

  6. Peace (2/9) Says:

    Sheri – I have had problems with sleeping too, mostly from discomfort. The scar area feels tight, I had this uncontrollable need to contract my leg and stomach muscles, and my lower back and hip area aches. Normally I release that stiffness from exercising.

    I am approaching my 6 weeks post op, and I’m starting to exercise a little – very light. Using my pilate reformer, and some taichi, a little stationary biking. I put my hands at my hip/stomach to make sure that I don’t engage too much. Still, it feels good to move.

    My second period just ended. Quite uneventful. As I said, most of my severe pain were gone after Bikram yoga, but lately I had more cramping that I thought was associated with the fibroid. I guess I’m correct, ’cause that cramping is also gone. The only thing is that after 4 days, spotting continued for a few more days. But really, no complaints. I hope that everyone finds your way of getting rid of menstral pain. I lived with it for so long, in fact, I just accepted it and never sought relief (I didn’t take pain killer, didn’t ask my gyn about it, didn’t told my mother, and relying on my ” high pain tolerance” instead. At the worst time, my body should shake, and all I could think of was going home and lying down, but I also never took time off because of it. Boy, I would be much wimpier today.:-). Anyway, I started Bikram because of joints/muscle pain, but that really let me know what a painfree period was like.

    Chinese medicine – I told you all how I love chinese medicine, and read herbal books for fun. In fact, I’m tinkering with my own herbal formula. I dare not tell DH, he’s be shocked. But I only did it after reading many formula and reading carefully each herb’s functions, and I think that I know my body fairly well. Anyway, Shauna, I’m seeing an acupucturist who’s specialized in infertility, and hope that he’s help me in my ttc effort. I definitely believe in chinese medicine, the only tricky part is that it’s so individualized that you’ll need a really good doctor to help you get the benefit. But it’s easy said than done – finding a good doctor, that is. For example, I drank a lot of chinese herbal tea, and they just didn’t seem to do much. Until I got a formula from a Chinese doctor in China. Some trial and error is needed. OTherwise, word of mouth is the best way to find a good one in my experience.

  7. Kelly Says:

    greenfrog- I still take Motrin sparingly. Maybe one at night if I really think I need or I am just tired of aching, but the ache is pretty manageable now. I’m 2 weeks post op, but my surgery wasn’t very extensive either, at least, when compared to most myomectomies I hear about.

    I am starting to sleep better now (can even half lay on my stomach, alright!) Getting odd random pains in my abdomen now and then, that’s annoying. I go to doc for my 2 week appointment on Monday. Had to wait 2 1/2 weeks ’cause doc is on vacation this week, already have some questions lined up for him.

  8. Sunday Says:

    We don’t have Motrin here (or at least it’s not called that if we have it). What does it contain? We have a strong pain killer called mercindol which contains paracetemol, codeine and an anti histamine, I think and another thing called Ponstan which is an anti-inflamatory, amongst others. People use these for period pain and migraines. We also don’t have Pepto Bismol – is that what it’s called? It just looks so pink and iconish, very ‘pop art’ and I want some, not for any particular reason. Now that was a bit off the track, sorry.

  9. Davina Says:

    Pam – You definitely need to seek a second and/or a third opinion! My gyno. told me that my only option was a hysterectomy. I refused to have a hysterectomy because I am 40 and have no children. And besides, I went for a second opinion and was told that AM is possible. I did not stop there . . . I went for a third opinion and was told that AM is possible in my case. I had my AM surgery on 12/15/2006 and I am so glad that I went to have a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

    My fibroid was 20cm in a 22cm uteris! It weighs close to 5 lbs.


    Fibroid Free – I have terrible lower back pain if I sat or walk (even standing) for more that 1 hour at a time. Any advise ???? Gentle massaging on my lower back help, however, I could not help but wonder when will the back pain go way?

    Erin – I am 3 mo. 7 day post op. I still feel numbness on some part of my ab. (especially around the belly button). The pinching pain I still have once in a while. I comes and goes. . . .

    LR – the “hurts at the end of pee” will go away. Mine went away after 2 months.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I only wish I had found this forum earlier. I am so much at peace to know that so many of your symptons post op. are similar to mine and that I was not alone and still am not alone.

    Any one with questions for me, please post.

  10. pam Says:

    Thanks for the advice, I will go back to my GP and get a referral to a gyno that does AM.

    But how do I find out which gyno are more in favour of AM? I now have to go back to my GP to get another appointment which is really annoying. Maybe I should go to another GP as mine wants me to have a hyster too! ANd I work and have kids and there are only so many hours in the day…whinge, whinge

    A friend told me to go to a specialist gyno and not a gyn & Ob, this sounds like a good idea, then I wont have to sit in the waiting room with all those pregnant women who ask me when mine is due!!I’ve got use to this now and I actually tell them that I have fibroids which are as big as a 5 month pregnancy!!

    Will I still look pregnant after a AM?

    Why do I have to have a D&C? Is it to check for cancer?

    Bye for now


  11. Davina Says:

    EC – I had a blood transfusion after 1 day post op. (2 bags of it!). I was very anemic. My doc. gave me a prescription for Repliva. after 2 mo. of taking it my blood level was up 13.2 from 6.2. My doctor did not think I would need blood transfusion, but I did have a blood transfusion after all. I was apprehensive about having a blood transfusion, but when they told me 1 day after my surgery they need to give me a blood transfusion, I was scared to death, but consent to it. Don’t worry so much, what will be will be. The man upstairs is going to take care of you, so relax.

    By the way, did any of you ladies experience hair loss post op? For the 21/2 months post op. , everyday, I loss at least a handful of hair. But, I “shed” less hair now, so I am happy. Perhaps, it was due to the blood transfusion I received? Maybe????

  12. Davina Says:


    My doctor is a GYN/OB. I was referred to him by the Radiologist who read my MRI. I was crying so hard at the reading of my MRI because I was told that my uterus was 22cm and my fibroid was 20 cm (the fibroid blocked view of all my other organs-even with a contrast, still nothing can be seen). I was “full term” as she phrased it. She can only see a very thin layer of normal tissue left of my uterus (to top it off the center of my fibroid was degenerated ) and she was afraid my 1st GYN was right about my only option left is a hysterectomy. I was so afraid. I felt so alone. I have noone to give me guidance on the subject at all. I was so torn as to what I should do – wait it out (hoping it will disappeared on its own) and live in hell or fight it. So I decided to shape up and lugged myself to a second opinion. The second opinion gave me hope, yet I was still doubting, so I went to a third GYN and was told an AM was possible. So, I scheduled an appointment with the 2nd GYN for AM. And now I am 3 months 8 days post op. Thru determination and persistence in looking for an alternative (besides a hysterectomy) paid off for me very nicely (I got to keep my uterus, ovaries and all!).

    I fell that “where there is a will there is a way”. Don’t give up and above all you must have hope. Please do seek as much opinion as possible, take the scan/MRI result with you to these consultation. Go to another town/city to find other GYN for opion, don’t limit yourself to doctors in your town/city only.

    I look so pregnant prior to surgery (remember, my doctor told me my fibroid is so big – as big as a nine months pregnancy). I am 5’3″ tall, my weight was 122 lbs before surger. After surgery my weight was 108 lb. and it still is at 108 lbs. My stomach went down substantially. I no longer look pregnant, however, I have a small “muffin top” as referenced above by our lady friends of this forum. I will work to flattening it very soon – I hope.

    Practice self-displined. Stay on a strict daily diet after surgery and you will do fine. I hope I have answered your question.

    Good luck to you and my prayers will be with you.

  13. Gemma Says:

    Sunday, motrin contains Ibuprofen and it’s usually sold in 200mg caplets or tablets. It’s what they gave me at the hospital as soon as they felt that I didn’t need the more potent painkiller, percocet, which contains oxycodone and acetaminophen. Since my doctor had warned me that percocet would slow down my bowels, I only took it once before going to motrin. And I stopped the motrin after a few days. I’ve read that bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme that can be taken as a supplement between meals. It also apparently has ‘anti-tumor’ properties that can help limit the growth or growing back of fibroids. It’s supposed to help in the digestion of protein. I’d be curious to know if anyone has tried it. I’m also curious to know if Sabrina’s experiment with the Biodermis silicone gel strips have had a positive result on her scar.

  14. Shauna Says:

    I feel like crap today. Nothing to do with my surgery..just a bad bad cold,fever….sucks man. I just feel like complaining


  15. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    Davina, about hair loss post-surgery…YES! My hair was falling out in clumps for about 2 weeks post-surgery beginning the day of surgery. I asked my doctor at my 2 week follow-up and he said it was due to STRESS. But you raise an interesting question…was it from the blood transfusion (I had to have a blood transfusion too). Hmmm. I don’t know. What I do know is that my hair no longer falls out like that at all…stopped after 2-3 weeks post-op…thank God!!

  16. Sunday Says:

    Thanks Gemma, I was curious. We have a thing called Nurofen with contains ibuprofin, probably similar. The bromelain sounds really interesting, I want to look into that; is it just a natural supplement or a prescription medicine?

    Davina, I posted on another thread about hair loss, and I remember losing hair after my three pregnancys; hormonal changes caused it. I lost a bit of hair, but not copious amounts after my surgery, but I thought that it was because I took a course of synarel to shrink my fibroid and it affected my estrogen levels. Someone on the Lupron thread I think has developed some bald patches too. Perhaps it is quite a common occurence?

    Anyone back at work who had experienced dizzy spells or light headedness? I am almost over my first post surgery period (the shortest and lightest in years; I’m still expecting large clots to ‘arrive’), I did lose a lot of blood in the first three days and I’m wondering if it was just wooziness due to blood loss, or hormones working again, or just the running around and energy I was expending. What I’m trying to say is I still don’t feel on top of the game and I still feel like falling in a heap when I get home.

    Shauna, I have a snotty nose too and it does suck!! Did I catch it off you?? Were you sneezing whilst posting?? Cyberfever!

  17. Gemma Says:

    Sunday, the bromelain is just a natural supplement made from extracts of the pineapple plant. Despite its benefits, I just read that it also can have as a possible side-effect heavier than normal menstrual bleeding so one has to be careful with it, just like with any other supplement or medication. I had read about it on some post-op sites as a natural anti-inflammatory which helped in the reduction of swelling around the scar, so I was interested. I think I’m going to try it in a low dosage at first and see if it helps. Here’s a link which describes its properties:

  18. Shauna Says:

    Sunday…’s the shits. I actually feel worst today with this stupid head cold than the day after my surgery

  19. Peace (2/9) Says:

    Gemma, I took Bromelain, but I didn’t feel much anything. Partly because I also take milk thistle extract and grape seed extract (on and off). Yes, Bromelain supposed to have anti-inflammatory affect. I should have tried on its own for a few days to “feel” it, but I didn’t. At least I didn’t feel anything bad. And my recovery is fairly good, so I guess it probably helped.

    For those who have colds, try grape seed extract (I use CountryLife’s Grape Complete – it has grape seed, grape skin, and pine bark extract). Expecially good with dripping nose. After my sugery, my 6-year old niece came with her nose dripping with yucky stuff, so I took grape seed extract myself to fend it off (DH got it worse than I did, and turned into cough). Finally, after a few days, I gave her one. After three pills over three days, she’s clear like a bell. I really credit supplements (grape seed extract, Vitamins with extra C and zinc) for not getting sick post surgery.

    Shauna, hope that you feel better. I got a call from a lady from state disability office, and she said that she’d cut me a check today. So I shall get it next week.

    Sunday, I will go into office full time starting next week, and I fully expect myself to feel tired, and probably have light headedness, as I experience it from time to time. No dizzy spell though.

    Hope that everyone has a good weekend. I think that I will visit less once I return to work full time. Just want to wish everyone a good recovery. I will checkin from time to time.

  20. Sheri Says:

    I am just getting over a cold, too…perhaps it was I that first passed on the cyberfever…it was hard to tell what was making me feel more sluggish, post-op fatigue or the cold…but I am feeling much better now. Sunday and Shauna, I hope that you both feel better – take it easy as now your body is now combatting on two fronts so get extra rest and pampering…and/or dope up on the extra meds…

    Re hair loss, I also noticed quite a bit during the first two weeks, but it seems to have subsided now (I had a lot more post-pregnancy). I didn’t have a transfusion or pre-op medication, so perhaps it is the adjustment in hormones and/or stress of surgery, as suggested – I was also moody/irritable, which has also declined, so I am more inclined to think it was hormonal.

    I went to my first post-op appointment yesterday – my incision seems to be healing well…no real surprises…Still no heavy lifting, which is the hardest part with my daughter – I miss all our acrobatic antics and chasing after her in the park…but she is doing OK with it, I guess…Another hard part these days is that I am starting to feel a bit “stranded” at home. My husband works most weekends and I am usually out and about with my daughter. We are now stranded at home much of the day since I can’t get her in/out of the car/shopping carts/etc. and have to wait until my hubby frees up…a real bummer now that the weather is getting nice (we live in a condo, so no backyard either)…

    I did get “clearance” to take my overseas trip next month – I am still trying to push it back a few weeks to give some more time to prepare, but I am no longer freaking out about it – as with most things in life, the pieces will fall in place…I am now trying to get myself psyched up for it, as it is somewhere that I always wanted to go (Egypt). Though I will be working, we will have a good amount of time for recreation, so I am trying to look at it more as a post-op “treat”, particularly since I have not travelled overseas in 3 years (it was previously a big part of my job).

  21. Davina Says:

    Jess and Suday- Thank you so much for easing my mind that I am not alone regarding hair loss. Maybe, its a combination of STRESS and HORMONAL CHANGE or BOTH!. I don’t mind hair loss just as long as new ones grow!! I don’t see many baby hair growing and I am worry that I maybe going bald and I don’t think that’s going to be pretty sight at all, ugh!!! :-). I will try not to stress myself too much with work and a million other things and see if it will improved. Thanks you both again.

    Sunday – I was never on Lupron. My doctor did not believe in reducing my fibroid from a 20cm to 16cm -15cm and having to go thru surgery anyways. He was confident that he could take the fibroid out without much trouble. He said what was the point of me taking the injection and for me to live in hell for another 3 months!!!! Regarding dizzy spells/light headediness . . . I am experiencing it right now and for the past few weeks. Are you anemic? I think this is due to iron deficiency. I was very anemic 3 months before surgery and I thought the blood transfusion fixed that (since my skin improved a great deal), but now I noitce that my skin loss it lustre and rosy cheeks. . . .so I think I am back to square one again being low, low on iron. You might want to have blood work done to see if this is so. . . let me know if the dizzy spells improve or not, okay. Take care.

    Shauna – try a dry STEAM BATH to see if it help your head cold. Make sure you cover the incision really good, otherwise you will “burn” it. I hope you feel better.

  22. Shauna Says:

    Thanks Guys for all your cold remedies. I’m staying home today while my family is out and about at an amusement park..bummer. I think our immune systems are weak that’s why we’re all getting colds.


    I think that’s so cool that your so into Chinese medicine. You really sparked my interest now. What to you think of Red Clover for TTC? Good luck with the returning to work next week. I still have 2 weeks. From all the coughing that I’ve been doing I’m getting stomach incision pains.


    I think I will take you up on the steam bath thing.

    Ciao Ladies


  23. Peace (2/9) Says:


    Dont’ know much about Red Clover — don’t think that it’s traditional chinese herb. Or I may not get the translation right. Some herbs originated in other countries. I take Milk thirstle extract, and I don’t think that it’s a traditional chinese herb. As far as TTC is concerned, it really depends on whether you and/or your partner have a problem, and what that problem is. I actually only read up on this topic recently. Good luck and I will pop back here once in a while.

  24. Kelly Says:

    I know this has been answered 800 times, but I’m asking again anyway. Lapses are normal, right? I was feeling alright yesterday and the day before, but today, getting achy and sore again. Maybe I did too much, but still, it’s annoying. I go to my first post op visit Monday. Kind of eager for that, gots questions that need answering. My tummy is looking rounder than it used to, probably has alot to do with this “no exercise” thing. Gonna be a tough few more weeks, especially with this insane chocolate craving I’ve been battling since a few days after surgery! How unfair!

  25. Shauna Says:


    You’ll have some set backs here and there. I still have some aches and I’m almost on week 5. I felt like shit today with this darn cold.

    Oh dark chocolate is my favorite. My husband hides all my chocolate from me cuz I’m a chocoalte nut….love it love it.


  26. Sheri Says:

    Aaah, chocolate…the primary composition of the non-fibroid related portion of my muffin top…

  27. fibroid free Says:

    Kelly – yes “lapses” are normal. I put that in quotes beacuase I believe that it is not a lapse we expericence on the Not so good days its just that the healing and recovery process is continuous and we think of a lapse as going backwards or something we did or overdid. You will be healing for a while and its all just part of the normal process. good days, not so good days and “bad” days will come and go.

    cold-ers (LOL) rememebr to keep up that immune system with lots of vitamin C (pills or natural forms) and vitamin E,; increase magnesium as it helps to support nerve healing and growth (for the “dead spot in the tummy”)

    sunday – yeah had some lightheadedness and dizzyness that went along with the exhaustion. Just take it easy. SOmetimes a cold wet washcloth on the back of your neck will help and its just a sigh to SLLLOOOOWWWW DOOOWNNNN Hope you are feeling better. listen to your body it is trying to tell you something. Are you taking iron? I tell ya I felt MORE exhaustion weeks and months after surgery than right after surgery so kep that in mind.

    Kathfrom UK – NOT THE COMB OVER !!LOL I died reading that one…

    Devina – a few tips to help with the lower back pain – yeah got that a few months AFTER surgery too. Your body is compensating for the non-use of the abdominal muscles and your posture is probably a little off (we tend to bend when the abdomen hurts). Here is what I did:

    wore flat shoes
    sit up straight when you do sit or if that hurts lean back with your legs straigt in front of you- and sit often it you can on a pillow to releive the stress on your lower back
    take an anti–imflamatory (mortin, ibuphorin, naproxen or magesium)
    try to strenghten your lower back with of of those big exercise balls you sit on. I have seen them in the stores or on line for about 15-20 bucks (US). I use that everyday..WHEW what a releif. It really strengthens you inner core and will allievate that lower back pain while strengtheing gently your ab’s(without stich riping crunches and sit up which strain your lower back and neck)

  28. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Ladies!

    I’m working on PART 4 of this discussion right now. Wow!

    It should be up within the next hour. I’ll leave a nice clear announcement when it’s time and then close the comments here. I hope to see everyone on the new page. 🙂

  29. EclecticGeek Says:

    The new AM forum is up! Please leave your comments there.

    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 4)


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