Geek’s 2007 SIR Abstract Report 3: Pregnancy after MRgFUS for Uterine Fibroids – First Experiences

This is the third installment of my geeky science series on the abstracts and posters presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s 32nd annual Scientific Meeting held March 1 – March 6, 2007.

Pregnancy after MRgFUS for Uterine Fibroids: First Experiences

S.A. Hengst, Charite, Berlin, Germany · A. Beck · R. Felix

The authors presented their first experience with pregnancies after MR-guided focused ultrasound surgery (MRgFUS). MRgFUS is an incisionless treatment.

39 uterine fibroid patients (from the hospital of the authors) desiring pregnancy were included in a multicenter study. Patients were tested for normal ovarian function prior to MRgFUS treatment.

Results and Conclusions:
5 pregnancies in 4 women 1-14 months post-MRgFUS: 3 full term, 1 artificial abortion, and 1 miscarriage.

There was no significant correlation between size or location of the fibroid and pregnancy. First results for a small number of patients indicate that MRgFUS is a safe treatment option for patients of child-bearing age suffering from uterine fibroids.

What’s the significance?

Since many women dealing with uterine fibroid tumors are still of child-bearing age, trials demonstrating full-term pregnancies are important. A successful non-invasive treatment that allows a woman to retain fertility would be a much welcomed additional option.

To view the abstract as it was presented at the meeting, visit this Abstract Presentation page and click Uterine Fibroid: Outcomes. There you will find a list of several abstracts including this one.

For more information:
Giving Fibroids the Heat (TIME magazine article)
MRgFUS – Non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroid tumors
ExAblate 2000 MRgFUS system
ExAblate 2000 treatment centers in the US and abroad

Let’s hear your questions or thoughts on this abstract –
Pregnancy after MRgFUS for Uterine Fibroids: First Experiences.


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