The Mission Statement of my fibroid blog (a study in evolution)

In the process of updating the site, I’ve come up with a working (in flux) Mission Statement that I will add to various pages. The blog requires one so that what I’m trying to accomplish here will be clearer.

I created my blog:

  1. To help women make informed medical decisions.
  2. To present credible web resources.
  3. To talk about the latest fibroid news and research.
  4. To provide a place where all women with fibroids can share their experiences.
  5. To provide a balance of experiences so women can learn and not be afraid.
  6. To frame EVERYTHING in the context of science and have constructive discussions. (Occasionally, pretty funny ones, too!)

I’ll make future modifications as necessary.



4 Responses to “The Mission Statement of my fibroid blog (a study in evolution)”

  1. getjules Says:

    You are doing a fantastic job. I’ve learnt so much from the women (and occasional man) on this blog, and had questions answered that my doctors couldn’t. Hope I have helped others on my journey, as you have helped me on yours! Gold stars for you! It’s been interesting watching your blog develop in the short time since I’ve been b’logging on. Surely there’s a book/documentary in all of this?
    P.S Love the new muffin-top section!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks getjules!

    Oh, yes. You are definitely helping others. When we can all come together and talk about things, we all learn… even about the muffin-top! I really appreciate your words. Perfect timing.

    The blog is evolving. Perhaps, one day there will be a documentary about EclecticGeek skulking around fibroid research labs looking for answers. Hmmm. I could always create a catchy YouTube video.


  3. fibroid free Says:

    when’s the book coming out?? LOL!!

    As always its great to see this site “grow”. Starting blogging (I feel so….ahhh cool and hip when I say that LOL) here in its infancy and wow looks at it now….you must be….so…proud!

    You conintue to do a fabulous job. It KNOW this has got to be a Lot of work..but I appreciate all your geeky efforts…. I enjoy all the forums PLUS the articles and links to fibroid info in general. Nice job very well done!.

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey fibroid free,

    inquisitive geek with fibroid tumors… the book! LOL!!!

    Thanks for your continued support (you geek you). I think somewhere on this site I called you “back in the day” gal or something like that. You mentioned before when we had to talk to each other no matter the procedure because no one else was here. Look at us now!

    I’m proud of the fact that women are able to come together and talk about fibroid stuff. Things aren’t quite as geeky here as I would like right now but nerdier stuff is down the pike!

    Thanks again! 😀

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