If soy contributes to fibroid growth, I’m in trouble…

Ahhh, the controversy of soy. There is evidence to support both arguments. Some scientists feel since it is estrogenic (binds to estrogen receptors), soy would stimulate fibroid growth. Others feel it acts as a weak estrogen. Therefore, soy would bind to the receptors, block your estrogen from binding, and be beneficial.

I’ll talk more about that in a minute but I first wanted to list the 5 forms of soy that can be found in my house right now:

tofu (refrigerated, shelf-stable, and dried)

soy milk

miso paste (white and red)


soy beans (dried)

Yes, I really enjoy soy. My husband thinks there’s something wrong with me because I like the texture of tofu.

Let’s talk a little more about the science since I’m a geek and that’s what I do…

I found a great paper a couple of weeks ago put out by the UK Food Standards Agency . It discusses everything you would ever want to know about soy and phytoestrogens.

UK Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) Phytoestrogen Report

This report of the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) considers the public health implications of exposure to phytoestrogens in the diet. The report was drafted by a specially convened Working Group of the Committee with the following terms of reference:

To advise on the health implications of dietary phytoestrogens through review of published scientific research and the Food Standards Agency’s phytoestrogen research programme.

The paper is pretty long (A few hundred pages. No, I’m not kidding.) but worth digging through if you’re interested in soy. It’s the most complete report I’ve found so far. Definitely, a geek’s dream!

After reviewing the published scientific data, the group concluded that more studies are needed. There is some evidence emerging in these areas but we need more:

  1. Just how is soy digested? What is the role of the gut microflora in the metabolism and bioavailability of phytoestrogens?
  2. How are phytoestrogens absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted (pharmacokinetics)?
  3. What is involved with the receptor interaction? Estrogen receptors are transcription factors so what’s happening when phytoestrogens bind? Which genes are turned on?
  4. What else are phytoestrogens doing in the body besides binding to receptors?

Links if you don’t have time for the long paper:

USDA-Iowa State University Database on the Isoflavone Content of Foods
Pretty neat because it allows you to compare the isoflavone (phytoestrogen) content in various foods.

If that link doesn’t work, you can grab the data table here:
USDA-Iowa State University Database on the Isoflavone Content of Foods, Release 1.3 – 2002

Medline Plus entry for Soy

(Remember you need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. It’s a free download.)

Since there are so many questions, I eat soy. It has not caused me problems and I really like the taste. I’m limiting my meat these days so soy and beans are good substitutes for me. Having said this, because there are still so many questions, I understand being cautious.

Tina gave a soy recommendation on the alternative therapy page. At least now I have a guideline for comparison. The soy discussion started on that page so I must thank Jess and Tina. Soy consumption is a hot topic when it comes to fibroids. Hopefully, scientists will conduct more research in this area.

So, talk to me about soy and fibroids. What are you eating or not eating? Any substitutes for those who want to cut back? I’ve heard almond milk and rice milk are good…


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65 Responses to “If soy contributes to fibroid growth, I’m in trouble…”

  1. peace06 Says:

    I don’t have fibroids or any other condition, so I dont have any personal suggestions for you. But you might really find this site very informative.
    There are loads of articles on soy as well as almost all other foods and health issues including a “women’s health” section.

    • Debi Says:

      Have fibroids for yrs. Was big consumer of soy products, developed fibroids. Stopped consumption, fibroids stopped growing & began to shrink after menopause. If I give in to soy products my fibroids invariably begin to act up & set a hormonal imbalance. I have to stay away!

  2. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    Soy. My mother loves it and swore by it during menopause…she really didn’t have any symptoms at all and thanks soy for that. My aunt avoids soy at all costs because she has a fibroid and thinks eating soy will make it bigger. So…having these people in my life leads me to believe that soy increases estrogen….estrogen = fibroid growth = BAD, right??? I haven’t had a chance to read any of the above articles yet, so I still don’t know if I’m following an old wives’ tale or what??


  3. Amy Says:

    I was drinking soy milk periodically for several months last year. When my period started to change (heavier, more clots, etc), I stopped the soy milk just to see what would happen. I’m not sure if it made much difference, especially since it wasn’t a big factor in my diet.

    However, beginning this year I started exercising a little more and have switched to a nearly all vegetarian diet (periodically eat some fish and chicken.) My last three periods have been quite different; more moderate flow and fewer clots.

    I don’t know if it is the diet or if my hormones are just being nice to me but I’ll continue this approach for now. And I’ll definitely check out the recommended articles. We’re all so different. We just have to see what works for each of us.


  4. Sunday Says:

    I eat a lot of soy products as my husband is a vegetarian. They have just linked eating soy to cancer!! Now that’s just about everything that causes cancer, even breathing!! I love tofu, but as they say everything in moderation and that is my maxim and my helpful, handy hint for the day.

  5. fifi Says:

    you know I often wondered if all the soy milk I consume caused my fibroid growth, I didn’t realise it was something which is actually in discussion, just something I thought of all by my lonesome. My sister in law said actually soy milk doesn’t give you all the phyto eostrogens you get from other soy products. hmm, and I was hoping it would help allay menopause symptoms when it decides to arrive. years ago one woman told me a glass a day stops symptoms.

    Apparently in places like Japan there is no word for menopause.

    Hey Sunday yep, looks like everything causes cancer, don’t breathe anyone.

  6. MARLINDA Says:

    I just start to intensely clean up my diet. Less meats, more fish, vegetables, water, and increasing the soy in my diet. Well, in July my biggest fibroids were measured at 4cm, just recently, through my CAT scan they were measured at 8cm.
    I can’t say that soy has had a direct impact on the increase growth of my fibroids. I also cannot rule it out, I am going to stop consuming soy to see if this changes. Will update you next month.

  7. Holly Says:

    I had a 3.5 pound fibroid surgically removed at the age of 31. Prior to this, I had been the picture of health never having any significant illnesses or ailments. After the surgery, my hormones were a mess so I went to a well respected Naturopath/MD who specializes in women’s reproductive issues. She told me to STOP consuming soy products. That there have been a number of studies that have linked soy consumption with fibroids and other women’s issues. It has been over a year now and I am pleased to say the smaller fibroid my surgeon didn’t remove due to it’s location has shrunk significantly.

    I think our society grabbed hold of the so-called health benefits of soy, but didn’t think about consuming these products in moderation. I mean, I was drinking a grande soy hot chocolate every day. Not to mention all of the edamame, tofu, tempeh, etc etc etc…

    After this experience I can say, without a doubt, that I will never consume soy again. I really don’t believe the benefits outway the risks.

  8. Mimi Says:

    I have 3 fibroids. They were growing rapidly. My doctor said my uterus was the size of a 12 wk pregnancy & recommended a hysterectomy. After starting to drink soy I went back for a followup 6 months later. My doctor told me that the fibroids were stable and no longer growing. In the beginning I did notice more discharge in which the soy could have caused more secretion from the hormonal change. I no longer experience hot flashes & pms as long as I continue to drink the soy milk. Also I notice they feel larger during my period but shrink after it’s over. I do exercise and have been for 21 years. (Run 4 miles on every Saturday) I’ve always heard & have been told by doctors that exercise helps. Have 2 kids, never had fibroid problems during preganancy. The fibroids came later. My mother had an emergency hysterectomy because it was discovered that she had fibroids during a miscarriage procedure. Even though I have fibroids they’ve never caused problems except for one period in my whole life (36 yrs). Sometimes I notice my periods change during the fall and spring months. I say pay attention to your body and notice certain patterns that occur, take your time before considering surgery. Soy has worked for me.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    I am convinced that my fibroid growth is due to Soy protein. In 2002, I discovered that I was hypoglycemic and that I should eat many small meals a day, each with protein. I discovered the beauty of soy protein and ate many of my small meals with soy as a base (protein bars, soy milk etc). After all, soy protein is good for you, right? In 2005, I had a myomectomy where my doctor took out 18 fibroids. I was 34 at the time. Now, exactly 3 years later, I am told that I need to have surgery again. The sonogram showed that I have at least 5 big fibroids, one of them is as large as my uterus. I wish that I had known then that soy could be a factor. I’d encourage women and men to stay away from it. People in the East do not eat it in the quantities that Westerners do. They also eat their soy after it has been processed. I’m very thankful for forums like this. Good luck everyone.

    • Izabel Says:

      Thank you for this post. Am thinking it is very individualized to each woman’s body, but I did a calendaring of the past 7 years of when I increased my consumption of soy and when my fibroid symptoms were at their worst. They were always worse when I was on a soy kick. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry that you had so many fibroids. Mine are not in number, but just in the wrong location.

  10. Brandy Says:

    Elizabeth, it’s frustrating that there is so little knowledge on what causes fibroids and what you can change in your diet to adjust them. I asked my surgeon this post op and he said it’s all just speculation at this point. They do know they are caused by female hormones. I wish we all had a better answer, but I take the stance of everything in moderation. If you are concerned cut back your soy and eat more legumes, beans and spinach. Egg whites. Tons of protein sources out there.

  11. norma Says:

    Great website – Very helpful!

  12. TM Says:

    Great website! I had been basically addicted to soy milk and edamame for roughly 10 years (ages 18-28). Although I’d had a ton of painful ovarian cysts, I’d never had fibroids. When I met and moved in with the man that became my husband at 28, I sadly gave up soy milk for low fat cow’s milk for a couple of years. It was during that time that I stopped consuming so much soy that I developed fibroids. I’ve recently started soy milk again in moderation in the hope that my fibroids may shrink (I clearly subscribe to the Weil biofeedback theory on soy and fibroids). Also, I should note that my mother developed fibroids in her late 30s, and has never had a soy product in her life–she hates the stuff.

  13. Sian Says:

    I have been a vegetarian since I was 12, I’m now 34, so I have eaten heaps of soy in various forms over that time. I had a bad experience with fibroids that led to terrifying blood loss and eventually surgery. Since my last operation things have been fine. I was also worried about soy as I would find it very hard to give it up and I had read that only a small amount in a male diet can cause infertility issues. However, after reading through the above posts the effects of soy on fibroids is clearly inconclusive; some people think it has been beneficial and others don’t. The only way to deal will it all sensibly is be slim, fit, and take every food type in moderation.

  14. Terry Lindsay Says:

    Does soy cause fibroids or not.
    What can we do to decrease fibroids? Please help.
    My Doc said that once you go into menopause, the fibroids shrink. I am wondering if cherry juice would shrink fibroids? It is known to decrease inflamation..
    I need some real answers…
    Does anyone know what will decrease fibroids except waiting for menopause.
    I drink soy milk and eat some soy mean products..
    I would think meat would cause fibroids to become larger as the animals are shot with hormones and then we eat the mean and then that causes fibroids to become larger..
    My doc said that hormones such as Kariva or hormone patches cause fibroids to enlarge..
    I have stopped all hormone therapy..
    now what…. help

    • Izabel Says:


      There are no real answers to this phenomenon. It is a state of be as healthy as you can and find what works for your body. Mine is eating what makes me feel good in a raw and vegetarian day to day routine, but I do not make it a hastle with friends when we go out or I have a meal at their home. I feel that mind of matter and the belief that I will have a smooth and easy future is the only way to change your body.

      BTW, I have been to the ER stuffed with morphine, have been hemorrhaging for 21 days with the only outcome being a hysterectomy which I will not do for spiritual and physical reasons. The one thing that stopped my 21 days was meditating, chanting and eating only organic.

      It has been a year since you posted, but I hope you are doing well. I no longer have extreme difficulties, but I have occasional extreme periods.

      Faith, laughter, friendships and believing that I have no difficulties is the best medicine.

  15. Terry Lindsay Says:

    Honestly, I think a vegan diet must be the answer.

  16. Terry Lindsay Says:

    Email me if anyone has any suggestions on how to slow down the fibroids naturally.

    • Rod Says:

      YEs, you can help reduce fibroids and maybe completely remove them from your body. A fibroid grows in acidic environments. If you remove the environment, it dies. It’s that simple. I have seen this work. You have to change your sugars, salts, and the type of water you drink. Increase the pH level of your body to a more alkaline state and the acid waste will be transported out of your body. Once you’ve done that, the environment in your body is PRO-life instead of Anti…stay away from processed foods as much as you can as well.

      • Amy Says:

        So many people talk about reducing or eliminating fibroids naturally, I’ve become extremely skeptical of claims like this that don’t give any real references.

        It would be great if you could tell us how you know:
        – that fibroids grow in acidic environments, and
        – that removing the acidic environment kills them.

        If this is really true, it could help many, many women.
        As you say you have seen this work, please tell us more, like:
        – more details about what women need to do,
        – what exactly happens to them?
        – how was it determined that the fibroids died?
        – how many women have been able to do this?
        – how long does it take to kill the fibroids?
        – does it work with all sized fibroids?

    • Aliya Says:

      I suggest you take more green leafy vegtables and fruits(mangosteen is great for fibroids shrinking as i have researched in internet), avoid sugar,salty,oily, fatty food, dairy food,take organic supplements,Red meat is number no-no food for people who have fibroids…EXERCISE DAILY…and best of all while making yourself HEALTHY…think of GOD, thank GOD, and always ask GOD for guidance and good health..God is the only owner of our lives and only creator..

      GOD is most merciful and most beneficent…FAITH IN GOD IS THE BEST !!!

  17. Cheryl Slater Says:

    I think soy causes the fibroids to grow, because I was on herbal lfe taking this vanilla soy mix it really messed me up. Now I eat everything organic, things has change for the better.

  18. Cheryl Slater Says:

    Eat everything Organic

  19. kristin Says:

    I’m 42 years old with 2 kids. Why did I just google “soy and fibroids?” Well, I had my pap smear yesterday. It’s been exactly one year since my last pap and my uterus has is pulling to the side due to “fibroid tumors” that were palpable to the doctor.

    What has changed over the last year? I went on a fitness plan that required me to drink up to 3 SOY protein shakes a day. Prior to this year I did not eat a lot of soy products.

    I’m now going back this morning to get the ultrasound to measure these growths.

    There has to be a link!

  20. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you all for giving your honest opinion about soy. I will avoid this product in the future.

  21. Margaret Says:

    I am 54 and postmenopausal (so says my doc) and have 5 fibroids that grew pretty quickly in the last year-and-a-half or two. I had a myomectomy in 1998 for very large fibroids, and have been waiting for menopause to be over figuring that would end the risk of re-growth. Well, now according to my doc (and apparently my body), “not necessarily”. So now I’ve been bleeding for 39 days straight (we’ve ruled out cancer), and my doctor isn’t considering anything other than hysterectomy. I’m not ready to give up my uterus. I’ve managed to keep it this long, and still consider it to have value to me.

    So if my hormone levels are so low that he can definitively say I’m done with menopause, and they’re not shrinking, I figure there must be a reason. I’m looking at soy, and also plastics. I’ve been increasing my soy isoflavones over the last couple of years because of the hot flashes and I also eat tofu. I’m not happy about it, but I’m giving them up and we’ll see what happens.

    I’d really appreciate any other info or suggestions anyone else has.

    • Izabel Says:


      Hopefully you still get this reply after so many months. Would love to here if the soy helped or hindered.

      I also had multiple weeks of hemorrhaging a year ago and when I went back on soy I started having difficulties.

      Good luck!

    • mel Says:

      Hi Margaret, I was reading your comment about bleeding for 39 days. Are you still bleeding now?
      Can you tell me what stages your doing in your life??
      Its just that I share my story to you after you email me.

  22. Natalie Says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I’m sorry you’re going through this too. Just curious as to what sort of value your uterus has at this stage in your life. In my opinion it has become nothing but trouble. And to be honest, despite what Doctors say, personally, I don’t believe the fibroids ever shrink. I started noticing after a while that there are lots of older women out there that are not overweight in any way, except for having a belly. I believe that is from fibroids that were never removed. The women I’m talking about are in their 70’s or so, and I’m sure well past menopause. I’m counting the days (months) until I can afford to have a hysterectomy. I realize there are cons with the procedure, but I will be happy to deal with them, as long as I don’t have to deal with these little monsters anymore, that are moving my organs all about, and having periods every month out of the blue, after not having had any in almost a year.
    Not that I’ve never had soy, but I haven’t had any soy in a very long time, and I’m still going through the same sort of things that you are. I’ve had these darn tumors for at least 4 yrs. In the last 2 yrs they have grown in leaps and bounds. I’m not sure if any of this has been helpful, I was just curious why you would hang on to your uterus if you have the option of ending the misery.

    • Izabel Says:


      Did you finally get the Hysterectomy? My mom says to end the misery too, but I feel that my female organs were given to me as part of my being. Have used meditation, chanting, mind of over matter, yoga and positive thinking to create more balance with my female predicaments.

      Part of me wants it to just all go away, but I believe that I will add more unknowns that are just as harmful and I was born with these innards.

      Hopefully you still will receive this update as it has been several months.

  23. Amy Says:

    Hi Margaret,
    Check out the following thread:
    I had my EA back in ’06 and it’s worked wonders as far at the bleeding goes – you can read some of my posts there and elsewhere as well.

    Natalie, I’ve also noticed the older women with bellies who aren’t otherwise fat and I’ve also wondered if they had fibroids or the bellies were due to c-sections or lots of babies or what!! That said, while I do wish I didn’t have fibroids and am still hoping to get mine out, I am not ready to have a hysterectomy and am going to keep that as a last resort.

    I’m not particularly scared of surgery, but would rather keep everything in there that originally was there… *Admittedly* I don’t recall all anatomical details, but it is my understanding and it makes sense to me, that the connective tissue between the different organs helps to keep everything in place, hold other organs up etc. For example, if I recall correctly, there are ligaments or some other kind of tissue between the uterus and the bladder which helps to keep the bladder in the right position and once you cut out the uterus there is less to hold it up and in place and some women have had problems with prolapsed bladders after hysterectomies and urine leakage. Admittedly, I think for the most part, doctors are doing the surgery differently now to prevent that from happening, but hey, if I can get the fibroids out without taking the uterus with it, I’d rather do that! I also had a friend who has suffered *greatly* from nerve damage caused during her hysterectomy – she literally has never been the same due to the pain she is in daily. Not only that, but her rectum was punctured during the procedure and it wasn’t discovered right away! (And this was a doctor with a good reputation in the SF Bay Area… not a doc in a small hospital in the middle of nowhere.)

    Yes, there are plenty of successful procedures that take place everyday, but there are also mistakes and I would rather not do something quite as drastic unless I have no other option.

    • Rose Says:


      You’re post is why I’m trying to live with my large fibroid. I suffered greatly from nerve damage due to the exablate focused ultrasound procedures, and like your friend, my life has not been the same since, and it’s been 2.5 years. I still suffer from physical limitations and pain like sensations. Really, because of the focused ultraound, my only options are hysterectomy or abdominal myomectomy, but I just can’t afford another disaster.

      • Christina Says:

        Hi Rose,
        Where did you get your ultrasound ablation procedure? I’m wondering b/c I’m scheduled for one on Thursday. I realize that there is a risk of nerve damage. Since I’m in a study, the people running the study are required to give me all the information they have. None of the participants have suffered from nerve damage…so far. What you said concerns me.

        Thanks for your info.

  24. Kim Says:

    As I just had been reading an article on 100-year olds and their lifestyle, it includes consuming soy products, I just had to check the info again on soy and fibroids. The answer is not obvious I see. So I am just going to continue to avoid eating soy products on a regular basis.
    About the bloated bellies, I did find a remedy that helps me: put 1 spoon of unsulphered black strap molasses in a glass of hot water, and drink on empty stomach in the morning. It has made a difference for me. When the fibroids were discovered I was taking anti-coagulants and that made me even more bloated and increased the hemoraging. I felt better within a week of taking blackstrap molasses.

  25. Aja Says:

    Hi Kim,
    The answer on soy isn’t clear at all but I have noticed that when I eat tofu my abdomen gets puffy and my uterus weeps a light pink. I suspect that once I am past menopause I may rather enjoy having soy when I no longer have estrogen running about my body in such abundance, but until that happens I am trying to avoid it. I still use soy sauce because the fermented and much more dilute form doesn’t cause the same effects.

  26. Amy Says:


    WordPress tell’s me the blog has been fixed!!!

    I’ve asked if it was an actual malfunction or the domain mapping wasn’t paid up or whatever…. and will continue to follow through on this is just in case.

    I really hope the whole thing is working again and all the regulars come back!

    (for those who get all the comments emailed to them, sorry for all the repeat posts, but I want the message to get through to everyone!)

  27. SymphonyinD Says:

    2 1/2 weeks post AM. Hobbling downstairs now to pour my Silk down the drain. Thanks for the info on soy, Ladies. I’m so sick of fibroids, I don’t want them EVER to grow back!

  28. SymphonyinD Says:

    …but what should I drink in leiu of my Silk? Milk contains hormones and makes me stuffy.

  29. Beti Says:

    Just a comment about the issue with soy. I never consumed soy products, and I have fibroids. remember that some of the comments about the possible effects of the estrogen like compounds in some vegetables is not based on strict scientific research, sometimes it is proposed but not completely proven (the human body is too complex to have a good research performed to determine the effect of just one specific food in our diets). The best advice, be moderated in what you consume, and check yourself what consequences come after you consume a specific food. Regarding milk, the most likely cause of bloatiness is just lactose intolerance.
    good luck!

    • Holli Says:

      You never consume soy products? It is almost impossible these days. I just read Best Foods mayonnaise – first ingredient is soybean oil! Energy bars are loaded with soy too. Almost all commercial breads and crackers contain soybean oil. So frustrating …… Chocolate, pizza, pancake mixes, cake mixes, all fast and processed foods…. it’s everywhere now with the unhealthy “unfermented” processing. Keep a lookout on the ingredients and beware if it has: soybean oil, soy flour, soy lechitin, or soy protein isolate. Even some soy sauces have the unfermented soy. Fermented soy is great for you, but unfortunately, the west mostly consumes the unfermented versions.

      It’s so hard to think we are getting soy in moderation when it is in just about everything we eat! No wonder we’re a mess these days. Eat organic – no GMO!

  30. Lennette 22 Says:

    Everyone we can us Scientific Method (Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment and Theory) to figure out if it is true run test many and come up with the theory that is best for you.
    An alternative to Soy while it is debated is purchase Almond Milk with no Soy ingredients or Coconut, Goat or Rice Milk. Fibroids are terrible sack that have no place in the body and one does not need to feed them, they need to be dissolved. When in doubt simply do not buy it and become your own Scientist.

  31. tracy Says:

    for Terry Lindsay, et al: I’m very surprised to see nobody has brought up acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in this forum. TCM sees fibroids and ovarian cysts as stemming from the same root imbalance. I have had a fibroid for years, have been vegan for two years, and it has since shrunk to less than half its size. In TCM these issues are seen as coming from an excess of phlegm or ‘dampness’ and we all know dairy causes phlegm. The jury may still be out on soy, but you can quit dairy (and meat, if you eat it, which is loaded with hormones) in the meantime. Good luck to you. Oh, and go see an acupuncturist: they can cure fibroids and cysts without surgery.

  32. Lisa Says:

    I had a myomectomy 6 weeks a and had 3 fibroids removed. I believe there is a link with Soya.

    I started to drink Soya Milk in 2006 for the first time, I am lactoise intolerant and was told that this was a good alternative to cows milk. I had no experience of Fibroids prior to this and my period was ‘normal’ not too heavy 4 days long.

    In 2007 I had a kidney infection, whilst scanning my kidney I jokingly ask if they could have a quick look at my womb to make sure everything was ok. He said I had Fibroids.

    I continued to drink soya milk as I hadn’t heard of any links,. I tried to conceive for 2 years and last year I had a miscarriage and was told my fibroids had doubled in size since 2007 and it was best to have them removed.

    Since my surgery I found out about the possible links to soya and I am never going to drink it again, Lactouse free/organic cows milk is all I will use from now on, as its not worth the risk and i think there is a link.

  33. Cindy Says:

    Two months ago I was found to have a fibroid approx 7.5cm x 6.5cm. I have been vegan and loving soy products for about twenty years so I don’t think I can blame soy, but I did give up smoking 6 months ago so it must be that! My 19 year old son who has been vegan his whole life and was practically raised on fortified soy milk and weet-bix has been incredibly healthy. About six months ago he switched from soy to rice milk and now he has got chilblains this winter – go figure. Seriously, correlation is not causation – I think we should keep an eye on the studies, pay attention to who pays for the study. For example is it funded by the dairy industry or an independent enquirer. Moderation is usually a good thing. Have a little soy – try a little rice milk too. Heed trusted sources, not gossip, think logically and good luck girls 🙂

  34. fav Says:

    ladies, i do not think that soy milk can cause fibroid. i am 36 now, diagonised of two fibroids this year though i noticed the lump lat year 2009, prior to then, i have never taken soy product, but i took lots of powdered cow milk. i was told that dairy products etc are estrogen booster, i have stoped all animal based food, i decided to try soy milk instead, now this controversy. i believe as they say, age is a cause couple with high saturated fat, accoding to advices, be moderate in all you do, be positive and pray to God. good luck all.

  35. gaj Says:

    Hi ladies,

    I was diagnosed w 2 small fibroids, 1.5cm and 1 cm in 2009, one dr. wanted immediate surgery- all paid from my pock as she didnt accept any kind of insurance- I got 2nd opinion, another ob-gyn in same practice who did take insurance encouraged a wait and see approach. Now in late 2011 have been having irregular periods, last 3 kinda strange, 15 day cycle, then 18 days and 15 day cycle. Have been doing lots of international travel, normal for me, increased stress- beyond ‘normal’. I have significantly increased organic soy milk consumption in last 1.5 months and now wonder if there is a connection for me. Also breasts have felt sore over same time as if period is about to begin. Read about apple cider vinegar treatment for fibroids, just started tonight and no soy milk/products till I figure this out. Periods had been regular all my life- early-mid 40’s no children, cycle was every 24-27days.

  36. gaj Says:

    Also interesting reading
    wishing good health and blessings to all

  37. Jessica Bessette Says:

    Old thread, but I found it! I have definitely noticed a clear correlation between consuming soy products (even in the tiny, hidden amounts, like processed crackers and bread, in lecithin or oil form, among others) and the growth of my fibroids. My entire body feels out of whack when I am not completely avoiding all forms of soy. Even when a small amount enters my body, I feel a tremendous amount of effort on the part of my body to fight off illness. My hair and skin have never been worse than when I purposely ate soy mac and cheese for a few days straight, I was bloated and tired and sore and my chest hurt, and my fibroids were noticeably painful. It took a while to recover from that bout, and I’ll never do that again. After being “clean of soy” for a while, I start to notice the overabundance of estrogen that swells through me and leaves me feeling less healthy when I eat soy or dairy or meat that’s not hormone-free. I hope this helps someone else. Eliminating dairy and meat (which contain tons of growth hormones) is helpful, too, of course, and recommended.
    peace and health,

  38. Sharon Says:

    I once bled for three months straight because of my fibroids. I found that eliminating all unfermented soy from my diet helped tremendously. Even if you think you are not consuming soy, you could be because soy is in almost all processed foods…read each label carefully.

  39. Jenny Says:

    Let me tell you about my fibroid experience. I started eating soy products regularly back in 2004 when I started the Adkins diet. Before I started eating soy, I barely had a cramp during my periods. Suddenly, I was having massively painful periods every month. I thought maybe it was because I was getting older. Flash forward to 2011…I had been eating soy products non-stop for seven years. The end of 2010, I started getting painful numbness in my left arm and left leg right before my period. I couldn’t take it anymore. i went to my doctor….she told me I had fibroids and I needed to stop eating so much soy. Well, in January 2011, I stopped eating tofu all together because I used to eat tofu morning, noon and night. Guess what? When my period came along the next month suddenly my cramps lessened. The next month? No cramps at all. Was this for real? All this time it was because I was eating too much soy? Well I did another experiment last month. A week or two before my period I had edamamas for snacks everyday for two weeks. When my period came long…oh the cramps came back! Not as severe, but still painful. Now I will not be any ANY soy products at all.

  40. nuning Says:

    I got myomectomy in 1998 and 2004. There were several fibroids, the biggest was 13cm in 2004. Both surgery was done due to the fibroids location that cause constipation, there were no symptomps. I’ve never got any pain during my periods. Both surgeries was well planned and was done during my annual leave. Two weeks ago, I got another surgery. It was sudden and unplanned. Surgery was suggessted not because of the appearance of fibroids but because they found a 9cm chocolate cyst in my left ovarium and 7cm fibroids through USG image. Considering its size, one doctor suggested hysterecromy urgently, so I went to another doctor who is able to save my female organ. Then my stomach explored, but they didn’t find any cyst, both ovarium are healthy. They said they’ve found pseudocyst and at the same time taken several small fibroids (max 4,5cm). Based on this experience I suggest not too worry with the bad result of USG image. The most important thing to be manage is the stress level. I noticed that my three surgeries was triggerred by personal problems and tears. Ensure that you’re surrounded by people who loves you. Stay away from any kind of problem that causing tears. I can feel that my female organ is the second heart. When I surprised or fear, there is uncomfort sensation in my heart then it will beat faster but before that happened, this uncomfort sensation attack this female body part. Only one second but I am sure it triggerred something inside it. Just ensure that you are emotionally healthy and happy all the times. I wonder if somebody could share about the connection of sexual activities with the growth of fibroids. I am quite sure that a healthy regular sexual activity helps.

  41. R Says:

    I find quite difficult to discuss this topic because it seems in most comments I read soy is rounded up in one big pile. Everything that says soy is soy, food or bad. So far I have done little research on it but one of the first things I have learned is that there is soy, and soy! What I mean with that?!? Most of us consume over processed soy, like in all soy milk available in the market today, or soy bars, soy burgers. All of those are said to be over processed and not good for us!! Now the soy Asian women usually consume, are not (over processed) and would be the good kind! The ones that have the ability to balance estrogen levels, etc.
    found in condents and other kinds of food I don’t remember the name. And it also seems to have a research out there saying Asian women are less likely to need surgery then their counterparts in Washington state.

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  43. jrg Says:

    Are you guys eating organic, nonGMO soy and tofu? Some GMOs are dangerous to rats’ uterus in studies. Also, you have to lose weight. Estrogen is produced by body fat, too.

    • jess Says:

      most soy is gmo these days. I weigh 98 pounds, so my weight is not the issue. broccoli is an estrogen uptake inhibitor, so increasing your broccoli consumption can help offset too much estrogen. my periods are so much more manageable when I’m completely soy-free. anyone claiming to be soy-free must be eating NO processed foods, because soybean oil is in almost all of them. I am extremely sensitive to soybean oil even in trace amounts. luckily tgere are options like coconut milk, daiya cheese, earth balance, etc.

      • Leesa Says:

        I started drinking soya about 2006 had no problems before then, 2010 had 2 massive fibriods removed that grew between 2007 and 2010. I haven’t used any soya products since 2010 and remain fibroid free (had a scan last month) so personally I think the soya caused the fibriods. I have no proof but just personal experience.

  44. jrg Says:

    I avoid soy and flax, mostly. when i do eat them it’s organic. read food labels and avoid foods that contain them. it’s best to eat only organic foods. i supplement with 8,000 mg of vitamin d, 1 magnesium pill daily, and fiber supplements and mine have started shrinking noticeably and my periods are almost completely asymptomatic! Eat many vegetables, avoid sugar, refined and bleached foods, DEFINITELY AVOID SALT, and do exercise and rest adequately. I drink green tea 3xs per day (decaf, organic, steeped dark). take care

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