Looking for a little help in dealing with your dang uterine fibroids?

I am EclecticGeek and started this blog to present science-based uterine fibroid information. Being a geek, I’m very much interested in the science and research behind various topics. Existing with fibroids, I decided to apply my curiosity (nosiness) to this issue. Yes, asking questions and getting answers. Thus, Geek with Fibroids ™ was born.

I thought I would be here happily blogging and basically talking to myself but people started leaving comments. Many comments. Then, they started talking to each other. People from ALL over the world continue to come here and communicate. Actual forum conversations.

What’s with all the different pages?

Here is an explanation of the various pages and ways to find my specific entries that interest you:

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I do realize that my blog is not for everyone. I don’t have a problem with that. I am not here to make friends but to help women dealing with these dang uterine fibroids through education. I will step on toes at times but it’s for the benefit of all. I hope you choose to join me.


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