When science is widely seen as an integral part of what makes us human, our own connection to the cosmos will be significantly strengthened; truly, science is the thread that weaves us all into the fabric of reality.

Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe)


The Brain

Me? Exceedingly inquisitive. Even as a young geek (AKA geekling), “why” was a favorite word. In my opinion, this has always been a good thing. My background includes Biology and Biotechnology with an extreme interest in Genetic Medicine and Pharmacology. Nope, not a doctor. Just an odd patient. After crawling into a doctor’s office with severe symptoms from my uterine fibroid tumors, I decided to ask a lot of questions, find answers, and blog about it. I hope you find my observations both interesting and useful.

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Wondering about that “taking over the world” reference listed in EclecticGeek’s Master Plan?
I love cartoons. One of my favorites is “Pinky & The Brain“. The Brain constantly schemes to achieve world domination. I just had to refer to it here.

Still want to know more about me? Keep reading.

I turned 40 in 2006. Not long after turning 30, my periods became outrageous. Heavy bleeding and bad cramps. Explained to my Gynecologist that because of family history, my problems were probably fibroid-related. Too bad they could not be detected by ultrasound at that point. Doctor wouldn’t listen so I walked away figuring I could deal with it on my own. So, for YEARS, I dealt with it.

Of course, the symptoms worsened and after passing enormous clots, I thought I should seek medical assistance. Got another ultrasound in 2004 and (surprise, surprise) fibroids were detected. I was so angry from being right that, once again, I walked away even though my new doctor was really trying to help. Yes, I can be stubborn and crazy sometimes. Continued to cope until I felt so weak and sick that I crawled back into my doctor’s office at the end of 2005. Anemia? Oh, yes! Hemoglobin was 6.7. I was put on iron supplements and sent to a Gynecologist. At that point, I knew the fibroids had to go. They were producing such severe blood loss that I was now non-functional.

I am so fortunate to have great doctors. We came up with a plan and I really mean we. I wanted the Uterine Fibroid Embolization procedure but had a couple of fibroids that would possibly cause problems. They were submucosal and produced a risk of infection post-UFE if they died and detached but did not pass from my body. That’s why I needed a Hysteroscopic Myomectomy first. The fibroids were on the inside so my Gynecologist used the opening nature created. No additional holes were necessary. He just shaved down those fibroids (~60-70%) using the Versapoint system.

My anemia was so bad that I couldn’t have the surgery until it improved. I was put on Lupron and Chromagen® Forte iron pills before the myomectomy to help. So, three months of Lupron shots + iron supplements (February, March, April 2006), one Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (June 7, 2006), and one UFE (July 18, 2006) later, I really do feel great.

The catalyst for me was realizing I could no longer function with the fibroids. They were impacting me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was just too high a price to continue to pay. I felt faint and weak all day long every single day. I knew I had to do something to move forward and I definitely could not go back. I gathered information, weighed the options, and embraced a decision. It was not always easy but I do not regret any choice I made to improve my state of being. I have not felt this healthy (physically, mentally, and spiritually) in years. It is wonderful!


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107 Responses to “About”

  1. Barbara Stone Says:

    Hello Geek With Fibroids ,
    A Free Information Packet for doctors about non-invasive uterine fibroids treatment using MR-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) is available here:
    The Free Information Packet includes
    • A physicians guide for the non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids
    • A patient pamphlet for the non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids
    Doctors can download the free information packets for doctors directly or request to receive printed pamphlets by mail.
    Let me know what you think,
    Barbara Stone

  2. Amy Says:

    Okay I feel like I am reading about myself. I have always had heavy, painful periods, requiring 6 advil every 4-6 hours without much relief…but in the last few months I started having HUGE clots and bled continuously for hours (while I was at a work holiday party!). I finally got my MD to do an US…and was told, “yep, you have fibroids, the new pill (Lo ovral) you started should help.” I have now given this new pill 3 full months to be the miracle cure I was hoping for and this past week I am still passing HUGE clots, am tired, bloated and in pain. I am over this. I do wonder what my hct is.

  3. In Rat Model Vitamin D Shrinks Fibroid Tumors | Park Baby Says:

    […] Park Baby © 2012 Park Baby MediLexicon International LtdAbout […]

  4. 73711 Says:

    May I just say that after finding About | inquisitive geek with fibroid tumors ™ blog on Contao,
    what a relief to uncover a person who finally knows what they’re writing about when it comes to this. You seriously grasp how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people need to have a look at this and understand this perspective. I can’t
    believe you’re not more widespread, since you most truly have the gift.

  5. Mary Says:

    The website seems to be down. The links are not working. Please check to see what I mean. The left links all go to a page that seems to show that the page is down.

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