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My blog is a place for in-depth discussion, support, and a few laughs. I will not permit the bad online behavior I’ve witnessed elsewhere to rear its ugly head here. If you do not understand or cannot deal with my position or my mission statement, I humbly ask that you move on. The Internet is huge and there are plenty of other places for you to visit and comment.

Please review the Terms of Use for this site.

This is my weblog (blog) filled with my observations, questions, and answers that I’ve come across during my fibroid journey. I also present fibroid-related news and research. It is not a message board or chat room. It is my blog. I am pretty liberal when it comes to what I allow here and I encourage discussion but this is not a democracy. You DO NOT have the right to post anything and everything on my blog.

Read these rules before commenting:

  1. I have the right to edit or delete any of the content here at any time including your comments without explanation. I do, however, extend the courtesy of making a notation should I edit a comment. You’ll see [Edited by EclecticGeek]. I think this is only fair considering you are being gracious enough to share.
  2. I do not endorse links posted by visitors unless otherwise noted. I just don’t have time to evaluate everything that people post here. Visit and use this information at your own risk.
  3. I have the right to question what you post. This is mostly to those few who travel around the Internet posting misinformation about fibroids and treatments.
  4. If you decide to post your email address: This blog is public. ANYONE with Internet access can view it. I would prefer that you not post them but if you must, type the address out (yourname AT whatever DOT com or something similar). This will provide some protection against spam flooding your inbox.
  5. Please be mindful of your language. I realize that we are all going through tough moments but we are adults and should be able to express our emotions while keeping the colorful language to a minimum.
  6. Don’t worry about typos. It’s surprising how many people find this site because they misspelled something in a search engine and the same misspelled word guided them here.
  7. Be supportive of all who come here. We have visitors who had or are considering all treatment options. Just because you wouldn’t choose something, don’t take it off the table for another woman. Thank you!
  8. Don’t come here just to vent. We all have bad days. I don’t have a problem with your need to express that but my blog is not your personal “vent-fest”. I’m not doing this to spread fear and bad vibes.
  9. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  10. Try to at least skim through some of the previous comments before posting. This will be difficult for some of the longer pages and sometimes help is needed right away so I’ll be flexible with this one.
  11. Become familiar with the site. Visit other pages. There’s a lot of information here on fibroids, symptoms, and treatment options. Plus, the discussion you seek is probably taking place somewhere else on this site.
  12. If comments are closed where you want to post: Leave a comment on the Forum page. I’ll open the comments again or direct you to a page where you can post.
  13. Remember that I am a geek and this is a SCIENCE-based site. Please don’t post about “magic” fibroid pills. I will only discuss alternative treatments if you present or I can find scholarly information. The commercial site that sells the product is NOT scholarly information.
  14. Submitting a comment is not a promise of publication. Please see rule #1.
  15. Comments will remain published, will be edited, or will be removed at my discretion. Please see rule #1.

To leave a comment:

  1. Type in your name. Nicknames are fine. Be as creative as you like. (Required)
  2. Type in your email address. This will NOT be visible to the public. (Required)
  3. If you have a web site, web page, blog, etc., you can add that. Your site will become an active link attached to your name when you post here. If you don’t have a site, please leave it blank. (Optional)
  4. Type your thoughts, questions, concerns into the box.
  5. Submit your comment.

If you believe you have followed the guidelines but your comment does not appear, don’t panic. I have safeguards in place to protect this site against spam. Sometimes the protection catches legitimate comments (even my own). Try again or send me an email message through the Contact page.

Thanks! I look forward to reading what’s on your mind. 🙂

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