Problems posting comments on my fibroid blog?

I’m actually having problems adding comments to my own blog. After repeatedly submitting them, the comments disappear into some weird blogging “black hole” only to reappear several hours later labeled as spam. My blog considers my comments junk but I’m not taking it personally. Started noticing this phenomenon recently. Seems to be a temporary glitch so I’m not too concerned.

I do apologize if you are experiencing some difficulty posting comments.

Let me know so I can do what I can to help! 😎

2 Responses to “Problems posting comments on my fibroid blog?”

  1. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Hey Eclectic: That does happen to me every once in a while, but I just think it’s because your blog hasn’t gotten HUGE! Which, kudos to you, girlfriend! I miss your posts, though. However, because my computer knowledge is limited to turning it on and turning it off, I have no idea what to tell you!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey Aly!

    Thanks for your support. Yeah, the blog is getting huge. Who would have “thunk” it was possible? Seems like the comment problem has cleared up but now I’m having a couple of other technical glitches. It’s always something but I’m enjoying it all.

    I’ll try my best to get around and respond more. Take care. 🙂

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