UPDATE: My condition four months post-Uterine Fibroid Embolization

My periods are still question marks. They average about 3.5 days. Incredible that they are now half of the previous legendary “7 days of hell”. I can actually have a period during a holiday and it not matter. What a victory!

Details of my most recent period:

Monday, November 20, 2006: Cramping and spotting started that evening. Took two 200mg over-the-counter Motrin for relief. Ended up taking two more before going to bed so I would sleep through the night. Bleeding became heavier during the night but still light.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006: Cramps were more painful (still moderate) and the bleeding heavier. I would characterize the bleeding as moderate. Was running low on OTC Motrin so I took a 600mg Ibuprofen left over from one of my procedures. No more pain that day. Took another that night at bedtime and slept like a rock on top of a log.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006: Light cramps and light bleeding. Took one 200mg OTC Motrin.

Thursday, November 23, 2006: Ah, the holiday. Light cramping and spotting most of the day. I did take one 600mg Ibuprofen (probably overkill) so I would definitely enjoy the day pain-free… and I did!

I cannot even begin to tell you the RELIEF of being able to sleep through the night. No more waking up at 3 AM in a pool of blood reminiscent of a crime scene. As I would start my sprint to the bathroom, I often expected to look back and see my own chalk outline. Yeah, that anemia can mess with your mind at 3 AM.

On a lighter (and less bloody) note, my holiday was good. Hubby purchased a precooked Thanksgiving dinner and we carried it to my parent’s house and stuck it in their oven. I really enjoyed the fellowship and food. After I returned home, I wanted a turkey so hubby purchased one more cooked meal. I stuck it in our oven and had another Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. How terribly geeky! 😀

I was trying to avoid having tons of leftovers lingering in the house but I have no desire to pig-out anymore. Amazing. So these days, I am well and happy and exercising regularly again. After I consume just a little more turkey, I’ll start working on those posts about fibroids, weight gain, and weight loss. I think you’ll find my perspective quite comical.


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12 Responses to “UPDATE: My condition four months post-Uterine Fibroid Embolization”

  1. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Hey Eclectic: Just wanted to tell you that my periods are question marks, too! I haven’t had one since October 13. That’s only, what, 56 days late? I don’t know what the heck is going on with my FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS. I tell you, it has until February 21, 2007, and if it doesn’t behave, then HYSTERECTOMY is February 22, 2007!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey Aly Fibroids,

    Oh, no! I was hoping that things had gotten better for you. Now, I am forced to leave the face I reserve for FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS – 👿 . The next step will be for me to create some weird “go away FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS” dance.

    I know it’s hard but hang in there!

  3. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Hey Eclectic! It’s me and my FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS here with my FIFTH MONTH update! (Which I’m posting under your fourth month update hoping to prompt you for your fifth month update. Pushy broad that I am. HEY — isn’t your six month measurement in January?)

    Fifth Month Post-UFE:

    1. FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS is not so scary anymore. Finally! I can finally fit into pre-UFE pants and skirts. (I’m really glad that I didn’t cave in and buy larger sized clothes).

    2. My January period started on January 12, was fairly heavy for three days, tapered off to a manageable annoyance thereafter and stopped on January 21 (it seems like my post-UFE periods are longer than pre-UFE, but heck, I can deal with this — no terrible cramps or heavy clotting).

    3. Energy level is back; however, I’m being extremely lazy these days about exercising. (I’m rejoicing that the laziness is MY choice; not imposed by my fibroids or the UFE procedure. Wonderful).

    4. Crankiness is gone and I’m not scaring the kitty anymore (Rejoicing because, again, I can get cranky if I choose to — it’s not being imposed by the stupid alien fibroids and a uterus I have not control over).

    So, the fifth month post-UFE has me counting the days until my first post-UFE measurement on February 21. This just might have worked. Amazing.

  4. Fibroid Girl Says:

    So glad I found this blog site. I have had two embolizations. The first was in June 2006 and was a technical failure, as the IR was only able to embolize one of my uterine arteries. I did get a lot of fairly quick relief for the first three months or so. Then my symptoms of bulk came back and I knew they were growing again.

    Second time around I went 5 hours away to a much more experienced IR. This time the procedure was a technical success. That was 6 weeks ago on December 15th. This second time around I knew pretty much what to expect, although the pain and initial recovery was considerably more than the previous embo-presumably because this time they embolized all those sucker. I have had two “normal” periods and was getting back to normal. NOW, about a week ago I started bloating and having terrible gas, and feeling like my digestive system has slowed down. I don’t eat very much anyway, but for a couple days didn’t feel like I could eat at all. I have started taking charcoal tabs for the gas and that has helped. Fortunately it’s winter and I can wear a sweatshirt over my unbuttoned and sometimes unzipped jeans. Until this site, I couldn’t find any info on the net about possible bloating several weeks “after” the procedure.

    I am praying that this new thing is related to the fibroids dying, and not some other bizarre ailment.

    Looking for input and encouragement.

  5. EclecticGeek Says:

    Aly Fibroids:
    Hey! You are right. I am so late. I stay busy answering email, working on the geek with fibroids site, and trying to catch up with comments here. I owe you a 5 and 6-month update!

    Had my 6-month MRI today (just made it under the wire for January) but my IR was out of town. I’ll meet with him next Tuesday afternoon for the evaluation. My periods are still great. Most recent one lasted 4 days and not heavy at all. I’m still losing weight. Not as quickly because I’m also not exercising. I do it for a few days and then I just don’t (for more than a few days). I’m being extremely lazy because I exercise at home (heh, heh).

    Happy to hear that things are getting better for you and you can fit FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS back into your clothes. I know from personal experience how exciting that can be.

    Now, you even pass the “Will my kitty hang around me?” test. Hooray! 😀

    Fibroid Girl:
    Happy you found us! It is possible to experience a number of different things weeks or months later. I have another post on UFE that gets more traffic. You can read through those experiences as well:
    How are you feeling after your Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

    You had two normal periods. Yay! That’s a good sign that this embolization is working. Hopefully, the bloating will improve soon. Keep posting if you have additional questions or concerns. Take care.

  6. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Okay Eclectic, ready!! It’s Tuesday! Let’s have the results of the six month post-UFE MRI!! Come on — no, don’t take your hat and coat off, just start typing!!!

  7. EclecticGeek Says:

    LOL… Just got back about 15 minutes ago. My appointment was at 2PM. I’m typing details now so stay tuned. Things are definitely smaller. YAY!

  8. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’ll write this up in a long overdue post but until then…

    Saw my IR today. I was so excited because I KNEW everything had to be smaller. I feel so well. Things just must look better inside.

    The new images were on a computer. You know I’m a geek and had to resist the temptation to grab the mouse from my doctor and then click on stuff and play with the software. It’s just too cool!

    My old images from a year ago are still on film and my IR didn’t have them with him. I’ll call in a couple of days to get a more direct comparison but from the written MRI report… (insert drumroll)

    My uterus was 8 x 9 x 6.5 cm.
    It is now 7.4 x 5.5 x 5.9 cm.
    Heck, yeah!

    Okay, this is where it gets a little fuzzy. I asked Doc how big were my fibroids. He gave me some numbers:
    submucosal – 4.7cm, 3.7 cm, multiple ones that were 2cm
    subserosal – 6cm

    The report said my largest fibroid is now 3.9 x 4 cm. I’m thinking that’s the 6 cm subserosal one but I won’t be sure until I talk to my IR again. We did look through the new computerized images. He only found two submucosal ones now – 3.6 x 3.8 cm and 1.2 cm. The subserosal one is still there but I didn’t get a measurement.

    CONCLUSION: Decreased overall volume of uterus and fibroids. Fibroids demonstrating predominant cystic necrosis.

    Do the happy dance. The fibroids are dying!

  9. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Woo Hoo! I’m doing a jig! Raise the roof! Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  10. Fibroid Girl Says:

    Hi Eclectic,

    Glad you have great news! Congrats!

    Well, my weird symptoms of bloating passed after about a week and since then I’m feeling good. Starting my third period, we’ll see what this one is like. I was kind of hoping I would be one of the ones who loses their period completely, but mine are not that bad. Hoping the two oranges on my uterus shrink so my jeans aren’t so tight.

    Aly, I’ll be watching for your six month report!

  11. EclecticGeek Says:

    Aly Fibroids:
    Thanks for the happy dance! 😀

    Fibroid Girl:
    Thank you!

    So glad you’re feeling better. I’ll send the “smaller fibroid” vibe your way.

    Keep us updated!

  12. Fibroid Girl Says:


    Waiting for your Feb. 21st update!?!?

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