Is anyone having problems with uterine fibroid pain during pregnancy?

One of my visitors here is having a problem with extreme pain from her fibroids during her pregnancy.

Anna: Are there any women out there who can tell me how to endure pregnancy fibroid pain?

I’m 7.5+ months pregnant with at least 8 fibroids, 3 of which are just over 5.7 cm each and growing. They were all discovered when I became pregnant. Most of them don’t bother me but two are crammed down at the bottom of my uterus just over the birth canal. The pain from those two is so bad I haven’t slept more than 3.5 hours in weeks.

The Dr. says I am experiencing ‘degridation’ as the fibroids grow which sends a chemical into the body causing this unbelievable, constant pain. For the pain, I take frequent warmish baths, stay in bed and take Tylenol which does very little (if anything) but I’m told that Tylenol is the only pain killer that’s safe for the baby.

First – Have any of you experienced this kind of extreme pain during pregnancy?
Second – What can I do about it ?

I’m sure I’ll survive this … women are tough. But, I’d like to be able to get out of bed and enjoy a little bit of sunshine in the next two months. Heck, just having a short break from the horrible pain would be a blessing. Frankly … at this moment 8 hours of labor sounds like a cakewalk compared to months of this. =)

Your input is quite welcome.

If you have an experience or thoughts to share about uterine fibroid pain and pregnancy, please leave a comment.


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  1. Donna Says:

    And another thing. I have heard anecdotally that green tea shrinks fibroids. I am adding some into my daily routine.

  2. nic Says:

    Sorry to hear of your bad pain episode Susie. Sounds like you had good medical care. It reminded me very much of my fibroid degeneration experience. It is good that the drs examine every possibility – appendicitis, gall stones, bowel occlusions & kidney problems can all cause intense pain so it is important to exclude those as it could mean an unnecessary operation. It is very hard to undergo all the tests though to investigate these things when you are in such pain! The only thing to try to hang onto is that usually these degeneration episodes are over in a day or two & the baby can still remain perfectly unharmed. I had my degeneration episode at 6mths & I was put into the maternity ward in case I ended up in preterm labour. On reflection I wasn’t keen on that as everyone else had new babies & I could hear them crying, but I guess I was close by to all the relevant equipment should there have been further issues. I really don’t think there is much that can be done to relieve the degeneration pain as it is so severe & because of the risk to the baby of pain medications. It helps to know what it is though & this site is really useful for hearing others’ experiences.

    • susie Says:

      I finally was discharged today after 5 days in the hospital. It was an extremely intense experience. I had an MRI and numerous ultrasounds. Baby looks wonderful , active with a strong heartbeat and is even measuring big.

      Yesterday, I had a scare as my blood counts dropped and doctor was concerned about internal bleeding which meant a very bleak outcome. Luckily the repeat ultrasound and blood tests, showed improvement and it was likely fluid from the degrading fibroid, not blood. I am so so relieved..

      I was loaded up on pain meds, and assured that it would be ok for both me and the baby, since this was an acute phase and it was critical that my pain became controlled for the health of both of us. I was sent home today with meds to keep things under control. I am thankful that at this point, my pain is more tolerable and am hopeful that the most difficult part is over.

      I think it would be wonderful to find some experts with clinical experience on the subject to write up articles for women suffering from degrading fibroids while pregnant. The information is so scarse for such a cllinically challenging situation. Perhaps we can find some physicians to write up some specific information to share – not for medical advice, but for us to better understand the potential situations..

      Sorry once again for the exhaustive post…

      I am so humbled by this experience and grateful for the support and response from this site. Thank you!

    • susie Says:

      thank you nic for sharing..this is a wonderful forum 🙂

      • michelle Says:

        I agree Susie, this is a great forum. I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and have been in and out of the hospital as well due to pain from fibroids. I was scared to death to take pain meds, but found I really had no choice. It has been a horrible experience. I find it even scarier that many physicians do not seem to have much experience with this type of problem. I am extremely thankful for these forums and all the women who share their stories.

  3. ANM Says:

    Susie, thank goodness you and baby are okay. You are right in that something needs to be written about fibroid degeneration. We need step by step action plans, understanding of the drugs and the best ones for this pain, when to insist on hospitilization, the whole nine. It seems that most get through to the other side but when you experience it for the first time, it’s scary. Hopefully some experts will come across this forum and help.

    • susie Says:

      ANM, thank you.

      I am going to the teaching hospital this week, if my body allows it, to see a well repected perinatologist and a high risk OB, to get more information about my situation and to see about getting some more generalized, but relevant information to help us all. I was given drugs that are considered generally safe in pregnancy, however one of the drugs I was given (one time in ER and one time in hospital as well as an RX to go home with) is NOT considered safe from any of the literature. As you mentioned, a more global understanding of fibroid degeneration and some action plans are needed. I am so very hopeful to get to the other side..where I can get out of this acute phase. I will certainly post anything that might be even remotely helpful to others. Nobody should have to endure this level of fear and pain, especially during pregnancy. Information is power.

  4. Donna Says:

    So glad you got such good care. It makes all the difference. I, too, was on the maternity ward a couple times. I always ended up sleeping with the TV on low to block out the sounds of the babies.

  5. ANM Says:

    I just wanted to say that you ladies are great.
    Susie stay strong and hopeful. I can’t wait to hear what information you come back with. Although I am not pregnant yet, I have two small fibroids and having this information up front will definitely help me to stay calm and know what to do. Obviously I hope I don’t experience any hardships when I do get pregnant again but like you said, knowledge is power.
    Donna thank you for continuing to post here even after you have had your baby. You give a lot of us hope that although some may have a difficult road or bad episodes, it can be done. I’ve even written down a lot of your tips about the ice bags and trying to stay ahead of the pain. In fact, I am keeping a journal on all the stuff I have learned from a lot of the women on this forum.
    I’m not sure if anyone knows this but I have a question. If you have a fibroid that for some reason doesn’t grow, will it degenerate or is it only the ones that grow and outgrow the blood supply that degenerate and cause pain. I go to an acupuncturist and she said that when I get pregnant she can help me with treatments and herbs to prevent the broids from growing. She’s had success with this treatment with other patients. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about what happens if they are just there but dormant so to speak (no growth). And has anyone tried acupuncture and had any success? I go for other reasons but she did say she can help with this.

    • Polly Says:

      I went to an accupuncturist before I got pregnant (a year or two ago) for about a month to try to get rid of, or shrink, my 6 fibroids. I was given herbs and had accupuncture treatments once or twice a week. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I am now pregnant and the fibroids are growing.

      I think that fibroids degenerate only when they outgrow the blood supply. But who knows? I have heard anecdotally of people’s fibroids just going away…not sure if I believe it though.

      I wish there was a way to get rid of these stupid things safely, before pregnancy!!

      Good luck to you!

  6. Donna Says:

    ANM, I don’t know for sure, but I’m fairly confident that only the ones that grow would degenerate. Otherwise, things stay stable.

    I have at least six fibroids, and some of them really didn’t grow during the pregnancy. Two of the ones that did degenerated.

    I tried acupuncture to get pregnant, and she gave me some herbs beforehand to try to shrink the fibroids. She said I would need to stop taking them when I became pregnant, but if I didn’t know for a few weeks, it wouldn’t be a problem. I have also heard to cut dairy and that has a positive effect on the fibroids. I was already cutting out so much by that point, including even decaf, that I didn’t want to completely cut out dairy as well (but I did cut down).

    I know several people who used acupuncture as infertility treatment. I guess it worked for me — I got pregnant, but then had trouble staying pregnant.

  7. susie Says:

    I received the same info as Donna did, nice to see some consistencies. The ones that grow actively might degenerate, which is the painful part. Many will stay the same and will not be an issue. Hard to generalize and its very individualized with respect to each person and each fibroid. I too have about 6 fibroids..all small, one angry and big.

    I saw an expert today (not a fibroid expert, but just a perinatologist who sees lots of women with different conditions) – she confirmed much of what I now know..and i will in the days to come post some general information. Donna really has hit most of the key points.

    With regard to my condition, the big ugly fibroid continues to degenerate, and one week out, is still quite painful. No telling how long this will continue, however I am tapering the pain meds when I can, using ice and heat (not sure which one works, so I do both) and lots of rest. I did ask about the exposure to the pain meds I had in the hospital and at home and have been told by 3 MDs that this is not a concern – its a short term use and baby will be ok – important to stay on top of pain for your own health. I am still amazed at what I went through and thankful for each moment that I feel any relief!

    Another thing – critical to stay super hydrated and to eat small meals regularly. I basically didn’t eat or drink much last week and it made things confusing with regard to anemia and potential appendicitis. I am drinking water round the clock, trying to eat regularly, so that all systems are moving 🙂 It does bring relief.

    One wonderful part is that I have seen the baby a lot this week, he is super active, growing and everyone tells me he has no idea about what is happening on “the other side” – which is wonderful to hear.

    The best part is that I felt the baby kick for the first time, when I came back home after my MD appts. No confusing that feeling! It was super strange and fun and a great way to end the day!

  8. maggie Says:

    hi ,
    im 15 weeks pregnant i have 4 fibroids ranging from 3cm to 15 cm in deamiter , i have been in hospital twice with really bad pain which they give me pethadine which helps but isnt a long term solution, gp are crap they say all i can take is parcetamiol and codiene which helps a little at the mo im bed ridden and can just about walk to the toilet . does any one have any idea off anything else i can take or do im at my wits end really finding it hard to cope


    • susie Says:


      i was taking vicodin, which helped a bit – applied both ice and heat, but i think the only real treatment is time..i was hospitalized all last week and then bedridden at home for another 4 days – today is my first day, walking a bit, still lots of pain, but much better.. i was at my wits end and am just starting to “see the light” cautiously..

      if you aren’t getting enough pain control – you need to see somebody else – i think the key is getting on top of the pain and then things start to normalize..

      doctors have told me that this is self-limiting and it will go away, so i am hoping they are right. the pain is a result of the degenerating fibroid..once that has happened, the worst is over..its the big ones that cause the problems..

  9. jean Says:

    So glad to find this forum. I have been in pain the last two days – even feared that at 22 weeks I was experiencing contractions. Went to A&E today and docs and midwife say it’s my fibroids degenerating. The doc even made me feel the biggest fibroid (6cm) which was millimetres from the site of the pain. This is my second pregnancy and didn’t experience pain like this first time around. Codeine has taken the edge of the pain but I’m still hobbling around and trying o look after my toddler. Arrgh! Hopefully, pain will ease off soon. Best wishes to everyone – it’s good to know I’m not alone in this.

    • susie Says:


      I hope you are finding some relief and you are certainly not alone.


    • Yvette Says:

      Hello ladies,
      I am so happy I found this site. I was placed off of work for over two weeks with my first episode of fibroid degeneration. Was about to go back and had another episode. The pain is severe and my contractions were non-stop form the fibroid. My first visit to the hospital I was given terb x 5, indocin-including a supp. and procardia. Was sent home on procardia and indocin. Finally off of medication and getting ready to restart workand up jumped the boogie, another episode. Back to bedrest and indocin for 48 hours. My fist episode was at 19 weeks and now I am 22 weeks. Despite contacting-thank God my cervix is still closed. You are in my prayers.

  10. Kelly Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am so happy I found this blog. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I have 2 fibroids, one at 5cm and the other at 7cm. I had to go to the hospital twice this week for the pain and what they think are intensified braxton hicks contractions brought on by the fibroids. I had an ultrasound to check on my little guy and the Dr. did a pelvic exam and a fetal fibronectin test to determine the possibility of preterm labor. The test came back negative and according to the ultrasound the little guy is doing great, strong heartbeat and kicking and moving around normally. The little guy is head down and as seen on the ultrasound his head was right on the 7cm fibroid. The Dr. gave me vicodin and put me out of work for a week. I go back next week for them to evaluate me. I am nervous about taking the vicodin. I took one every 4 hours on the first day because the pain was so bad…now I’m able to take with the onset of pain. Did anyone else on here experience the Braxton Hicks? Also, does anyone know of a special diet or vitamins that can be followed to prevent the fibroids from growing any bigger? Thanks for any advice or help you can provide.

  11. susie Says:


    I am about 1 week past my 6 day hospitalization for a dengenerating fibroid 9 cm at 18 weeks. I was put on all sorts of pain medication and just in the past day or so, am able to move without the debilitating pain. I take Vicodin as needed, now less than every 6 hours.

    I am not sure if i had BH contractions – but I was being “hit” every 3 min for about an hour with the strongest pain I had ever felt. They said I wasn’t in labor and when the meds kicked in, it stopped.

    I haven’t heard about diet or vitamins. – I did hear that the fibroids get to max size mid pregnancy and that’ is when the pain starts, and then they begin to degenerate.

    I was told to drink LOTS of water, rest and eat lots of small meals – apply ice or heat depending on what brings you relief.

    I hope the worst is over for you and this will be all a thing of the past!

    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Susie,

      Happy to hear you are out of the hospital. How is your pain this week? For some reason nights are way worse for me?
      I was also told that the pain will most likely go away. I sure hope it does! I have, god willing, 15 more weeks to go and I can’t imagine 15 more weeks of unbearable pain. I just want what is best for the baby and I am willing to do whatever it takes even if that means being on “house arrest” 😉

      This is my first child. Is this your first pregnancy?

      • susie Says:

        hi kelly,

        sorry i missed your post. yes, this is my first pregancy and i knew about my fibroids prior, but was assured, that they wouldn’ affect my chances of getting pregnant and shouldn’t be problematic in general…in fact, i had no idea i had them – they were completely “silent”..

        and yes!!! nights are much much worse for me. my pain is improving, but i think its the end of the day combination of food intake, a bit of constipation, gas and the fibroid which makes evenings/nights unpleasant. i try not to drink/eat at the same time, and keep to small meals.

        and i agree if i need to be on house arrest, i will do so..but so far, no restrictions. how are you feeling?

  12. Donna Says:

    I had contractions from the pain, too. Wasn’t “labor” and wasn’t BH, but was caused from “uterine irritability” from the degeneration pain.

    Hang in there. The pain often goes away by teh third trimester. I thought there was no way I could deal with it for the whole rest of my pregnancy, but it went away at about 26 weeks or so. I had about three separate incidents of degeneration. The only good thing is that you do get many many ultrasounds and chances to see the baby.

    I have heard that avoiding dairy products helps, as does green tea. Do make sure to keep hydrated, because that can lead to contractions, too.

  13. Donna Says:

    Hi everyone. I hope your pregnancies are going well and the pain is subsiding. Believe it or not, one day you won’t even remember it. (well, you will, but it won’t matter).

    I had a 6m well baby visit today. He’s 50% weight and 50% height — and as active as the typicaly 9m old! He is rolling and crawling and sitting up. He is probably within 2 weeks of pulling himself to standing. We are babyproofing now.

  14. becky Says:

    These posts scares me alot. I am about 8 weeks pregnant and found out during my first ultrasound 2 weeks ago that I have fibroids (4 of them with the biggest about 3-4cm). I have been having crushing pains at my back as if am having major cramps. I am so concerned and extremely worried as I do not want to loose my baby at all. The pain last for about 10mins and has occured twice since I got pregnant. Although I do not take any medication at all cos I know my baby is developing and all at this stage. Should i be this mega scared?

  15. Donna Says:

    So sorry you are experiencing pain. My pain was much later and all in the front/pelvic area. My pain was more constant, for days at a time, rather than a short intense burst like you are describing.

    I would say take it as easy as you can and do your best not to worry. I think ladies with fibroids have a lot more general “sensation” in the early pregnancy that those who don’t have them. My unofficial theory is we have more mass down in that area to begin with, and the fibroids are not spongy like most of the other organs and tissue, so as things move, they bump against relatively hard objects (the fibroids) and you feel “stuff.”

    It didn’t hurt, but I just was aware of feeling where I hadn’t before.

    Just because you have fibroids doesn’t mean you will have degeneration. Try your best to relax and get through the first trimester. I know it’s hard, but there’s really not that much else to do at this point.

  16. Felecia Says:

    I to have had problems with fibroid degeneration. I have 2 fibroids that are between 6 and 7cm. The first time this occured was at 11 wks and was placed on bed rest for a week and given hydrocodone. The pain was so bad that for the first couple of days it was hard for me to get out of bed. Once the pain went away, I had no pain until a week ago, I am in week 17 and its been 9 days and the pain is still here, my doctor prescribed Tylenol 3, but the medication is not helping. Evenings and nights are the worst, and by morning I am in extreme pain. I wonder will the pain ever end. This is my first pregnancy, and I know it will all be worth it when my little one arrives.

    • susie Says:

      Hi Felecia –

      I was in a very similar situation. The pain meds barely touched the pain..its been about 3 weeks – while I am still in pain, I am far from where I was in the beginning – and the pain lessens each week..evenings and nights are by far the worst..

      I understand from my physician and from reading, that the worst of the degeneration occurs mid-pregnancy and then levels off. Rest (easier said than done), stay hydrated, warm/cold compresses, small frequent meals. I try to avoid foods that cause gas and constipation, which only worsen the situation….and remember, this difficult period shall pass..

      • Jessica Says:

        Dear Susie,
        Thank you so much for your responses to all these strong women writing in with their concerns. This blog has given me so much relief that others are going through the same thing I am. I had never even heard of fibroids until I went to the ER last week for the worst stomach pains I’ve ever felt. I was at 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Luckily, our little lady seemed absolutely fine with all of it and her heart beat strongly and she was break-dancing as usual in there. They thought I had appendicitis but after an excruciating 2 hour MRI, they decided the pain must be coming from a 3 cm fibroid on my uterine wall. After reading these posts, I realize that my fibroid is super small but good GRIEF, did it cause some pain! I took the week off of work and was totally bedridden for the first few days but have been having little breaks from the pain today and yesterday. I have been really trying to go easy on the Percocet and today tried Tylenol instead, which seems to be working just about the same without the drowsiness. The same as in that the pain is not gone, but not quiiite as bad. The nights are toughest and I can’t find any position that is comfortable. Today is day 6 of dealing with this and I’m hitting a point of despair mixed with frustration. I hope that the pain will go away soon and I can get on with life and prepare for the birth of our girl in July! Hopefully I can write again with a success story of my own then!!! Thank you again to everyone who is sharing their experiences. Stay strong!

  17. Doyin Omoniyi-Ojo Says:

    Hi Susie,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Its good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this. I’m 20weeks gone now and I had my first pain at 19 weeks- I had to stay off work and in bed most of the time for about 8days. I’m back at work and the pain started suddenly on my 2nd day at work.
    I was given a combination of pain drugs that really helped ease off the pain- Trymadol, paracetamol and Diclofenac. The pain returned the day after i took my last dose of Diclofenac. The pain hasn’t been too bad this time but it’s still very painful. I just pray it eases off soon.

    • susie Says:

      Hi Doyin,
      Yes, we all seem to be in the same boat..I too hope that your pain eases and the rest of your pregancy is much easier!

  18. Cindy Says:

    Wow girls this has been enlightening….but making me nervous, I have evidentially masses of fybroids I am just around 8wks pregnant but I look like I am about 6mths…it kinda comes and goes some days I am sooooo bloated and stomach is huge then other times it settles a bit, Did any of you experience bloating like that in your first trimester? It makes me very nervous as to whats to come. I have my first ob/gyn visit next week and I am anxious to see how things are progressing.

    • susie Says:


      Welcome. Good idea not to worry..each individual has a different set of symptoms and experiences. I think a lot of what we feel is simply just being pregnant and some of it specific to fibroids. I did have a lot of bloating – more so now (I am 21 weeks) than earlier, but I think pregnancy is a huge culprit in bloating in general. I found drinking a lot of water helped and eating small meals frequently – as well as not drinking and eating too much together, helped. Hope your fibroids stay quiet and you have an uneventful pregnancy! Susie

  19. Sheree Says:

    I’m 8 weeks pregnant and just found out I have fibroid tumor. Ive been having constant severe pain for 4 days now. Tylenol doesn’t help and sometimes the cold compress works. I too look like I am further along than I am. How long will this last? Any other suggestions on how to reduce the pain.

  20. weescottishmum Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was delighted when I found this site when I was 13 weeks pregnant and had just discovered I had three fibroids. The worry was unbelievable and there didnt seem to be that many after baby stories. All I needed all those weeks ago was someone to tell me that everything would be alright and that my little one would be ok. Well GOOD NEWS I had my wee boy by C-Section at 39 weeks due to him being breech. I was unable to have him turned as he was using one of my fibroids as a pillow and there was not enough space to turn him. He weighed a respectable 7lb 4oz and he is gorgeous and perfect in every way (yes I am biased I am his mummy) so just keep taking painkillers and doing whatever helps you and get lots of rest because by the time they are 6 days old like my wee bundle is now you will be glad you took it easy.
    Best wishes to you all and good luck.

  21. Cindy Says:

    Thank you Susie for the advice….I guess I will know more at my first appt this week, I have a lot of ?s for the Dr on the size and type they are of course along with the 152 other ?s. I had been to the ER when I first realized I was pregnant due to some pain I was feeling being cautious since I have miscarried before and had a ruptured cyst before. They had done an ultra sound…baby was still too small as I was only 4wks at that time., However they went on and on about my fybroids, they never told me how many I have the tech just kept circling them on the monitor! The comment was made WOW I am surprised you even got pregnant with all the fybroids (and the fact I have a blocked tube), & the fact that I am 44 seemed to freak them out and asked if my Dr was OK with me getting pregnant at my age?! As if I am not already scared to death!, nice to know professionals in the med field are somewhat insensitive to that and that this is something I have always wanted and its FINALLY happened., but I of course informed them of MIRACLES 😉 ! I am so praying for an uneventful pregnancy, I can deal with the discomfort if I have long a the baby is fine.

  22. susie Says:

    Hi Cindy,
    We all seem to have similar stories, with regard to the fact that there seems to be little information and even less awareness and sensitivity about fibroids.

    I too am 44, was able to get pregnant naturally. I knew about the fibroids before (from an ultrasound a few years back), but they have never been an issue, until week 18 of pregnancy.

    I did find a new MD, who seems more sensitive to my situation. I think the lesson here is make sure you are being cared for by a physician who will be watchful and monitor the baby and the fibroids closely. Although there is not much that can be done while pregnant, pain control is important and making sure that later in the pregnancy, things are progressing well. I am grateful for the support here on this board and that we have a place to discuss and share information.

  23. Cindy Says:

    WOW..Susie..yeah how familiar it is! I actually changed ob/gyns, My ob/gyn knew I was wanting to get pregnant 3 yrs ago and I asked about the fybroids but he was very non-chalant about it and said they usually take care of themselves…His bedside manner hasn’t really impressed me. Someone near our age mentioned seeing a Maternal Fetal Specialist…NO IDEA what it is, but about an hour from here we have an awesome ob/gyn clinic with High risk Drs, Maternal Fetal Specialists and Midwives…They actually could work me in to see me as a new patient sooner then MY own office would schedule me. I am actually seeing a Female resident Dr there
    who has years of experience as a midwife, so I feel like I am in way better hands, and all the specialist there if I should need. From other friends I have spoken with it seems they are more sensitive in general at this location and I really need this now. So happy to find this forum as well, it is very informative and I guess nice knowing that others understand your experience. God Bless you all and for what you have been thru and continue to go thru…the ultimate pain reliever will be when You hold your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time. I am sure it must be a long road to get there but so worth it! I hope mine is uneventful, I guess I am concerned cause I have had issues with severe bloating and discomfort during my menstrual cycles but toughed thru it…just praying for the best.
    Sheree—Have you had your first ob/gyn visit yet? I have my first this Thursday it just can’t get here quick enough! I am thinking about you all and hoping and praying your pain subsides.

  24. Beti Says:

    Hello Ladies! I haven’t been able to read the whole thread, so I’ll ask probably questions you have replied to before. How early do you start feeling the pain due to fibroids? how do you describe the pain? is the pain due to specifically intramural fibroids? I’ve been writing in the other blogs here, and never paid much attention to this until now, when I find myself pregnant, 7 weeks, knowing that I have some small fibroids even after the laparoscopic and hysteroscopic myomectomy, and continuously feel a little cramp on my right side (where the residue of the submucosal fibroid is), but last night I started with a some pain in the very bottom portion of the belly. I’m not sure if I should call my OB-GYN about it or wait a bit longer, as the pain is very mild (almost like passing gas). Thanks!

  25. Donna Says:

    Hi Beti.
    I did not have submucousal fibroids, but I have a bunch on the outside of the uterus.My early pregnancy felt a lot like you were describing. It wasn’t pain exactly, but I felt “sensation.” I think there is just more “stuff” in the uterine area for us lucky fibroid gals, and we feel more as the uterus begins to expand, even in the very early days.

    Also, the fibroids are much less spongy than the other organs and tissues, and I think that adds to the “sensation.” My doctors were really really great early on with me and had me in early for an ultrasound for the peace of mind.

    If your doctors aren’t helpful and don’t believe you are in pain, find some that do.

    I personally found lots of help with ice. Also, try adding some fiber to your diet to keep things moving, either from food or Metamucil (or other supplement).

    • Beti Says:

      Hi Donna,
      I haven’t called the doctor yet about the cramps and pain, it hasn’t been too bad (I don’t even have to take a painkiller). I’m sure my doctor will give me an earlier appointment if I call him. But as it is my first pregnancy I don’t know what to expect, not sure if women without fibroids feel the same or not, and if I should be constantly calling my doctor to tell him how I feel (or not). I’ll keep reading the thread of messages here, to have an idea of what to expect (all this info actually makes me feel prepared, not afraid or concerned, because everybody is so positive about the pregnancy outcome). Thanks!

  26. janette Says:

    Hi Ladies, I am so happy to find this site. I am going crazy here… my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year. It has taken so long I went to fertility doc to make sure we were both okay. He said I had a fibroid and shouldn’t worry about it. Well a couple weeks ago I notice I was spotting (never have spotted like this before) It was right after ovulation so I though I was pregnant. I took three pregnancy test and all negative. This past week has been so painful. I have never experience this much pain before. I get pain when I need to go to the bathroom, I get pain in the middle of the night. The pain just comes and goes. I am scheduling an appt with doc this week. Did anyone of you experience so much pain early in your pregnancy? I may be pregnant and not even know it, but this pain just concerns me so much! Thank you and Best wishes.

    • janette Says:

      Sorry ladies, forgot to mention I am also 7 days late! thanks

      • Beti Says:

        I did have horrible pain because of the submucosal fibroid, and almost never heavy bleeding, only long periods and spotting. It’s important you make sure you don’t have a submucosal fibroid as that can hamper your attempts to conceive. I’ve heard that intramural fibroids don’t cause pain (pedunculated ones can cause pain when they twist). Once I got pregnant I did not have pain from the fibroids left in my uterus after surgery (mostly small subserosal and intramural ones).
        Hopefully you are late because you are pregnant and not due to the fibroids, and then you can ask your doctor for special treatment for the pain (remember not to take ibuprofen for the pain if you think you are pregnant).

  27. susie Says:


    I would see the MD ASAP (don’t wait!) if you are in severe pain, in early pregnancy to make sure all is ok. Although we are all different, fibroids in very very early pregnancy usually don’t bother you, unless they have been bothering you prior..Other things need to be checked to see the source of the pain. I think we are taught to “deal” with pain, but its usually our body’s way to telling us something needs to be taken care of. and to take care of ourselves.. better to be safe. Susie

  28. Caroline Says:

    Wow Cindy ( and Sue too) you 2 give me hope, I am 40 and have trying to conceive for some time with a 5cm fibboid too. My GP also said to me not to be bothered. I am not too sure if mine is submucosal or intramural. I don’t get pains normally, but after my ovulation, I tedn to feel small pains and twitches around my waist??. I just added some new supplements to my ttc lots and this month, I am now at 8days after ovulation and since 6dys, I have been having terrible pains and movement around the waist, more than usual and it comes and goes, but more in the evennings. Did you ladies had any such pains from implantion or even. I am happy for you all though and wish I too can join your group in counting the pains and the days left to go…to take home baby.

    • susie Says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Super long post here and most can skip. However for those who are older and trying to conceive with fibroids, perhaps some of my story might be useful. We are all so different, but I think the general information might be relevant.

      I am now 44. At age 41, I learned that I had fibroids when an ultrasound on my gallbladder, revealed them. Otherwise, I would never had known about them – no effect on my cycles or any pain – thankfully. I probably had the fibroids for years. My mom and sister both have fibroids and it seems the majority of women I speak with, have them as well.

      At age 43, I decided to TTC. I spoke to my regular OB/GYN, who suggested that before I begin my journey, I should see a fertility specialist to make sure that there was nothing that would prevent me from gettting pregnant. It was a VERY simple and non-invasive visit. The fertility specialist did two things: He drew blood on day 3, to check my hormone levels and then midcycle, he did an ultrasound, to check for the presence of preovulatory follicles (to see if I was ovulating), to make sure my tubes were clear and to verify the size and location of the fibroids. He assured me that despite the many fibroids, the size, type and location (its all about real estate!) were of little consequence. With this information, he said I should be able to get pregnant. Low and behold, very shortly after, I was pregnant.

      Each month, prior to getting pregnant, I have midcycle twinges and sensations around ovulation. When I did get pregnant, I had cramping right when I should have started my period. Both of these symptoms, as I understand, are very normal and unrelated to fibroids.

      Mid pregnancy (week 18), I experienced severe debilitating pain from the degeneration of the large fibroid (that grew from 7 cm to 10 cm). This part, I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It came on suddenly, without warning and took several weeks to subside, with a lot of pain medication to stabilize me and prevent me from going into labor. I was hospitalized for 5 days. It is manageable now and I am taking it very easy.

      I am now 23 weeks. I am being followed every two weeks, to make sure the baby is ok and the fibroids are allowing my uterus to expand and to monitor the baby’s growth. Aside from the pain, my uterus is measuring 28 weeks – combination of fibroids and baby. Both my regular OB and the prenatal specialist said that often times, when you have fibroids, you experience a twin-like pregnancy. Oh joy!

      I am cautious, I take it easy, I drink lots of water (super important), eat small meals, avoiding food that causes gas, constipation and indigestion. This all seems to help with the fibroid pain at this point…

      The simple lesson I learned: Find a very good OB/GYN who takes the fibroids seriously and will manage you closely.


      • Cindy Says:

        Hey Susie…It ‘s funny how when I was younger and told I had fibroids the Drs. were non chalant about it, I remember asking well should I do something about them? And told no they aren’t really a big deal. As you mature you realized everything is a big deal when it’s YOUR body! I had to take some med records to my new physician and I looked through and read of course not understanding the medical terms but sitting here on the computer looking everything up…Now I know what types of fibroids I have and where the larger ones are located at least from my report 10yrs ago. So when I went to the new physician I had many questions in general but before that I had an u/s so they could confirm the pregnancy…I was in my 8th wk last week and they could only confirm the sac, I had never even heard of such a thing…they think its a blighted ovum where only the sac forms with no baby..I was devastated! They mentioned what might have to be done (d&c etc) but went ahead and did more bloodwork. They thought I must only be 4 or 5wks and thats why. Again, being a lil older and wiser and knowing my body-I know exactly when I conceived and LMP. So NO I am 8wks…they checked my HCGs and called me later to inform me it was conflicting information-my HCGs were near 30K. So I went back Friday..they decided to check me again this friday (tomorrow) I of course asked if the fibroids might block the view they say no, I also had read that this is an often misdiagnosed condition with women having titled uterus’s as I have and sometimes the baby isn’t seen til the 10-12wk from some of the things women that have experienced have stated. Medically they are very precise looking from the U/S book stating what you should see and what size it should be at a certain state. Turns out a girl I work with her baby was not seen just the sac her first 2 u/s finally at 12wks they saw the baby and not til 16wks did they see/hear the hearbeat! She said it was the most terrifying pregnancy in just the waiting. I am hoping that tomorrow we see the baby, if my hcg levels are increasing that will give me some peace even if we dont’ see the baby..I am just not ready to throw in the towel. I told DR I would do no D&C If it’s Gods Will then I will let it happen naturally, I did request that tomorrow during the u/s we also get more infor on my fibroids to make sure there aren’t any new or different ones then I had from 10yrs ago that were in my prev med records. If my hcgs are up even if there is no baby at this time I will wait another week or 2 and let them check again. I will keep you posted. I am just praying for the best.

  29. Donna Says:

    Have hope. I am 42 and just had a miracle baby. I didn’t have problems getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. I don’t recall implantation pain, but I firmly believe that the fibroids add discomfort throughout the entire pregnancy. I know around 6w I was feeling lots of discomfort, not pain exactly, but felt unusual. Turned out I guess to be nothing.
    Also, you may not get any fibroid degeneration, many women with fibroids don’t.

  30. LondonMum Says:

    just to say PG 1 I had horrible degeneration (and now have happy 2 years old) , PG2 (I am 21 weeks now), no problems (yet). They have stayed the same size, but are not misbehaving

    so hopefully they have given up on growing!

    hang on in there ladies

  31. Donna Says:

    Keeping you in my prayers. I know that feeling of dread when they ask you if you are certain your dates are right. I hope things will work out well for you.

    • susie Says:


      I am thinking of you too. So much information..So little information and its frustrating. You have the right attitude and its out of our control.

  32. ZS Says:

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my recent experience to perhaps ease some minds out there.

    I am currently 15 weeks pregnant (currently residing in Canada). During my third week, without realizing I was pregnant, I had seen a high-risk OB in regards to three fibroids which were causing me some frequent urination. My husband and I were concerned that the fibroids would cause us some difficulty in getting pregnant. However, our OB assured us that the fibroids (mine are within the lining), would not interfere with fertility. She also explained what would happen once we did get pregnant.

    1. The fibroids would likely continue to grow as they thrive on the estrogen present during pregnancy.

    2. At some point during the pregnancy, usually at the end of the first trimester, the fibroids would undergo red degeneration. A woman’s body thankfully distributes the necessary blood supply to the baby, sacrificing the cells of the growing fibroids.

    3. I would most likely require a few days of hospitilization for pain management, and would then be able to carry on with the pregnancy.

    She was very straightforward about all of this, and gave the impression that it was all very normal and to be expected.

    So, 12 weeks into my pregnancy I had yet to experience any pain, so I thought I had been able to bypass it all. However, a few days later, I started to experience back pain. I thought that my enlarged uterus (due to the fibroids) was causing premature back pain of the usual pregnancy sort (pelvic girdle pain, etc).

    Unfortunately, the pain got significantly worse, radiating from my lower spine through to the front of my legs. I began to experience severe constipation and was unable to sleep for more than a 30-45 minute period at once. This lasted for 2.5 weeks until last Friday when the pain became unbearable, radiating more into my abdomen, and I developed a fever.

    I went to the hospital ER immediately where on first examination it was thought that I had a kidney infection (I’ve already had my appendix removed, but the pain was VERY similar). I was started on antibiotics and given a couple of doses of morphine for pain management. I’ll tell you right now, it took a lot of convincing to take that morphine. However, after consulting three OB’s, various nurses and three GP’s, I was assured that it is indeed safe for the baby. It simply makes the baby a bit sleepy, but because they are still in utero they are still automatically getting the blood and oxygen they need from you and can sleep away. Morphine is only risky during labour once the baby is removed from your uterus. If the baby is groggy then, they will need assistance to help breathing, etc.

    Anyway, the next day I underwent some very painful ultrasounds to rule out kidney infections, and was then admitted to the hospital for further pain management and help with getting my bowels moving again.

    The general consensus was that the pain, fever and constipation were all due to the red degeneration of the fibroids. My ureter was also slightly compressed due to the fibroids or enlarged uterus, resulting in a slight infection.

    I was released from hospital yesterday, with the go ahead to use Tylenol with codeine. Again, this took some convincing, but the risk with Tylenol with codeine is just that it causes more constipation.

    So, ladies, sorry for the long-winded story, but I’d hate to hear of anyone else trying to just suffer through this without medical care. If you have the care available to you, please seek it out. It is a completely normal and safe practice for you to receive pain management for this so that your body is healthy and as stress-free as possible for the baby.

    For further reassurance, my baby is continuing to thrive and on the day I was released I was finally able to hear the little monkey’s heartbeat loud and clear and at the proper rate. 🙂

    • ZS Says:

      Oh, one last thing. My OB has indicated that the fibroids should shrink following the birth of the baby. But if they don’t, we will explore safe removal options for future pregnancies.

      • Beti Says:

        Thanks for all the info. I’m getting mild pain in my back, lower and right side of my abdomen and pubic area (besides the normal all day nausea) and I was blaming my improper sitting in the couch (to avoid the nausea) and constipation. After what you mentioned I’ll ask my OB on Mon morning when I have the next U/S. I’m entering week 10, during U/S at week 7 they checked the fibroids and everything seemed to be OK (they are pretty small I believe, but I don’t know how big they have to be to go through the red degeneration, any idea?).

      • ZS Says:

        Beti, I think red degeneration usually occurs around week 12. When I saw my OB just after my 12th week, she said that it would have happened by then, but I was only complaining of back pain (not realizing that it was actually the red degeneration). So, for you, at week 10, yes, it could be the start of the degeneration. I’d definitely speak to your OB if you haven’t already, especially if the pain is going towards your pubic area. Good luck!

  33. Methodenmann Says:

    Lesen hat sich gelohnt. Vielen Dank

  34. Jessie Says:

    Please, give me some advice! I have been diagnosed with one small to medium fibroid inside my uterus and 7 intramural fibroids with the largest about 6.5cm.. I miscarried back in febuary after 2 months and was referred to a RE because they suspect the fibroids are to blame. RE suggested that I can remove the one fibroid hysterscopically,and continue to try to concieve with the remaning fibroids in place.. knowing the risk they still may pose.. OR have a large surgery (abdominal myomectomy) to remove them all. My fear is that they may have to so do much chopping that I will need a hysterectomy and lose my chance of becoming pg altogether!..I thought I would have the smaller of the two surgeries and ask to go on Lupron for three months before I try to get pg again. That way..I can begin a pregnancy with the fibroids smaller rather than start a pg with larger fibroids? Please anyone with any advice, feel free to email me at any time! I go back to make a decision on May 4th..Thank you so much!

    • Donna Says:

      I guess we all wish we had a magic crystal ball to tell us what to do. I had a similar experience with having miscarriages that the doctors *thought* might be caused by the fibroids. I was scheduled for a full open surgery to remove at least the biggest one or two when I got pregnant. Somehow I stayed pregnant and even more miraculously I carried to term.

      It was a very, very difficult pregnancy. I had spotting for the whole first trimester, a hemorrhage between the placenta and the uterus, low-lying placenta and then the fibroid degeneration. I was very anxious throughout, which is not normal for me.

      I think the key is finding a doctor you like and trust, and who respects your goals. You have to trust they will not just chop away and leave you with too much scar tissue. You don’t say how old you are, but if you are young enough, I personally would start with the least invasive procedures and see what happens.

      Has anyone told you what Lupron is like? It will put you immediately into menopause, with dry skin, lack of moisture vaginally, hot flashes (can be extreme), night sweats, hair growth etc. I’m not telling you not to do it, but understand it may not be pleasant for a few months.

      You might also want to look into acupuncture and chinese herbs.

      • Jessie Says:

        thank you for your advice, I just turned 37 with two children.. I would like ONE more child and I dont think i am yet close to menopause.. I did hear about the unpleasant side effects of the lupron..and am willing to deal with it IF it means that its use will put me at a better advantage once I do get PG again. I am sorry to hear of all of your dificulty, but glad to hear you had a good outcome.. at this point I am willing to go thru pain and discomfort as long as I can have ONE more child. I am gonna looking into chinese herbs.. thanks again ! I just began taking Vitex/chasteberry this weekend !

  35. Belle Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone help me. I have a fibroid in my uterus 8-9cm for one month now I suffered extremely pain to my lower stomach down to my lower back and I have a bleeding between my periods. I been to emergency twice now and the inject me for pain.
    Can anyone give me suggestions for the treatment temporarely for my pain. I drink Ibufrofen, thats the only medication that the Dr. suggest for me to drink.

  36. Paul Indman, M.D. Says:

    Hi Belle,

    Often ibuprofen in the full dose of 800mg (which is what is in 4 advil tablets) 3 times a day will help. If the pain continues, you should consider one of the many ways to treat the fibroids, which can include embolization, myomectomy, or hysterectomy.

    At the risk of being self promoting, I did just start a blog — Uterine Fibroids Blog — an expert speaks out in which I discuss these options and will be presenting women problems such as yours, and how I have treated them. It’s at

    Hope this helps.
    Paul Indman, M.D.

  37. Vanity Says:

    This website and the experience shared by all you ladies are amazing.
    I am 20 week pregnant .When I started off I had one fibroid near my cervix which measured 10 cm.Yesterday It measured 15cm.The prenatalogist explained to me the possibility of degeneration,and since then I am so scared.every minute I think that I will start having the pain of degeneration .Since the fibroid has already become so big after reading this forum, I am surprised that how come it has not stared degenerating yet.So far my pregnancy has been a breeze(hope for the same for the rest of the pregnancy).This is my 2nd pregnancy and my fibroid was there at the same place.Luckily I did not develop any new fibroid.I dont remember how big it grew by the end of 40th week of pregnancy but because of this fibroid my labor did not progress and I had a C-Section.
    Now every minute I am scared and any sensation scares the hell out of me.My next OB/GYN appointment is after 10 days ,so right now I have no pain medication at home to cope with the pain if it will happen all of a sudden.I am not sure which pain medication to stack up on.

    • susie Says:


      I hope things stay “quiet” and your pregnancy continues to be a breeze! Degeneration usually happens mid-pregnancy, but of course that’s just a rule of thumb. The good news is a lot of women with fibroids don’t experience degeneration, despite fibroid growth during pregnancy.

      I was one of the unfortunate ones and got through the first (and hopefully only) degeneration of a 7 cm fibroid that grew to 10 cm and began degenerating through tylenol and vicodin. It was rough, but it passed. That happened at 17-18 weeks.

      Glad you are feeling well!


  38. Sol Robnett Says:

    I’m a wife myself, and this brought back memories of when I was pregnant and scared myself. If your pregnant and scared, give the Pregnancy Fear eBook a try. I love the author and she really knows her stuff.

  39. InShape Says:

    Hi Ladies!

    I had an abdominal myomectomy, and then went on to TTC and conceive last year. I’ve posted a lot at those two threads, and will be starting a new website for us fibroid ladies to chat at, that hopefully will be easier to navigate and post at than here, seeing as Eclectic Geek isn’t here to host anymore.

    If anyone has any site name suggestions, let me know. Thanks! I’ll keep you posted when the new site it up. 😀

  40. Pam Says:

    Yes, I had this problem. Mine’s pedunculated which means outside the uterus attached by a “stalk”. I never experienced anything as debilitating as that pain. It happened at 13 weeks pregnant. The only thing that helped was pain meds. I didn’t want to take it but I was beside myself and there was no let up for days. It helped. Luckily, no recurrence. Good luck. Hang in. My baby’s nine months beautiful, unaffected by the meds.

  41. Nicole72 Says:

    This is a great site! I have to make a decision by tomorrow. I have suffered from recurring fibroids and I have 1 intramural at 2.5cm and one near my cervix at 1cm. These are small sizes, but my doctor wants to put me on Lupron for one month before I start my IVF cycle in June. I’m wondering if I should try without Lupron, since they are so small and locations are not too big of an issue. I have to have c-sect anyway, since I had one before.I know wveryone is different, but I feel after reading above, the size of my fibroids may not pose any problems when preggo. Also, can anyone send me other fibroid sites out there?

  42. cecilia Says:

    Hello to everyone who posts on here.
    I just found you today. I’m 20 weeks pregnant with a couple of fibroids one was at last count 12.75cm the other was smaller.
    I have had discomfort over the past week and a slight spotting, really scared of miscarriage I attended hospital this morning, was given co-dydromal checked over then given all the negative facts about pre-term labour worse case scenarios etc. I came out in shock completely terrified feeling as though I’m living a nightmare. I have a scan in6 days time for which apparently they will be looking for a low lying placenta which they inform me is not good.
    Age 39 mum of 2 boys 13 and 9, single too any positive help would be received in a grateful fashion.

  43. Donna Says:

    I know the worst-case scenarios are frightening. I had 3 different episodes of degeneration from about 21 weeks to 27 weeks (although my doctors were surprised by the last episode). I was able to carry to term and have a healthy, active 7-month old son.

    Try as hard as you can to focus on the positive. Each day, each week closer to full term. The miracle of feeling kicks. The miracle of seeing the baby move on the ulstra-sound.

    I had a hard pregnancy, no doubt, but it was all “mama-drama” and the baby was completely unaffected by the pain and the medication. Make sure to stay hydrated.

    • cecilia Says:

      Thanks Donna.
      I’m really pleased I found you guys today. What I read gives me much hope.
      I just find it shocking that the doctor I met with today ruled out that the fibroid was degenerating telling me that they just don’t do that.
      I’m wondering also has anyone had slight bleeding or bloody discharge related to fibroid problems??

  44. Donna Says:

    I was a walking complication. I had unexplained spotting throughout most of my first trimester. It was very unsettling, to say the least. I can’t say if it was related to the fibroids or not. I don’t recall the degeneration bleeding, but it’s been a while now. First tri bleeding is not that uncommon. I also ended up with a sub-chorionic hemmorhage at 14 weeks, which was a blood clot between the placenta and the uterine wall. This might have been caused by a big penduculated fibroid on the outside of the uterus right there, causing a slight mis-shape. Who knows.

    I also had a low-lying placenta. This resolves itself in the vast number of pregnancies, and my doctors were able to see where the placenta attached, and said that was an area that would expand and move up over the course of the pregnancy. It did, and the hemorrhage healed itself.

    I would seriously find a new doctor. Fibroid degeneration is very real, and by far the MOST PAINFUL thing I have ever experienced, bar none. My doctors were incredible in knowing what was going on, treating the pain and keeping me out of the hospital.

    • cecilia Says:

      Thank you much for taking time to reply to me.
      Wow you seriously had it all going on too. Very glad that all turned out well for you in the end. I’ve lost some of the hysteria now as there is only so much worrying one can do.
      I do feel much better knowing that there is much hope out here.
      I await my scan on Tuesday with a calmer sense of being, how true every day is a miracle as far as life is concerned.
      I’m thinking even perhaps the slight bleed may have been due to air travel as I experienced swelling and a general over doing of things. I’m taking it easier now.
      One thing though I’m certainly going to have to tell any negative medical professionals to take a rain check, and consider all the positive outcomes perhaps a refresher course in general bedside manner could be productive.
      Again So much thanks to you


  45. Elizabeth Says:

    hi, I am 31 years old and 21 weeks pregnant. I have a 9 com fibroid sharing space with my baby. Monday night I thought I was having contractions and went straight to my OBGYN the next morning. ONly to find out that my fibroid was the one causing the pain! Was sent home to rest and take tylenol…ha! Let me just tell you tylenol does not help with a degenerating fibroid. The pain worstened and I returned back to the OBGYN 2 days later. He did an ultrasound that showed my massive fibroid and my baby boy were fine. He pressed fairly hard on the location where the fibroid was and I almost threw up the pain was so bad. Thus letting him know the fibroid was the casue of the pain. He told me and my husband that a dying fibroid is some of the worst pain a woman can feel in pregnancy besides child birth. It literally feels like someone is stabbing me in my abdomen. When it is degenerating it presents symptoms of false labor…like…cramping every few min. By day four I was not sleeping and hardly eatting. He gave me pain meds to help with the pain…that I was very reluctant about!!! I am taking it almost every 4 hours and want my mind put at ease about possible side effects. Someone please tell me everythings going to be ok and I am not hurting my baby bc of the pain meds!!!!

    • erin Says:


      Your experience sounds so similar to me. I am now 38 weeks pregnant with a really healthy baby and pregnancy and no other complications. My ob/gyn said that much pain medication over a short time won’t hurt the baby…I was worried too–taking 16 forte tablets a day for over a week! 🙂
      You’ll be okay!

  46. SMJoy Says:


    I had a red degeneration during my first pregnancy in 2007…a total surprise because I didn’t even know I had a fibroid before then. Within a matter of hours, I went from “what’s that odd, dull pain” to completely incapacitated with pain and was laid up about 2 weeks. Once it eased off, it was as if it never happened. My 34 month old daughter is healthy; using Vicodin for over a week did not affect her. Now I’m pregnant again, between 9-10 weeks, and had my first ultrasound today. The fibroid was readily visible to the technician…measuring about 1 inch. He said a lot of it is calcified, but there are some small spots that could be degenerating. I’m really wondering if I’ll experience pain again…I think it kicked in around 13 weeks last time. Does the calcification mean it’s less likely!?

    Best wishes to everyone going through this!

  47. Iris Says:

    I am 39 years old with fibroids, I am also 9 weeks and 4 day pregnant. I went to theER 1 night ago because i was having pain loacted in the lower left quadrent of my abdominal. A ultra sound and pelvic exam were ferformed and both were normal. The baby had a normal heartbeat. The doctors found that there was a large fibfoid sitting on top of my left ovary. This ios very painful, it seems as though they are contractions also. I was told to take tylenol every 6-8 hours, The pain is still there with nauseau also. I am a person who is afraid of taking meds also during pregnancy also. Are there any suggestions to help ease the pain. I am tired of laying in the bed all day and night.

  48. Donna Says:

    For those of you who are reluctant to take pain meds, I understand your feelings. Some of us had luck with ice and heat to relieve the pain. But you need to be really careful that the fibroid pain does not give you contractions.

    The first fibroid degeneration I experienced, I lived with it for 4 or 5 days, thinking it was Braxton Hicks. I kept drinking water, thinking I was dehydrated. Then I was sure it was a ruptured appendix. After that, I was so sore and in pain, I couldn’t get out of bed and I couldn’t wear clothes on my belly. I was sent to the ER and admitted for the day. I was deyhdrated and having contractions from the pain.

    I was giving Percoset for the pain, which would help, if I took it at the first sign of pain coming on. I had three severe episodes of fibroid degeneration. You could see the swelling — one side of my belly was noticeably larger out front than the other side.

    The end result was a healthy, active, love-of-my life baby boy. You do what you need to do to get through it, and if that means pain meds so you can be healthy and carry your baby to term, you should consider it. It is no one’s first choice, especially if you are older and/or had difficulty getting or staying pregnant. But don’t discount it out of hand.

    I wish you all a healhty nine months.

  49. rita Says:

    I am 12wks pregnant and I recently started having pain from my lower abdomen to my rectum. I was told previously that I had a fibroid cyst (7cm) and with the pregnancy it would grow and it did. At my last appt. it measured (10cm). I found this article helpful…

    Can Fibroids Cause Sudden Pain?
    Fibroids are living tissue, and need blood and oxygen to survive. If a fibroid grows quickly, blood vessels feeding the fibroid may not be able to grow fast enough to supply the new tissue with enough blood and oxygen. If this happens, the fibroid undergoes a process called degeneration, or cell death. As the cells in the fibroid die, chemical substances are released that cause pain and swelling in the uterus. This pain may be severe but is not usually associated with any serious problems. If these chemical substances from a degenerating fibroid reach the bloodstream, they may cause a low fever. As some of the fibroid dies, the blood supply to the rest of the fibroid will be enough to keep it alive and healthy. At this point, the pain will go away. This process may take a few weeks. When pain develops in a woman with fibroids, examination by a physician is important to help figure out the source of the problem.

    If you have a degenerating fibroid, a heating pad on your abdomen will be comforting, and pain medication should provide relief for a few days or weeks until the pain begins to subside. In rare instances, a fibroid on a stalk (pedunculated fibroid) can twist around on the stalk so that no blood can get through the stalk to the fibroid. If that happens, the entire fibroid begins to die, and the pain becomes very severe and surgery is usually necessary to remove the dying fibroid.

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