A small price to pay for my new freedom

small price to payYes, it’s official. I have some sort of cold. Been dealing with it for a few days. No, I’m not writing this for sympathy. Don’t feel you have to leave comments wishing me well. “The Geek” is fine. It’s a slight cold and highly tolerable. Just sniffles, a cough, some sneezing, and I’m a little achy. Let’s put this into context.

Before treatment, I bled profusely, passed huge clots, was totally anemic, and spent a lot of time at home. As far as germs, I was really only exposed to my husband. I don’t even remember the last time I had a cold…

Well, now (after my fibroid treatments) my health has vastly improved. I can go out into the world. I am free. I am also exposed to more germs. Hence, my cold.

Not feeling my absolute best today but I’m still happy. I am out in the world enough to risk sickness. If an occassional cold is the price I have to pay to live my life and enjoy doing so, what a small fee!

[Edited to add: Just realized that this is my 200th entry. Yay!]


2 Responses to “A small price to pay for my new freedom”

  1. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Enjoy every minute of your cold!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:


    It’s slowing me down today but I’m still smiling. 😎

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