Memories directly after my myomectomy

Good grief. The general anesthesia made me feel like crap. I opened my eyes and saw my doctor standing at the foot of the bed. His lips were moving but I couldn’t hear anything. My mind and body were fighting to stay in reality but the anesthesia kept pulling me back. It reminded me of a protagonist in some horror flick struggling to get out of a hole but a long tentacle just wouldn’t let go. So, this was my brain on drugs. Didn’t like it.

Opened my eyes again and this time saw a nurse. I think I asked her about the commemorative photo my doctor promised but I felt so sick that I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep (voluntarily – no tentacle involved).

The next time I opened my eyes, I stayed awake. I felt so nauseated. You would think I had left some wild carnival ride gone awry. I did like the graham cracker and ginger ale part. Was a real party for about 8 minutes and then I felt sick again.

Started to get dressed and noticed the blood. Really not that much. Just enough to remember why I was there in the first place. No pain from the surgery but my stomach. Ugh.


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5 Responses to “Memories directly after my myomectomy”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I am getting very nervous now. I have never been under a general before except to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I feel bad whining about this here as abdominal myos are much more extensive.

    I go in on January 10th for a vaginal resection. Only been on Lupron for 5 weeks prior to surgery and just stopped bleeding a few days ago so I wonder how much this fibroid shrunk?

    I have not been requested to come in for any pre-op. Just fast – no food from the night before on.

    Electic Geek: Were your fibroids too large to remove via resection?

    I also am having an endometrial ablation but wondering if I should not have that done and just simply remove the fibroid? See if that alone stops my heavy menses? They say it can be tricky to have both procedures done at once as they have to fill you up with some fluid and your body can only absorb so much and then it is dangerous.

    I understand after ablation it is hard to detect any pre cancer in the lining?

    I go in for a blood test tomorrow to see where I am at as my hemoglobin was at 81 two weeks ago and normal is 115. Gyno said that she woud not operate if it was 80 or below but I have been taking mega doses of a liquid iron and my bleeding has been tapering off to just spotting this pas week.

    How long does this procedure generally take?

    I know my blood pessure will rise en route to the hospital. What a wimp I have turned out to be in my 40’s I used to be such a tough cookie.

    I have been watching and waiting for the last 4 years and now finally I am doing something about it. Wished I wouldn’t have watched for this long as I probably could have avoided the Lupron.


  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I had never been under general anesthesia. That’s one of the reasons why I originally wanted a UFE. When I found out I had to have the resection first and would be knocked out completely for the procedure, my face looked like this – 😯 so I was also nervous beforehand. Please see:
    No longer freaking out over my fibroid surgery tomorrow
    Memories before my myomectomy
    Does anyone have a hysteroscopy experience to share?

    What helped me was learning all I could about the procedure. Then by the night before, I stopped allowing my mind to focus on what would be done to my body. I let my spirit take over and walked on faith that it was being done to improve my health and everything would work out in the end.

    My treatment plan:
    I had several fibroids including a subserosal one growing on the outside attached to a stalk. When my GYN discussed my treatment options, I picked UFE to hopefully take care of all of them. The Interventional Radiologist was concerned about a couple of submucosal fibroids and consulted with my GYN on the best way to handle the problem. That’s why I needed the Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (vaginal resection) to shave down those two. Had to take Lupron + industrial-strength iron pills to get my blood level up for the HM. So…

    3 months of Lupron (Feb. – April 2006)
    Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (June 2006)
    Uterine Fibroid Embolization (July 2006)

    For me, fibroid location was more of a determining factor for my treatment than size.

    Not sure about the ablation but with my resection, a physiological saline solution was used. My doctor assured me that the risk of fluid overload would be minimal. Not quite sure why you are so concerned about endometrial cancer. Are you at high risk for this? You should talk to your doctor if it’s a concern. You have to weigh risks vs. benefits for ANY treatment. There is no perfect treatment. All have risks but all have benefits, too!

    The length of the procedure (resection) will depend on the number and size of fibroids. I was groggy so my time perception was a little off. I think the actual procedure lasted about an hour. I was there about an hour before and an hour afterwards. You can read that “memories before” post I listed for more details and you can check here for ablation experiences:
    How are you feeling after your Endometrial Ablation?

    Best wishes!

  3. Maria Says:

    I had my myomectomy on Jan 30 2007, I check in the hospital before 7.00 a.m,
    do the paper work, I was called in at 8.00 wait for 1 hour before start the prep. for surgery,finally the surgery start 9.00 a.m. I just remember when they take me the op. room and the nurse asking some questions and gave me something to relax she said.
    then I woke up 4 hours later on my room , really sick because the anesthesia and the pain medicine . it took 6 weeks for I can come back to work still hurt somethings and still don’t start my period, I have lupron shot : oct 31st 2006 3 months dose on 1 time.
    I have a lot of hot flashes, nigth sweets, gain some weight.

  4. tlp Says:

    Did anyone have to spend a night in the hospital after being told it was an outpatient procedure and please explain the circumstances. I would appreciate the information. I cannot stand being unprepared.

  5. EclecticGeek Says:

    I think you had an Abdominal Myomectomy. Let me know if I’m wrong. If you did have an AM, there are a bunch of women you can talk to here:

    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 3)

    I see you found the Lupron page. I also had to have shots. I hope you’re able to shake those side effects soon.

    I haven’t talked to anyone who spent the night. Ask your doctor if he/she ever had a case that was not outpatient.

    I also left you a response here:

    How are you feeling after your Hysteroscopic Myomectomy?

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