Muffin Top after abdominal surgery? What’s a muffin top and how do I just make it go away?

Want to see a muffin top?Noticing some talk on the post-Abdominal Myomectomy recovery forum about the “muffin top” phenomenon. Actually, I’ve heard women who’ve had C-sections can also get muffin tops so perhaps we’ll get non-AM visitors as well.

I’m going to include a link to the New York Daily News – Daily Dish & Gossip page plus a quote from their story:

Muffin-top mayhem!

…screen hunks can sometimes fall victim, too. Their condition? Stud-muffin top.

Matt LeBlanc has been known to top-out, and at the “Wedding Crashers” premiere, Vince Vaughn was hanging out a bit over his pants.

Here’s a couple of other links for giggles:

Wikipedia entry for Muffin Top

Da Kath & Kim Website (Australian show thought to have originated the term “muffin top”)

I know this probably isn’t much consolation but a number of people (men and women) have “muffin tops” (including me!) and we haven’t had major surgery! 🙂

Tell me what you know about the post-op twist on muffin tops and what can be done about it.


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314 Responses to “Muffin Top after abdominal surgery? What’s a muffin top and how do I just make it go away?”

  1. sassy Says:

    Why the discomfort when I bend forward’ after having abdominal surgery 2yrs ago

    • leslielandberg Says:

      Your uterus has probably prolapsed. This is caused by weakness post surgically in the ligaments which hold it in place. It ought to be sitting in your mid abdomen, in an upright position, roughly in the middle.

      At present, due to ligamentous weakness, it is folded over, flopped forward, hanging upside down, crammed to one side or the other and pushing hard against the pelvic floor, cramming on the organs of elimation! When you bend over, needless to say, this cramming is made worse .

      It is bad for health to allow your uterus to be severely prolapsed, as it effects its function negatively. For my own part, I know my surgeon informed me he cut clear through the rectus abdominus and resected the uterus like a football! My lyomas were a total of 65mm, so it makes sense. The utuerus after this kind of treatment was hard like leather, when it ought to be soft. My periods returned, right on schedule and have been fairly normal, but I did and do feel a lot of discomfort whenever I bear down, if I am constipated. Things actually cramp up, like a charley horse, except it is in my bowels!

      There is lots we can do about this condition, though. Google Mayan massage and read up on this topic. You can find a practitioner in your area and they will do a few sessions with you and teach you the technique. Mayan massage is folk medicine and has a few aspects that I think are dumb, so while the idea is totally sound, here’s a heads up. They will show you a hand position and suggest a technique that they insist is the only way to perform the massage. That is b.s.: you can stand up to access your utuerus. You don’t have to be lying on your back. I fact, it is easy, just bend forward a little bit. The idea is to massage the uterus, to bring blood back into it and make it soft again and to massage and stretch the ligaments that surround your uterus, so they will grow stronger and strap the position nice and tight and high and in the right direction, instead of all flopped over, and sagging down. Performed twice daily, it takes a few months.

      There are many benefits, but one of the nicest is that it retonifies and opens up muscles in the hip flexors, glutes and abdominals and helps you fully engage your abdominals, so all those crunches will be more effective and you will lose the muffin top! Best of luck!

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